Heroes Intro

HEROES -- Pictured: "Heroes" Logo -- NBC Photo

I have written you a small message and given you my list of Villains now I have done my Heroes list and summaries about them I do hope that you like these characters as well unlike the bad my heroes are original and based on real people not other characters.

Kuventia- – is A Goddess of Justice, Balance, Happiness & love upset by the amount of Discord, Chaos & upsetting the Balance on Shelendria that Mephistopheles has created she can no longer allow this to happen Kuventia has selected her own small group for heroes to combat the evil Mephistopheles and is Minions The Goddess lives in a place called Cellestia a heavenly place for angels and who’s were good in life, The Goddess has her own selective group of heroes that can help save, restore balance and Peace back to Shelendrai, Kuventia will send her loyal Warrior Callisto to help aid the heroes or send them messages.

Crizia Hartely – is a 13 year old Human girl who wants to spread love and joy to the world she is a very sweet kid and has a unique power for healing and light, Crizia was Kidnapped at the age of 8 or 9 years old rescued by Slaiyne & Faiyte from some horrifying experiences In Nightmare tower  Laboratory she is lovable & very timid when it comes to new people Crizia is super intelligent and can help figure out the most complicated of problems she enjoys spending time with her group mates often having one on one time with each member Crizia doesn’t like to fight but will if she has two she is much more conferable fighting with friends near her her weapons are Bows &  Arrow Explosives ,

Doriza Tanoshī– is 17 years old bubbly fear Kat girl who loves to make friends and has a strange power to create different force fields or bubbles using her bubble wand she can help draw out her magic that she can barely do on her own, Doriza can even change the shape of the force fields in to different shapes & even add effects to them Doriza wants to teach this skill to people who live in the magi palace enjoys making Necklaces and bracelets for sale Doriza she loves faiyte and doesn’t like Slaiyne very much Doriza often prays to the Goddess Kuventia for peace of mind and faith she will help the group save the world, Doriza can go feral and lose control and she is the only kat that likes water,

Quartz Jagged is a 166 years old a female Golem who has the power of Earth she is 11 feet tall very serious & some times a bit cruel when Necessary, Quartz was also a test subject in Nightmare Tower Laboratory due to this experiments she can attach Gems or crystals as weapons to enhance her powers or change her shapes this makes her an outcast even to other Golems, she even uses her fist to fight. Quarts and some times be a bitch and is very sarcastic she has more respect for Slayine than she does for Faiyte but will go to battle with both of them she even joys insulting people to fight and will laugh in their faces even if she is losing. Quartz acts as a protector to Crizia and is very thankful to both Faiyte and SLaiyne for saving her life,

Elize Lilith is 27 years old Night Elf she uses a Sword and Gun and is a master fighter & strategist with an uncanny ability to takes control on the battle field she has a variety of training from many different places and has studied all sorts of combat which makes her someone to fear, In her past Elize has done a lot of horrifying things and almost ruled all of Shelendria through fear murder & Intimidation No one knows how or why Elize has changed but now she dedicates her life to protecting those who can’t fend for themselves and trying to make the world a better place, She also has along history with Kane and doesnt seem to be happy when he shows up, Elize, Slaiyne, Quarts and Deon have their own smaller black ops unit,

Slaiyne Faithless is 17 years old race is unknown he uses multiply throwing weapons, and is the darker more violent half or faiyte he often takes control of their body when Faiyte can’t do what needs to be done or is injures he loves to fight as viscous and cruel as he can be he ends up fighting for the side of the goddess often mouthing off to her Slaiyne has Crimson eyes and long red and black hair this is the way to tell who is in control, He is called the Crimson Assassin and enjoys being feared there are times when both faiyte and Slaiyne can be seen together and or fighting each other, unlike most people on the world of Shelendria, Slaiyne can use 4 power Elements of Chakra and Mana.

Faiyte Slayerz is 17 years old race unknown he uses Short swords and Daggers as weapons and is the much more Pleasant side of Slaiyne he tries to get long with his other half but is easily force in to fighting himself Faiyte has the ability to draw people to him and he can fight even though he doesn’t like to and would rather live a peaceful life by getting rid of his other or him having full control when Faiyte is in control he has sky blue eyes and long black and blue hair, He is intent on keeping his promise to Vanille to help her find her home, he works for the goddess because he is convinced that she might have the power to get rid of Slaiyne. Faiyte can use 4 different power Elements of Chakra & Mana

Choejor Alcestis is a 63 year old Monk/shaman he from the race of Zagait they are born with 3 eyes he has traveled to many places around the world trying to help out when he can he is very opened minding and doesn’t really care about someones outer appearance he goes around fighting evil spirits and demons while helping others with in real life he even spreads the world of the all father the creator of the universe, this polite old man has a personal mission to find a missing relative who has survived a massacre he travels with this group to help them save the world Choejor also believes with in time he can help Faiyte and Slaiyne. Cheojor uses a spirit staff and Chi Claws

Deon De Fabrians is a 33 year old Inawashi bird like creatures he carries a spear and a pair of sais Womanizing sell sword & Mercenary he fights for who ever pays him the most he can be selfish & cocky at times he is good at fighting with a spear and throwing fan that throws he also likes to battle the strongest their is so he seeks out both faiyte and slaiyne not knowing they are the same person, He reads the black out books given to assassins and mercenaries so they can make money for each of their kills, Deon can be very shady and some times spread lies with his truth and as for joining the team his reasons are not really clear.

Callisto Legion-  is a Arch angel who is most loyal to the goddess he is around mostly every time Kaine appears to fight him she is the only one in the entire Holy order than can even have a chance on beating him, Callisto is firm but fair she runs Cellestia firmly but kind their are times when she vanishes and cant be fond but she always manages to know what is going on she uses a bow and a sword and angel dust to blind or paralyze her foes, Callisto some times will test the heroes in a fight and is seeking out many ways to separate Slaiyne and Faiyte she believes that the will aid in the destruction in stead of helping,

Celestia is a bright, happy & loving , realm populated by Angels and is the equivalent of “heaven” there is a group called the holy order the army to the Goddess Kuventia, Callisto helps train the others to battle and will often recite parts of the legend of celestia in order to try and help others with their problems just passing by the green flames of purification can help heal any injuries while entering Celestia.


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