Backwards Compatibility


We all love Video games and some of us were brought up on them and plan to have a business either selling or making them which is great and very commendable A lot of games have very interesting stories some better than books However has much as I love them and play them their are a few things I really hate that the companies are doing or not doing only to have us get very disappointed or keep dipping in to our pockets 5 or more times between buying a yearly or 3 month membership, buying Half a game and paying for DLC and some DLC doesn’t even tie up the lose ends in the game, {I’m talking about you Arkham Series} then having a Game of the year edition and lastly having a next gen system Ps3 and Ps 4 and still selling games on both consoles I understand not everyone has the money to move on I am one of the one of theses people myself it would be a hell of a lot easier to make next gen system Backwards compatible.

for those of you who don’t know Backwards Compatibility is when a new systems is able to play your games on the older model of that system so that you can still enjoy your games if the older gaming consoles were able to do this and surely the new ones would be able to as well I just don’t think they want to put in the time and effort to do so what a shame,

My reason for this is simple we all have old games that we love and will play again for me Lunar silver star story, Chrono Trigger Legend of the Dragoons I know I lot of you people are going to through in my face just buy it in the online market I want to tell you HELL NO why would I buy a game I have owned for 4, 7 or 13 years when I can just easily play them in the system and save some money that I asked 30 people about this only 4 said they don’t care about it and they had no use to playing on old game, we all know that’s B.S we all have old games we love to get back to, now the rest said they want it and didn’t know what the companies are thinking, my feelings is that I do not want to have to pay digitally for a game i already own so if Nintendo can do backwards compatibles so can Xbox and Play station.

Remember people we give these gaming companies money we pay for everything they are doing so that means we have the power not them let me repeat we have the power not them if we want something and they are not delivering then stop buying their shit once they see how much money they are losing and people starts to flood their social networks emails. and regular mail at their companies demanding this then they will have to submit however due to how much people are addicted to their games I don’t see this happening.
Gaming Companies keep telling fans to stop asking for backwards compatibility but as fans and the people who pay billions of dollars a year on games and accessories we have more than the right to demand what we want and how we want to use it, so remember people we can have this one day we just need to stick together and work for it,


4 thoughts on “Backwards Compatibility”

  1. It would be nice if they just set up emulators on the consoles that would read the disc of a previous console and just let you get the game digitally for free, “hey you already own this so get it for free on the system with all your current games”.

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