Thoughts about Animal Cruelty


I have a Question for the world WHY? Yep you heard me Why do humans Beat, chain, burn , hand , microwave, kick, Starve and lock animals away all these forms of abuse and neglect to animals our pets our some our family members its really unnecessary so why do we do these things? They truth is that we don’t know what is in peoples head so we will never fully know why this happens but it is a horrible thing and must be talked about and stopped,it really doesn’t make any sense to me to take your angry out on a poor helpless and defenseless animal what have a dog, cat, bird or any animals had done to us other than be loyal and show us unconditional LOVE. I do not think their is any reason why anyone should hurt animals like the way they do it is very heart breaking and sad and yes i have a very special spot in my heart for animals.

Why I Love Animals: When I was younger I had problems with my family and found myself living on the streets or being kicked out of my own home I was a lone except for the stray cats and dogs that i would see on the streets i would pet them play with them and when i was able to get food I shares it with them at times those animals would keep me company which didn’t make me feel so alone but opened my eyes to to the fact animals have more love and compassion than humans do,

There are many theories about why animal cruelty happens I am going to list a five I just want more people to be aware of this and try to do everything they can to try and stop it.

1. To control: This happens frequently when ignorant pet owners believes that the best way to train an animal is to “punish it” when it does something wrong. It can also happen in the performing animal business, where a few bad trainers abuse the animal when it fails to perform the required action. The result is that the animal eventually performs the requested action out of fear of being abused.

2. Anger Release: it pains me to have to say this some people To express anger through an animal: The fact that domestic animals are usually close by and cannot tell anyone what happens to them sadly means that they can be used as living punching bags which is really sad to do something like they they should try hitting something or someone that hits back, if your really angry and want to fight join a fight club.
3. Spite: their are some asseshole on this planet that would hurt, kill & even kidnaps Animals out of spite to get revenge on someone who they are having problems with instead of that just handle your problem with that person.

4. Neglect: people take animals lock them up in a car during hot weather, or leaving it in other locations without food, water or shelter & even Abandoning a pet, such as when the owner no longer wants it or can no longer take care of it but their are other way to deal with this take the animal to a shelter or give it away to somebody you know will take care of it not so hard,

5. Fight for profit: this is a disturbing reason but there are people who put animals to fight each other for money which is an other form of abuse to have the animals fight each other for human enjoyment and money. 😦

Animal Cruelty is wrong people if you know someone abusing an animal call the police stab them or something just make sure they poor defenseless things get the help they need, how would you feel if somebody was abusing your kids or someone else that you love? and for some people animals are their kids,


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