Rejuvenating Dry Soil


Hey guys how are you doing I have an other crazy idea on how to Rejuvenate dry soil in places that can’t grow no more plants to be honest I do not know shit about Gardening so I will leave it to those who are experts to try this experimenter and see if it can work. there are a lot of places around the world that are having a drought problem and a lot of people say it can’t be fixed I wonder if they even tried this is going to cost some money and a lot of partnerships which we know most people can’t work well together but it is worth a try.

first things is taking everything that is bio degradable items, well-rotted manure or finished compost. leaves, wood chips, bark, hay or straw Plant and soil vitamins 40% Dry soil from all over the dry area such as mexico, parts of Africa, Vegas and a little Sand 60% fresh normal or rich soil from gardens green house rain forest and farms and All-Purpose Fertilizer and anything else that you can find that can help the soil be richer and healthy so that they can grow plans and veggies and fruits,

Now that we have all of these Materials we need it’s time for all the hard work Rejuvenating the Earth.

Mixing & Testing
let’s short off buy separating all the different dry soil and dirt from all the fresh and rich soil in two different large tanks then adding all the organic materials – bio degradable items plant vitamins Fertilizer, and manure and lastly all the mulch leaves, wood chips, bark, hay or straw then let them sit for a while to see the change in both types of soil after that have a 3rd larger tank empty and place 40% of the dry stuff & 60 % of the fresh one mix them together and once again add on the Vitamins & all the other stuff and start missing them together after that your done with this part,

Now that we have a now type of soil that can be able to combine with the dry one and change it a bit so you can be able to grow on it so the rest of the idea is to obtain 50.000 or more ponds of dry and fresh soil N fertilizer with all the extra stuff once it is mixed they can be sent out to many places around the world that is suffering from droughts or super dry area plus it will also be wise to build water aqua ducks so when its not raining people still have water to use for the soil so it can be easier to to still grow plants and veggies and fruit if need be,

I don’t have all the details worked out nor do i know if this would work or not but for those of you who do work with in plants and soil please try this to see if any of this can work, I am all for the betterment of our plant and the human race, I figured if we can try and help places with droughts more places can grow food and less starvation around the world,

I had an other Idea to build a small work force out of prisoners or people looking for work and give them special suit and set them lose in garbage dumps so they can gather bio degradable or recycle materials in order to use for the soils doing this has 3 uses which can help us in the end,


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