Punishment for Animal Abusors.


I have a dog his name is Onyxx hes is a long hair chihuahua and he is 6 years old I love him his is my best friend I can not imagine hurting him cuz that would be like hurting myself so it pisses me off when I see or hear about other people who abuse their animals or pets and now a days it is happening a lot more then before but then i hear some people get away with it or or barely get punished at all it is ashamed that our animals love us and all we can do is hurt them so I want to make sure more people know about this and they power who have the power to make the laws can do so to help the animals, these is what I am thinking should happen the punishment are to light as it is and i am hoping it changes and seriously this Abuse needs to stop and it wont if those responsible don’t pay for it,

First time Offenders
1. you will be on a watch list
2. Make sure Animal abuser gets charged with a is a rank A felony.
3. 1st time offenders must go to anger Management & Therapy for a year Mandatory
4. Pay a fine of $5,000 -depending on how serous the crime
5. Serve 4 months or more in jail- depending on how serous the crime more time

2nd time
1. Charge with Felony abuse & Assault
2. Registry on the Animal abuse Offenders List.
3. Anger management and therapy for 2 and a half years mandatory
4. $12,000 dollar fine
5. 12 months or more in jail – depending on how serious the crime more time
6. your information a never sell animals website

3rd time
1. Permanently on the Animal Abuse offenders list
2. Charge with Felony abuse & Assault
3. 6 years Anger management and therapy – Mandatory
4. $25,000 and up fine
5. Maximum Jail time
6. NO selling animals to to websites
7. public humiliation by having the offender online news papers and tv
8. Seizing half of all your assets and giving that money to different animal help centers.

Personally I would like to add public beating & Execution ^_^ but people are going to be like that’s so cruel why would you do that to a person? don’t give me that b.s its would I would like to do and its what the government need to do if not more and more people will keep doing cuz they can get away What would you do to help stop this horrible abuse from happening.


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