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Google March Will Fail UNLESS.

Hey People how it going? Well Im not doing too well I’m Very Pissed Very Sad Very frustrated at all of this Bull Shit going on in our Country today with BLM and Antifa and the so called Alt Right, and the Neo Liberal Fascist they are destroying our country making us fight each othe rall based on lies from the Fake Stream News Media and the Scumbag social  Medias especially Google,

Google has been Censoring Anyone who is Pro-trump and Pro free Speech they have they have gone out of their way to team up with facebook and twitter and delete accounts Censor people and as many youtubers will tell you take their money away the they have made all cuz they fear the truth. they have also violated many Civil rights and they need to be sued, Google has claimed as long as your using their platform they can will shut you down or take away money you have made this bull shit needs to stop, Their was a March set for on all the Google base however that will fail so hard and fast unless the people in charge of google march change of this march can follow it up other than going to their bases and annoying the  fuck out of Google, what is that going to change nothing, you need more here is what wee need to do other than the march .

STEPS TO BATTLE GOOGLE,                                                       Step 1. Google March on all their locations at the same time and everyone must stay together in their groups for safety and to make sure theirs no violence from their groups and live stream everything this march needs to be followed up by more steps if not this will fail the benefits of the march is that they will see how many people are no longer allowing them to bully us any longer.

Step 2. OVERLOAD  at the same time for an entire week  people who cannot make it to the march can have a massive  post on google plus, on Twitter, on facebook on youtube on Instagram  on Tmblr on Blogger on Redit & 4 Chan and post all pro free , Pro Trump pro Constitution Less Government, Anti Fake news, Anti Establishment anti Open borders  speech video post pictures, and share articles from Infowars, Brietbart, World news daily and other Anti Establishment publications that will piss them off  much more then share your post and any others that you can see  some of these google doe snot own however they are partners who do the same things they do, and do not be afraid to call out the CEO’s and Owners of these companies  this will send a message “We are not taking this Shit anymore”

Step 3. MASSIVE EXIT Now that we have been Emotionally devastation to google it is time to hit them Extremely hard by Exiting Google and going to other platforms Instead of using Gmail Start using Better Alternatives like, zoho.com-mail.com -https://mail.yandex.com These are 3 Email Alternatives that I like some offer up to 10Gbs of space and encryption for your emails, Now lets look for Youtube Alternatives, Vimeo.com- Vid.me -Dailymotion now we need alternatives Social media, Mind.com. Gab.ai vine last but not least we need alternatives to Paypal, yes google owns that and youtube, WePay -Authorize.net- Skril. Once we star to use other platforms and alternatives this will start to hurt googles stocks so they will have to start respecting the people, as for search engines, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha Bing.

Step 4. Extreme Class Action Lawsuit.  2 ladies named Diamond and Silk who are leading a class action Law suit on google and Youtube I also hear Alex jones plans to jion them and every person who’s money has been cutt off, who’s rights have been violated and who’s accounts have been shut off needs to join on this Im talking about People like Lauren Southerns, Tim pool , Tommy Robbinson, all the people at the Rebel, at Brietbart, Roger Stone, Infowars, Philipp Defranko,  Warskis and many others need to join this. and that is how we the people can take on google, the march alone wont do shit but an endless assualt on their livley hood just like they have done to everyone else is the best way to say we do not need nor want you no more, and make demands that they change, so look for Diamond and silk and join them..


If anyone knows the leaders of March on google then  share this with them, we need something that will be Effective and this is very effective and crazy but it will work,


SO the Scumbags Bankers are planing to start a war on Bitcoin and other Digital currency they view it as a threat They can’t regulate it they can’t tax it they can’t manipulate it, they cant create 3rd parties to fuck u over on it, the Bankers have said “Digital Currency such as bitcoin could threaten the economy If they become wide spread, In the most Extreme case Bitcoin decentralized payments system and Finite could make central banks Obliterate they could also create huge Economic risk, & All Digital currency could trigger DEFLATION,”

Forgive me II I do not Mourn the passing of the Banks for many years they have scammed people out of trillions of dollars if you do not believe me check out all the Documentaries on the Federal reserve and central banks, back to our subject Why is deflation a bad thing???? it’s not at least not for us, if everything is going down in price that is a wonderful thing for us private citizens however for governments its a NGIHTMARE and this isn’t the first time in history that Governments and the People’ interest have not coexisted and its not going to be the last either, here is the issue with deflation it puts pressure on Lowers Prices lower prices puts pressure on wages Lowered wages mean Less tax revenues you know the politicians wont take kindly to lowering their own wages.

Governments & Bankers also claim that That if the Prices are going down and your money is becoming more valuable by not spending it People will horde their own hard earned money {As if that was a Bad Thing} That is a ridiculous chain of thought if you horde your own money so what that just means less of our environment that is destroyed by useless consumerism , Do any of you think that is a bad thing? and speaking of hording money Banks sit on Trillions of dollars a day by hording our money and theirs they also use our money to trade in the markets and make trillions more, so they can do it but we can’t here comes the hypocrisy they do not want us private citizen to have saved up money but they can {EAT A BUFFET OF DICKS BANKERS/GOVERNEMNTS} here is the problem about us sitting on our own reserve money we can afford to challenge the status quo cuz we have savings to do so we can even help those who are starving and they do not like that, they rather us be debt slaves and make the bare minimum.
The Bankers warn that people could be defrauded though Crypto currencies so how is that different from the defrauding that is access from the Massive Inflation that is create through the endless creation of money by central banks? The Governments around the world say they have to address Problems such as Taxation {Like we Need more of that BUllSHIT} Money Laundry and the possible use of new payment system to fund terrorist or other Crimes, sure that is a small concern however they are just trying to find more ways to tax us so we do not ever have our own wealth. not only that Both government and bankers said Bitcoin will be used to fund wars and my question is how is that different from what people use paper money for now?

Bankers/Government also Acknowledge Bitcoins Disruptive potential “First attempt at an internet fiances and a genuine innovation that could be used to shake up traditional banking {That;s what we need} Translation they very scared no one will need that banks and will realize we no longer need to be slaves, “The Banks of England Leaders Maneges the economy though interest rates & Quantitative easing would no longer work cuz both the supplies and Price would be out of its control. Unable to mange & stabilized the Economy {WHen was it ever stable?} DO u remember who stable the American economy has been since Dumbass President Nixon took us off the gold standard on our American Dollars in 1971? when they complain about managing for those of us who are not INDOCTRANATED they mean Manipulate the economy for the special interest of the 0.001% who seem to control the majority of the Wealth so that fact that we would be taking back the power to control interest rates & create money from moneyed classes I cannot see anything other than one of the greatest booms that could ever happen the human race at anytime though out history we just need more people to awaken to this glorious change.

Now how Big is the Financial sector, Extremely big 20% of Americas entire gross domestic product is generated by Industries who’s main function is to act has a trusted 3rd party I used the word trusted Abysmally U.S banks fees Alone generates $270 Billions per year it exceeds $400. Billion a year wy is that so huge and how big is it really? The sum of the U.s Trust based service sectors which is being directly challenged by Cyropto currencies such as bitcoin is 3.5 Trillion dollars Yes Trillion with a T a year, how big is that its the size of Germany domestic protects it is so huge, payment transaction fees are threatened by bit coin technology especially the Black Chain asset it holds, and protocols could challenges fees on deposits foreign exchange fees and ecrow frees trust management fess collection fees and everything else down the line its imperative to understand how big the Dragon is that bitcoin will be able to Sly, their will be many attacks on the Financial/Government complex to keep this technology and new form of economy at bay and away from the precariats.
I can say that once of their plans to regulate Bitcoin is to make bull shit license to sell or even have it, they cannot full attack digital currencies cuz most people will call them out on it but they will try to chip away at it little by little by arresting people who have a lot of it trying to tax it and put in extra frees and charges until most people get tired of all the hassle and trade it in back to paper money this isn’t me talking out of my ass these are the things the bankers and governments have said in interviews they funny thing is that the first banks or governments who completely outlaws Bitcoin or other crypto concurrence is exposing the weakness in their own Currencies and that would bring a lot of negative impacts in the long run. my worries are if they make it extremely hard to work with bitcoin the massive will just leave it alone. my worry about bitcoin is that i see way to much optimism and way too much political naivete cuz the Financial sectors are the biggest contributors to politicians at least here  in America Example Obama took money from all forms of Financial places what did they buy,? massive bailouts and no Prosecutions for their admitted crimes it must to be  niceable to buy yourself a government once you do that you are a force to be reckoned with why do you think that when bitcoin explodes around the world governments and bankers wont have a lot of money to be able to to buy elections or by themselves out of crimes, this is why they want to destroy bit coin cuz it will bring a brand new prosperity to the world and their power will decrease,


If any of you would like to know how you can make extra money through bitcoin without having to spend $500 $2000 or $8000please let me know or visist my link,



After hearing watching and reading a lot of the rants and complaints about marvel v.s capcom infinate i have a few things to say however i am going to leave that for an other post i will tell you all i am not happy with this current game especially with no X-men characters the pitiful roster of fighters and the fact that most of the characters we already seen and played with and the lack of originality , So I figured why not make a post to let marvel, capcom and other gammers know what would be cool to do and to see in the game, I like the idea of having a real story to this new MVC however I see we have way less characters than before, so IF a dragon ball game can have over 150 fighters to pic from we should be able to have the same,

I would have Connected this story with the last game and said something like after the battle with Galactus theirs a rift was left open between both worlds and that’s when Sigma & Ultron meet for this Game. between main roster & dlc & unlock able I would like to take a page out of SNK and have a 4 player system and at-least 12 to 24 different Battle stages, I am going to list for you all the current marvel and capcom characters plus New people I like to add to the series. to make the game much more better and diverse. both companies have a lot of characters that are famous and well loved and yet they haven’t been used many of theme yet its a shame so Lets show these people what we want I will be updating this list as MVCI DLC comes out,

If anyone out their knows how to make your own mugen fighting game please contact me cuz I would love to conenct with you to make this MArvel v.s Capcom and an all X-men Fighting as well, thank u,

Current Capcom Side, 48 characters Akuma, Amingo, Anakaris, Aurthur, Amatarasu, B.B. Hood, Chris Redfield, Crimson Viper, Cammy White, Captain Commando, Charlie Nash, Chun-Li, Dan Hibiki, Dante, Dhalsim, Felicia, Firebrand, Frank West, Guile, Hayato Kanzaki, Haggar, Hsien-Ko, Jill Valentine, Jin Saotome, Jedah, Ken Masters, M. Bison, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Morrigan Aensland, Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Roll, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Sigma, Spencer, Sakura, Servbot, SonSon, Strider Hiryu, Tron Bonne, Trish, Vergil, Viewtiful Joe, Wesker, Zangief, Zero.

New Capcom Characters I’d like to see 29 . Street Fighter Ibuki, Necro, Juri. Breath of Fire, Ryu, Nina, Fou-Lu, Power Stone, Falco, Ayame , Dr. Erode, Dragons Dogma Lich, Daimon, Onimusha Gogandantess, Samanosuke Akechi, Jubei, Chaos Legion, Victor Delacroix, Sieg Wahrheit, Arcia Rinslet, Star Gladiator, Shaker, Ele, Edward Bilstein, Lost Planet, Wayne Holden, Bandero, Luka, Rival School Batsu, Momo, Kurow. Dark Stalkers Demitri, Azura’s Wrath Azura, Deus.

Current Marvel Side, 45 Characters. Blackheart, Black Panther, Cable, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Colossus, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Dr. Strange, DeadPool, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Gamora, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iceman, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Juggernaut, M.O.D.O.K, Magneto, Marrow, Nova, Omega Red, Psylocke, Phoenix, Rogue, Rocket Raccoon, Sabretooth She-Hulk, Sentinel, Super-Skrull, Shuma-Gorath, Silver Samurai, Spider-Man, Spiral, Storm, Thanos, Taskmaster, Ultron, Venom, War Machine, Wolverine, X-23,
New Marvel Characters I’d like to see 32. Inhumans. Black Blot, Madusa, Ms Marvel, Maximus. Avengers, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Vsion, Sentry, Kang, Red Skull, Loki, Thunder bolts, Songbird ,Winter Soldier, X-men, Nightcrawler, Archangle, Jubalee, Magik, Mrs. Sinister, Shadow King, Mystque, Street heros Moon Knight, DareDevil, Punisher, Spider-Gwen, Green Goblin, Carnage, Fantastic 4 Invisable women, Annihilus, Cosmic Hepzibah, Gladiator, Vulcan, Deathbird, Ronan .

Combine everything you get 154 Fighters to select from now I want to build my opening roster of 60 characters and just for the sake of this lets Keep Ultron Sigma as the Final Boss, and i want all characters to have 4 different costumes not colors, I tried to make this opening Roster as balance with old and new Characters as i possibly could,

Idea for Main Roster. Akuma, Nemisis, Virgil, Daimon, Bandero, Dr. Erode, M Bison, Victor, Fou-Lu, Chunli, Ibuki, Morrigan Falicia, Ryu, Styder, Dante, Azura, Falco, X, Batsu, Captian Camando Ele, Kurow, Juri, Super-skrull, Black heart, Dr.Droom, Thanos, Taskmaster, Omega red, Loki, Captian America, Ironman, Hulk, Wolverine, Black bolt, Spider-man, Gadiator, Moon knight, Vision, Juggernuaght, magneto, Storm, Scarlet which, Song bird, phoenix, Inisable women, Psylocke.

12 Unockable characters Lich, Zero, Ruby,Wesker T-bonne, Gorgandantess, Green Goblin, Ms Sinister, Ronan, Ms Marvel, X-23, Deadpool.

DLC, for those of us who play a lot of fighting game we all know a lot of times DLC are a hit and miss some times they are create and some times they suck ass so all the other Characters listed will be DLC each dlc pack will come with 4 new characters and 1 new Fighting stage from anywhere in the marvel v.s capcom world we will alternate dlc bewteen paid and free,

Now I want to hear form all of you what characters you like to added to MVC series and Franchise you like to in included, As I said before If any of you know how to make the mugen please link up with me, and lets trade ideas and get this done we can even get up to 200 characters, Ok people who are some characters ou would like to see, ?

Real Fake News

I am really Tired and Sick of hearing Fake news this and fake news that, What is the real fake news and what is real news?  the Lame stream media will have you thinking at any alternative and Opposition media against their Indoctrination and narratives that needs to stop right now I am asking everyone to  look at things objectively lsiten people we ahve to listen to both sides of a story once we read or watch it on the news by reading both sides it will be easier to tell who is full of shit and who is telling the truth , i have compiled a list of lies from the lame stream media if you think i am lying just look it up I’m sure you can find some pretty interesting things so look up the New York  Post  and Breitebart if your looking at the Young turds also check out Paul Joseph Watson in order to make sure what side does with your personal thoughts and agendas decide for yourselves but let me drop some examples on some lies from fake stream medias,

Politifact, They had the nerve to write a piece saying Wiki-leakes are lying about Kilary Clinton Emails and they are fake and put in to her servers to make her look bad and discredit her, wikileaks has a extremely high credibility and Hilary didn’t need help being a liar and traitor she was good at doing that on her own.

MarySue, During the Election they have written a lot of stories of women coming out and saying Donald Trump has rapped them 10 20 and even 30 years ago so why wait so long for to file any of those allegations lies and fake news that’s why,

Gawker, the Biggest Lies Gawker has told was about Gamer gate that men were hateful and harass women online live gaming and the women who make video games but the story gets crazy cuz one female gamer was getting bias reviews from for her game while slandering other better good games people were pissed off at the lies from so called gaming journalist for giving a bad game good rating the only reason that person got those reviews was cuz she sucked off 5 cocks from people who work in places kotaku and other gaming sites who booster her up, for more information about that cuz its a crazy ass story that should be on a tv show or a fan made movie, look up Zoegate AKA the Quinnspiracy .

Tumblr, All men are Rapist I heard this bull shit said over and over again all men rape, My brother ,my friends myself and a lot of the people i know who are men we have never rapped any one before and no calling a girl a cunt or a bitch doesn’t mean that they were rape so they need to stop that and what the Crazy people need to know their is no one else on the planet earth call Women Bitches whores and cunts more than other women and girls so how are the men rapist but not women who do it more?

BBC, So BBC has taking 2 different Protest videos one of Tax march and the other a Riot at Berkley were they said trump supporters were being violent and attacking people however they failed to realize that a very popular and beautiful Youtiber who does real news was at both events and she even had her own camera crews video taping that the ones being Violent was not the Trump supporters,

CNN, IM not sure if you remember but during the Milwalki Riots Sylville Smith’s sister was film saying We need to stop burning our communities down then Cnn cut off the feed but many other people that recorded the real full statement she made which said “we have to stop being ignorant and stop burning down own communities take that shit to the Suburbs Burn that shit down” Why did CNN stop filming Edit out the full speech Cuz it doesn’t fit their Narratives or agenda cuz they think are stupid.
Huff Post, Huff Post had to retraced story they did about Denying white men the right to Vote the funny thing is the Writer of that Article was trolling them the entire time they should have done some research on seeing if the dude was real or not,

MSNBC, One of the First times Scumbag MSNBC has told the Truth was when trump said that the Media is the Enemey of the American people the Anchor who’s name is BRZEZINSKI: Admitted “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.” DID you see the key words “Control what people think is our Job”

NY time, Since the 1930 Ny times has been full of fake news they wrote their was a cover up story on Joseph Stalin and his Genocide the Qoute is, “Any reports on Russia’s Famine is today an Exaggeration and Militant propaganda and that their is no Starvation or Deaths from Starvation But their are Whispers of Mortality due to malnutrition”

NBC. Back in 2003 Brian Williams claimed was under extreme heavy fire from Iraq while being being flown or stationed their however some Military soldiers that was with him at the tie called him ot of his lying Bullshit so he had to publicly apologies,

Buzzfeed . They posted a fake document of President Trump being friends and having ties to Russia but in a strange story they said he hired 2 Russian hookers to pee on him on Ex president Obama’s bed so that Trump can be a puppet for Putin, that is my understanding of that story it had so many twist and turns and lies look it up

Google. Google has been fighting tooth and nails to make alternative media be classified as fake news so that their cronies and keep brain washing the American people by posting a list of all of Alt right media and saying they are fake news they have even stoop so low to push those website to their 10th and 20th pages cuz they know most people wont go that far,


Free Speech

I am Extremely Pissed the Fuck off and Very Disgusted with the way people are acting now Especially when it comes to free speech and people talking about things that goes against what other believe and say people are allowed to say think and feel anyway they like and you shouldn’t force your selves on the im talking about Hateful terrorist Groups such as Feminism , Social justice Losers, Political correctness, Black Lives Matter, Radical Islam, Antifa  and Main stream fake news media and social media as well, all of you are sick in the head full of shit cry babies and soft snowflakes whoa re just afraid and scared of being challenged cuz you do not have the skills or strength they only way most of you can get other to like you is to conform to everyone else and act violent GO FUCK YOURSELVES,

Free speech is how we get problems fixed Free speech is how we can understand the other side and try to come  up with a way to work together free speech is how we communicate Free Speech is how we Convey our hopes dreams feelings but you sons of bitches make things ugly the only power you have is Rioting and shutting people down censoring attacking people throwing bricks and beating them with a pipe. Policing the language who the fuck do you think you are if someone someone says something and your feelings are hurt and if your offended that’s your problem cuz offense is taking never given,  I hope more and more Free speech people raise up cuz this bull shit needs to stop it is not ur fucking job to tell me what i can say or think or feel it is not your job to tell me im a racist cuz i do not like a specific person of color or religion you do not know what they did to me, so i can feel that way the only reason you people have gotten so far is cuz you have the scumbags in government not doing their real jobs and not minded their own business and are complicating to what ever you want I ask you what the hell are you going to do when the government stops backing you up  then what they hell are you going to do ,

The entire U.s is  a free speech zone and just because you do not want your ideas or feelings hurt or challenged doesn’t mean you can go attacking others bring your own words to the field  brings your evidence and facts from other sites that is not on the same view points of your own,  use different sources.  Words are Not Violence word are not hate speech Jokes aren’t hurting you most of you just want fucking attention cuz you lack personality and likability that is something you need to work on,

Anti free Speech people We will keep saying what we have to say weather you like it or not and you will have to deal with it and fuck your safe spaces their is no safe space in the real world so you should not get one in collage learn how to deal with things like the rest of society if you keep attacking and shutting others down and policing the language and getting people fired and forcing entertainment to change their ways your going to make much more people made and they will start to battle you on all of your platforms and you will lose,

Free Speech people STOP BEING LAZY AND GET OUT THEIR THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMGE EVERY TIME THEY BITCH WHINE CRY AND COMPLAIN SPEECH UP LOUDER EVERY TIME THEY GET ONE OF YOU FIRED BUILD A CASE AT YOUR JOB AND ON THE COMPLAINERS GO TO RIOTS AND SPEAK OUT AND FIGHT BACK, MAKE MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND PODCAST be more vocal write articles  disrup them but do not shut them down and more importantly the scumbage assholes in government and corporations like twitter you tube face book start getting on their ass as well to stay away form this stuff,

Free speech is the rule of our country we need to keep it so do everything any anything u can except for killing people and shutting speackers down cuz they we are just like them and we need to keep being better than they are,