Business Dreams


Ever since I was 14 years old I always wanted to be able to build and own 5 different business I have worked really hard over the years with a lot of set backs disappointments, negativity battles with former friends and family and been scammed a lot trying to achieve my goals it really pisses me off and hurts me a lot that all my life i had to be emotionally and and some times physically abused by 97 % of people in my life and that I suffer from a few disabilities I feel like all my struggles trying to get anything moving is not going anywhere, I tried to get capital by internet marketing and direct selling just only been scammed out of a lot of money angered and frustrated and even more annoying my anxiety and depression raised to an all time high where Im like if i cant have what i want out of live why live, I even tried to go to this free business school but that was a pain in the ass cuz i’d would do one class for a month the business plan then have to re sign up for the next part but if it was filled up id have to wait a lot longer, and on top of that the business teacher kept trying to change my target audience I kept protesting cuz if you change my targets then you ruin my business ideas and plans and I wasn’t willing to do that what is the point in fucking yourself over before you can even start?

so where can someone like me with no money and no connection but a lot of Greatly Fantastic business ideas can go to get his dreams build? I’m going to lay out a few of my ideas not in full details cuz i need to keep those to myself until i can find an investor or a company willing to help me can gain a broader target of customers,

I know that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me to be able to use all echo friendly building materials such as hemp-crete its much more lighter and stronger than normal concrete – energy efficient lighting, Windows and low energy appliances – If their is away to use solar power & wind power to help power the buildings but we need to see how useful some fan sized wind turbine can be. I know of this company that provides cleaner low cost energy to homes and now they are doing to to business so that can also be a good way to look in to.

Event rental
this is one of my 5 business Ideas I get questions by a lot of people if I know any places that will rent their space for parties and events I do not know why but buildings are no longer renting out their space so it would be nice to have a building with 4 rooms each with a different capacity of people per room, room 1 -150 room 2- 220 room 3 330 and finally room 4 400 each room will have a nice kitchen with pizza oven 1 big refrigerator and one freezer we all know we can’t have events or parties with out foods or drinks. for this I have 15 pages in full details. that include prices day to day funding security and much more,

is the name of an other business I would like to start which provides a place for people who need a place to work study or have meetings we even have a auditorium so that people can come and take course about time management or business prep by successful people I even planed both solo and group work areas and a small little lunch room with healthier and energy building foods and snacks. I spent a lot of time on this and have 30 pages on all the workings and details for this place, I am very positive that this place will also be successful.

Game 2gether
to be honest i’m not really stuck on this name i’m still trying to come out with a better one,Even though that most video games are mostly played online their is still a large need for gaming in person having live competition and socializing for this I need two floors the 1st floor is where all the socializing happens a few arcade games a place to eat and a store and on the 2nd floor theirs rooms that will host different gaming 1 room for nintendo , 1 room for xbox 1 room for Play station 1 room for pool tables and 1 room for card games all sound proof so that the noise do not cancel each other out. all other details are in my notes its 38 pages long full of ideas details payment plans events and much much more,

I do not really have a name of this one yet im still working on it but i do have an idea owning and running a bar is a very hard thing to do i seen a lot of people that have a lot bar and run a bar in to the ground and I watch a lot of bar rescue so i picked up even more ideas for this I have 15 pages of notes and ideas, but I was thinking a real sports bar dedicated to all types of sports and host sporting events for big events like MMA , WWE, Boxing pay per views , or even all star games world series and other things like that, and all of our drinks can be made to fit the sports and i was thinking of a group of shots with different themed drinks for a group of people to share,

Last bussiness
do you guys remember when i mentioned the gaming business well that is a larger part of this one but i can’t not share much because this one I have 55 pages of ideas plans and have worked out many things in writing and i want to be a little aggressive and have 8 of them in the U.s New york, Atlantic city, Boston, Florida, Texas, California Vegas and Seattle these are places where a lot of my target audiences often have conventions in this is my first idea that I came up with at the age of 14 and have revamped this idea several times over the years in order to fit the change of times this is my pride and joy and will be kept a secret until i have all the money or partners i need in order to see this happen I also have plans to take this internationally as well I will swim in that lake when i get their.

now that you know all my ideas want to let you know one more things i plan on having them connected by having a billboard saying please check out my other business, i also going to put recycling to good use and use the money from recycling to good use by putting it back in to the business.These are just a small portion of many larger ideas that I have for business and making money If their are any investors, sponsors or or fortune 500 companies out their willing to take a chance on my please contact me as soon as possible so we can talk and hopefully do business, this is my life long dreams I to be able to start and own these business I have tried everything I could think of and a few other methods with no real payout so im really desperate and sick and tird of being lied to used and scammed, I have even tried getting grants and loans but all the paper work are extremely hard for me to understand .


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