Cross over in comics


We all love to talk about What if Batman was fighting in the marvel universe or or we light to find out which team is better and why I have always said we need comic companies to bring more cross over at least every 5 or 10 years I have a few Ideas so I am posting them down maybe people who work in the comic industries can give the fans what they like so here is four out of 12 ideas i had,

Comic Books 
I have about 4 comic cross over ideas I will like to share they first one is I would love to see.

Marvel v.s dc book cross over one,
Tournament of Villains , The story can focus on a brand new being trying to collect plenty of Evil bad guys and is pitting them against each other in a tournament so they can fight for his or her enjoyment starting off with 1 Giant sized issue #0,show what they villains where doing before their abduction, mid Issue & finally last issue, The fights can be arranged like this plus a few team up battles, Thanos v.s Darksied, Ultron v.s Brainiac, Taskmaster v.s Death stroke, Enchantress v.s Tala, Norman Osborn v.s Lex Luthor, Mandiran v.s Sinestro, Loki v.s Black Adam, Madame Viper v.s Roulette, Winter Soldier v.s Red hood, Juggernaut v.s Dooms Day, Dr. Doom v.s Black Beetle, Mystique v.s Harley Quinn, Red skull v.s Raz Al Gual, Green Goblin v.s Joker, Venmon v.s Clayface, Blackcat v.s Cat women, Abomination v.s Solomon Grundy, Super Skrull v.s Amzo, Mr. Sinister, Lady Death strike v.s Cheetah, Killer crock v.s Lizard, Absorbing man v.s Parasite, Bull’s-eye V.S Deadshot, Hella v.s Silver Banshee, Terraxx v.s Lobo, Dormmamu v.s Trigon, Magneto v.s Dr. light, Song bird v,s Star Saffire, and maybe later near the end of the tournament Trigon, Domammu, Thanos & Darksied get all out of control and the other villains has to band together to stop them before even trying to battle this new person. and as for super comedy I like to have dead pool being an announcer for this tournament and helping the new entity setting up traps and stuff,

Harley & Deadpool
After the events of the tournament Wade and Harley become very close and found a away to Dimension hop coursing trouble in both dc and marvel universes blowing stuff up raising a gang Harley can be trying to hide out from Batman, Ninghtwing, Robin, Red robin, and Red hood for doing something before the tournament while deadpool is hiding out from Wolverine, X-23, kitty pride, Armor, and Jubilee for stealing something from shield it can be a 12 issue book with a lot of comedy and action and it this is good maybe a joint animated dvd movie, I was also thinking that they can have a moment where dead pool and Harley get married and plan their future out and its like married with children,

CrossOver Idea 3
We take the a few Comics companies. Marvel, Dc, Image, Darkhorse, Top Cow, Wild storms, for this we focus female characters from all these different worlds I say like 4 ladies from each company I haven’t thought too much on the story except we have a group of cross dimensional jumpers stealing stuff from each universe and as they story goes on they have to team up and try to put their differences aside, as for Characters from Marvel Psylocke ,Dc Starfire, Image Shi, Top Cow Velocity, Darkhorse Faith vampire slayer, Wild storm Freefall jsut to name a few characters not only can this have a very kick ass opportunity for a joint venture but it can help promote more female empowerment but only using the female characters some who are well known by everybody and a few who are known by a few, and it can be a great contest event first i get to pic who I want to see, then the comic companies can also pic, and then we leave it open to the fans to vote then together everyone on the project can vote for the last few characters,

Crossover 4
My last idea is for a Hercules & Xena Cross over with Buffy and Angel they have so many similarities on all 4 shows it was a good idea to put them all together, they story can start off with Hercules and Xena fighting off an evil God who has opened some kind of gate way to the future with a help of a Very Power Demon witch is Battle Buffy and Angel during the battle in both the past and future a distortion happens sending one person from each time line in to an other world and they story can take on from their, I would love to see how people would react or see some idea submissions for this cross over,

So people what do you think and what Comic cross overs would you like to see?


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