Problems In U.S Educational system


Their is no Denying that North America has many problems and it is broken as fuck one of the things that is completely broken and needs to be Fixed is the Entire U.s Educational system before we can even begin to fix anything we have to Acknowledge theirs problems first. This is going to be a 2 part post the first one talking about the problems and the 2nd post ways and ideas to fix and make the Education system Better than it was before,I am a product of the Education system not working for me I had to drop out of school when I was 16 and never made it past the 9th grade I lived with Abusive family members and when I was going to church i was also being bullied and when I went to school I had problems with both students and teachers so when I began to defend myself from everyone i turned out to be the bad guy so I dropped out I lot of people have been forcing me to go back to school or even go to collage but im happy without any of that bull shit,it didn’t help me then and its not going to help me know I run a very successful business with out any Education and yet people still want to be on my ass about finshing something tha tis a complete nightmare I heard that some of the younger people i use to work with killed themselves cuz of high school and collage and even to this day I can hear a lot of the teenagers were i live complain on how horrible going to school is, and it just brings back a lot of trauma for me I am hoping anybody that has the power to make some real changed read this and contact me so i can share what we need to do, I am 29 years old now and I lot of the problems i had in school are still their how is doing the same thing over and over going to help our kids be better in the future just so that we are clear has long as the Educational system is the same I have no hope for these kids and teenagers in the future,

Major Problems –
It is known that American Educational system is broken and has been for many years it has to do with educating people to work in a factory mindset, and forcing everyone to go to collage witch is no necessary for everything if you want to Build your own business find people who own their own business don’t go to school to learn from a Professor who’s never own a business and doesn’t have close to 1 million dollars,
1. Teachers, Students and Parents not caring and have a lack of communication between them. how our kids are suppose to get the help they need if no one is addressing it at all?
2. Violence and bullying a large problem in our schools which stalks students to their home this can have a bad Psychological effect on the victim like it did to me,
3. Authority figures not handling situations, Teachers and principles Often fail to try and deal with a situation before it Explodes and you have the victim shoots up the school. or does something much more crazy.
4. High tuition Collage and Community collages cost are way too high this can be a factory of why a lot do not get to go future their education. also being forced to pay for classes that doesn’t have anything to do with what they are majoring or minoring in,
5. Lack of mental health or therapist counseling in schools No one to help you get through the bad parts of school.
6. Super out of dated materials such as learning processes and txt books hell some places don’t even have the basic learning development.
7. Failure to Educate kids & teens for the real world Most school claim they are preparing kids for the real work but truthfully they are not at all and that is shame,
8. Way too much homework some schools have way too much home work often overloading students brain and stressing them out they already spend 8 to 12 hours in school so lower the amount of work they take home,
9. No child gets left behind act and Common core Bull shit,.
10. No Accountability. School not being Accountability when schools or teachers under Educate, Molest or even Fight students. and are keep in the rubber room still getting paid even if they are not teaching
11. Teachers lack real training for Education & dealing with kids.Teachers themselves are poorly educated and poorly trained for to teach themselves,
12. Wasted funding, most people say schools are underfunded that isn’t the only problem you have people stealing the money and not using it to the parts of the school that needs it most,
13. 1 Size fits all learning not every student learns the same way so taking some time to help students finding the best way for them to learn should help.
14. Restriction to a school zone how Students lack the options to pick what school hey like to go to due to the restriction zone thing,
15. Different Standards between state, country, school Board & Teachers Union that need to stop.
16. The Obliteration of Creative arts and Electives not everyone is meant to go to collage and be a doctor so why push our free thinkers and creative student in to something that does not fit them and will ruin their lives,
17. Blaming the students for not wanting to learn or failing or not understanding the work and blaming them for getting sick, due to all the stress,
18. NO Character or personal Development programs
19. No self or real world learning and the lack or being a well rounded individual,
20, No time to self to de stress,
21, Bad teaches get Tenor after 2 years weather they are bad or good.
22, Teachers union are to involve in giving money to politics instead of using it to better their schools and education system,
By law we have the right to get the type of Educations we like for yourself and our kids and we should and need to do more to change things for the better such as Not give any money to failing schools or political leaders not changing anything and writing more books articles and posting videos on social medias especial by or students now and adults who hasn’t receive proper education needs to speak up and if we have to go to an extreme and stop sending our kids to these mindless factories so they can stop being Indoctrinated in to stupidity. Not everyone is meant for collage and Academia fields so lets not push everybody their, think of the Damage that our system that have been in place for 200 plus years with out updates changes has done and will continue to do if we leave this situation alone, one last thing I would liek to say I like to retrack my opening Sentence they Education system isn’t broken it is working they way it was set up by those in power many years ago to keep most people dumb and styful free thinking so that when students grow up they wont be a challenge to those who are afraid of losing money to new business ,


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