Nintendo’s Downward Spiral


It’s is no secret Nintendo is in the number 3 spot behind Xbox and Play station they have a lot of strange workings and policy their I just read about this new policy they have and the first thing I told myself was Damn Nintendo you keep fucking up badly if you do not fix yourself then i see you going the way of sega just making games here and their, Not to mentions that for the past 8 years Nentendo has been in and out of the red zone which isn’t good for any company so I want to list some of Nintendo problems and what they can do to fix them,

New Policy
From my understanding this is what is going on every person who streams Nintendo gaming content must have a special Content-ID matched so that they can receive money from the ad revenue but now that this Id thing is in place Nintendo can say you can’t do that when ever they like so it can hurt the people trying to put content on their gaming streams or blogs, most people think that gaming falls under the fair usage laws but its a while Labyrinthine of miss information about it I do hope that soon the laws can be clearing, due to Nintendo having this much power over the streams most people have been losing their fan base, its like Nintendo saying we do not want you to support us any more, Nintendo fix this I do not know who in your company thought this was a good idea to limit people showing your content because your missing out on a lot of free advertisement so why hurt yourself even more, do you really want the few fans you have left to jump ship?

Triple A Titles
We all Love Mario and Zelda games i’m sure a lot of us are getting a little sick of them because that is all Nintendo focuses on revamping the same things we all ready know and not really putting much effort in to doing something new Except for the Hyrule warriors oh wait that’s just Dynasty warriors 23, Come on dudes, theirs millions of Anime, toku, manga fans here in the u.s so try porting some of those wii and wii U or 3DS games here in america such as, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, Fatal Frame 4, Pokken Tournament, and some RPG games would help give us fans new different things and also localize a few things that we been asking for, so stop playing it safe with your triple A titles and do different things if you need Ideas i have a list of 200 ideas on how to help you improve in sale image and advertisement no one works for free,

Lack of 3rd parties
Nintendo doe snot have many 3rd parties I think 4 at best they need to fix this and maybe add 12 to 24 party games for their hand held and home console systems they do not have to take every body that comes to their door but at least try games like Legend of Korra, or Scott Pilgrim would have been very nice.

Game ideas
Pokemon is almost 20 years old in the U.s build a brand new Pokemon stadium for Wii U.
A RPG game and a Hydrul type game including all the smash bros Characters,
No alternate version of characters in smash bros use alternate versions as new costumers this way there is more room for different fighters,
Inport anime , manga and touku type games.

Message to Nintendo
There are a tons of problems that are holding you back and making you lose more fans each year please try to do something different try taking suggestions form your loyal fans if not you will lose them and lose out on a lot of money, and change that video policy its not helping you or anyone else, or at least come up with something that can help both sides, if not you will keep spiraling down,


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