Extra Add On’s


I know I said I would post a new segment to my story every month I’m still working on my chapters but I did want to give you some details of a few other things that I have came up with last month. 2 new side characters a explanation on the powers in this world and finally Spirits that can be partnered up & summoned by the main characters I called them Teitanytes. I hope you guys enjoy some of these extras.

Shikamaru – Is a deity of Dreams & Nightmares he rules over the dream scape world he is neither good or evil and is often lazy to do his job their are times when depended on dreams or nightmares he will enlist or trick others to help him do his job for him he doesn’t like getting involved in the conflict between the Demon lord or Goddess but will some times chat with them and try to make them feel bad, Shikamaru will often hang out with his friend an other deity named Taiga.

Taiga – is an other deity know as a soul reaper or Death angel she is the Goddess of Death and Rebirth Taiga has a soft spot for Faiyte and will visit him from time to time she is in charge of sending people who die to where they need to belong she is the ruler of Limbatury she is neither good or evil most people fear the very site of her mostly cuz they think it is their time she some times just like to be around humans eating and drinking, she too will pay a visit to Mephistopheles and Kuventia and lectures them just like her best friend does. 

Illyria The Star Dragon – Saved by the Faiyte N his friends this dragon aids them at dangerous situations she is loyal sweet kind and encourage her saviors She is the Last Dragon in all Of Shelendria and some times is hunted down and constantly has to fight to survive even though Illyeria helps  her group for creature she has made a pack with Callisto her reason is unkown.

Powers – their are three sources of powers in Shelendria The first Source of power is Known as Chakra  some people are born with it, 2nd source of powers  can develop later in life its called Manna and it shows up in most people when they reach the age of 15 Although their are some rare cases  people came in to Mana around the age of 11, the 3rd Source of power is the rarest it is called Kii it is gained when someone who has potential of Chakra & Mana  but never exhibit those forms of power.  their are 8 different elements of powers . Air- Fire- Earth- Spirit- Thunder- Water- Dark- Holy their will also be 4 new types that will be discovered by combining two types however their must be some conditions to be meet before this can even work well, here are the combo powers.                      Water Plus Air = Ice ,,,,,  Holy Plus Spirit = Cosmic                                                  Thunder Plus Earth =Magnetism ,,,,, Fire plus Dark Makes = Void

TeitaNyte Spirits – Teitanytes Are  spirits who have been left on shelendria in order to find partners to merge with they each of a Specific goal to achieve each spirit can be summoned by their partners to help out in a battle, So I will tell you their names and who’s their partner.

Name, Type, Power, Sex,    Partner.
Vanille, Fairy, Holy, Female, Crizia
Ellious, Unicorn, Spirit, Female, Cheojor.
Dracul, Vampire, Dark, Male,  Slaiyne
Hotaru , Warrior, Fire, Female, Elize.
Caff, Bull, Earth,  Male, Quartz.
Merlyn, Wizard, Thunder, Male  Faiyte.
Talon, Falcon, Air, Male, Deon.
Undine, Mermaid, Water, Female, Doriza.                                                    Illyeria – Dragon, Omni, Female-  Callisto  

Outcast – The Outcast is a group of 12 people who have banded together through the connection to Faiyte and his friends. Taiga & Shikamaru recruited these 12 so they can handle situations that the heroes can’t deal with some times the Outcast go to extreme but they do get the job done, some times these 12 break up in to smaller groups of 12 in order to cover more ground,  theses are all 12 members of the outcast.

1. Skye StarOcean Female with the power Cosmic She is an Starling Alien from one of the moons in Shelendria her races is captured by Infershia & an other race of aliens she seeks help.                                                                      2. Mariyeza Chiller Female with the power of Ice she is Frostie & friends with Vanille She has a lot going on but often liked to ignore her problems.   3. Mecha Terrabyte  Female power of Mgnatism she is a Glitche a race of Machines who has evolved in to having feelings and caring for others.       4. Gaiganta Heights female power of Spirit she is a Gigantos who can alter her size she was abducted then freed with some help. she is not a cannibal.  5. Electra Statics is a female human with the power of Thunder One day delivering Potion & chemicals she was struck by lighting witch granted her Electric powers.                                                                                                                6. Jamie Bee, Butterfly is a female Inscetiod with the power of Void Jamie Hates Queen Trakeena for many reasons.                                                                7. Slizard Komodo is a male Zenyak with the power of Earth He was obsessed with killing and offering his Enemies flesh to the Death Goddess until she rejected him and battled to make him change.                                   8. Luisno Bonebane  a male Dwarf  with the power of Air Luisno is a rude dirty mouth little man with a bad attitude & a great passion for mining and building and even reinforcing things.                                                                       9. Aric Ugiko is a male Troblin  with the power of Darkness Aric Explores trying to find out the history of what wiped out the trolls and goblins,          10. Blaze Sulfer is a male Lavos with the power of fire He is inlove and is in a secret relationship with Mariyeza while their to races are at war. –           11. Divinty Specture is a male Spirite  with the power of holy He is one of the spirits who hitched a ride out of the spirit world .                                       12. Hydro Jones  is a male Mutate/ Nephilim with the power of Water this Experiment did not take kindly to being used and abused..     

Here are ally new additions I hope you like them as much as I do. please let me know what you think now that I have everything done I can keep working on my chapters,


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