Villains Introduction


Last time I said I was going to telling about my characters before starting my story so right now I want to Introduce you to all my Bad guys to avoid spoiling a lot of the story i only put small info about all of them and just like everything ever created came form something else so I am going to list some of the inspiration for some of the characters,

Mephistopheles – is the Demon Lord in Shelendria he wants to take over the entire planet and corrupt evil in to evil upsetting the Balance of world and making the Goddess Kuventia powerless to stop him. He leads a demonic army known as the Infershia it is said that he has planed out many horrible events and he is ready to launch his master plan with everything he has set in motion Mephistopheles Commands a group of Villains he feels are worthy to help him in his goals, He keeps them in check by using his Most Loyal Minion Kane.
Inspiration {legend of Faust}

Dr. Gen Ethics – is an 80 years old this Doctor who is very wicked and veil he kidnaps people and forces them as test subject to his horrible Experiments he is Obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the genetic codes he is also said that he has created monsters or deformed humans, he tastes pleasure in his work and doesn’t care who gets hurt or who’s live he ruins this made him a perfect Candidate to be selected by Mephistopheles to one one of his Elite Generals Gen Has is hiding a big Evil  secret,
Inspiration {Charles Darwin & Mr. Sinister X-Men & Bible}

Reflecto Mirage – Is 15 years a and a wanted Criminal who keeps Escaping any prison and holding cells, He will say or do anything to con or hurt people he can use mirrors to travel different places make reflections of his enemies Relfecto is also a dirty fighter he cheats and he loves to talk a lot of shit to people and insults them at every step of the way, he also a 65% percent chance in convincing other to do things for him. Recruited by Kane he Eagerly Accepts his invitation to be a the Youngest General in the Infershia,
inspiration {Mirror master Dc comics}

Hate Mongor -His age is unknown it is said he is very old the legends have it that Hate was born on a bloody battled field between all nations in shelendria billions died in that war but a grey skinned yellow eyed infant was fond covered in blood next to corpses. Hate is 9 feet tall he can spread hate and makes others hate as well once a person reaches their climax he can take their heart in put it in his own body to make him stronger he is a great Tank for the Infershia Mephistopheles himself asked hate to join him.

*Spirit Drinker- Story of this Entity that he is 12,000 or more years old he is round shaped has for arms and for each soul he consumes he gets a bit more powerful, for long reach he can pull out tentacles from his hand sup to 5 feet, Spirit Drinker can become incorporeal for a short time and he is overloaded on energies he blows up but not dead he can even read minds and pull you in to the spirit world in order to lower your defense before eating your soul. Very Impressed the Infershia sought out the Spirit drinker,

Marionette Stringly – Marionette is a 19 year old crazy girl who loves the art of slaughtering she doesn’t care how old you are she is Crazy and mentally unstable she is a long distance fighter and her weapons of choice are puppets she can control up two 4 puppets at a time each with hidden weapons laced with poisons or tear gas, Unlike all the other members Marionette Joined the Infershia when they came to recruit a women named Adaiyah after their fight but the women denied the invite unless they take the puppet girl too,

Adaiyah Shadolo – 42 year old Adaiyah is a Shift shaping spy being able to change in to anybody by touching them she has a cocky attitude and is easily angered she build a hatred for Elize claiming she has stolen her title as superior female warrior and she badly wants to get it back, by killing Elize . she often challenges any one to a battle in order to horn her skill her most recent favorite battle was with the young Marionette Adaiyah see much of her in this girl and wants to train her continue her legacy.

Fear Scari – ?????? years old, Fear claims to be a demi Goddess of fear her need for bringing people’s fears give her enjoyment she can even bring people’s fear to life and use it to torment her prey, her powers even work on animals and beast, Fear often laughs when she stalking or playing with her next victim, and for a strange reason Fears and hates powers can amplify each others Kane is sent to test years powers and to report back to his master with details on fear they immediate take her in to the Infershia,

Trakeena Insectra -333 years old Trakeena is the Queen of Insects he has mastery over most of them Trakeena hates most people and thinks her kind should rule and wants to but all humans and other things in to slavery and those who are not fit to be her slave will be eaten, this is an other special case after discovering most of her insects dead & Eggs broken Trakeena went to the Infershia herself in order to get her spot and in order to gain the power she needed to seek her revenge and re build her insect empire.
Inspiration {Power Rangers Lost Galaxy}

Kane Hellish– Kane is known as the Demoniod He is Loyal to Mephistopheles and is the Top General of the Infershia he wears a variety of metal mask and his a devious demon he has power of fire and darkness, He is a brute and handles the day to day operations in the Inferno Kane seeks out Potential generals for his master by facing them in combat and any other test he choices Unlike the rest of the Generals Kane was born in the inferno and raied by a ton of demons Mephistopheles called Kane his son, {Kane is a side Character}
Inspiration {The Bible & big book of demons & WWE}

Creepies – the Creepies a a goon squad of mindless monsters who are a bit stronger than normal humans they don’t feel bad but do get scared they can be summoned to fight by any high members of the infershia depending on who summons the creepies they can take on different forms,

Inferno – Inferno is the Home of Mephistopheles, Kane and lower demons it is a place of sorrow, torment, despair and sadness people who have been evil veil and extremely hateful in life end up in the inferno when their lives of over the inferno also is the main spot where the most evil gathers to plot their dominance over Shelendria and their over plot to seal the Goddess,


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