Event/Convention Survival Guide & Prep


I wrote this Article a few months ago and i hope everyone has enjoyed it due to New York comic con starting in 11 hours I felt like I should come back to this and Edit this Guide I will still be advising people on the best ways to plan prepare and get ready to attend a convention such as Comic con , Pax or Anime Expo this tips and tricks and be used for smaller cons or other events that you might want to go to I will also be adding in a few thing things that can and will be useful please enjoy.     

Preparations- Please do your best to try and get your passes in advance 5 or 6 months a head of time so that the Ticket don’t get sold out you do not want to waste 2 to 5 hours waiting at the event just to buy your Badge or pass, some events have group discounts so try to do that, bring 2 bags with you a large gym bag and a back pack the gym bag is to put all the swag from the con and the back pack for your personal items, Bring extra batteries for camera or phone & a portable charger and download the map of the con or event, prepare comfortable shoes or bring slippers with you your feet will be crying for a while, also bring poster tubes they will protect your posters from getting damaged or wet some tubes come with a strap so you can hang it  as a back pack, more things that you will need tissues, hand sanitizer or Multi purpose wipes, Band-Aids, aspirin, chapstick , the last thing you should prepare is a list of all your group members and their phone numbers in case bring a  note pad and 2 pens in-case you meet someone new to take their information if your phone dies,

Planing/Strategy – with so much to see  & do at conventions it is a good idea to plan out your 3 or 4 days on what activities Exhibitors, Panels and Autographing sessions and other things you like to do this is a great way to manage your time in order to have the most fun and enjoyment even though its a 3 or 4 day events time flies extremely fast and at times that is still not enough time to see everything so make sure you show up 1 hour to 3o minutes before things start, 

Food/Drinks-  Make sure you eat a nice breakfast before heading out Food, Drinks & snacks can be super expensive like $6.00 for a hot dog and $4.50 to $6.00 for a soda or bottle of water which can be a huge pain in the ass this might not be a big deal for some of you but add up all 4 days and add up how many times you would need to eat or drink. Remember I said bring a back pack use it to store one bottle of frozen water and one juice or soda and have a sandwich or snacks like trail Mix , chips things that you can eat that can save you some money so you n use it to buy stuff make sure you have some money to get real food during the day,          

Friends/Groups- There is a up and down side to being around friends or waiting on them for a con or an event some people have the tendency to always be late forget those people and leave them be eventually you will meet up with them later. focus on those who are as excited to be their an hour or 2 before the doors open and focus on those who never done so you can show them around, their are times were you and friends can sit down and chat about the things you have seen or gotten it is a great idea to establish a meeting ground so that if anyone gets lost you are able to find each other, 

Health/Hygiene- It is imperative that you not smell like ass/corpse and hot garbage during the con please make sure you have taken a shower and bring some deodorant or body spray and make sure you use them every 4 hours it can get really hot and sweaty , Also make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water and if you have some kind of medical problem their are medical passes or chairs you can use at some events not all so find out in advance. and change your clothing i seen people wear the same thing for 3 to 4 days it is nasty as fuck do not do that.   

Lost & Found-  here I am not talking about items i’m talking more about people there is a super high chance that members of your group will get lost have a plan for that like meeting near the rest rooms or food areas  or near a resting spot some where very easy to find each other.

Shopping- It can be very fun & Costly buying very thing that you see if you have the money for it however you shouldn’t buy anything until the last day this is only for people who have a 3 or 4 day pass most vendors will lower their prices on the last day if you engage in a nice conversation with a person at a booth and some back later some times they will  give you a small discount which can be pretty cool but never ask for a discount just say i don’t have enough and make sure its no more than $10 less than what they are asking for,

Panels/Screening-  A lot of people go to panels and screenings at cons to my they are a waste of time especially when after those things are over you can view them on the internet look through the event booklet or website to see what time it starts and make sure to be their an hour before unless your at comic con San Diego at Hall H if you don’t make it their during the first day forget it, I seen people spend the entire convention a line at hall H missing everything else, its a shame, 

Transportation-  If you live far from the event it is very important to find a away to get their if your taking a bus or plane or even renting a care or van try to make sure you find cheap deals and discounts, and make sure all the group members pay in advance so no one has to worry about it later, and for those of you in business who already get some discounts to travel make sure you use them they will help out in the end. before I forget please make sure to travel with people who don’t piss you off or make things hard for the rest of the group it can ruin the entire trip, and some places have free shuttle bus form the hotel to the event center.   

Places to spend the night- I will advise the same thing with the car rentals make sure the people you are rooming with in advance and also have a time limit for people to pull out or cancel do to money troubles and so that you can find a replacement. if you cannot get a room in the hotel near the event then try Comfort Inn or any of their brother and sister Inns they offer free breakfast and a deal if you stay in any of their Inns 2 separate times you get 1 free Night for advent convention goers this will help you out a lot. or you can look online for people who are renting their houses or a few rooms for a few nights and strike deals with them I do not know too much about this but I am sure you can find something online, I do now a lot of people in Texas do this especially for south by south west a week long music & movie festival that comes around yearly, Try Airbnb Find hosts with extra rooms, entire homes, and unique accommodations Connect with hosts, confirm travel dates, and pay A lot of people swear by this I haven’t used it yet but its worth a try. 

Swags- One of the best thing about conventions or other events are the swags especially when it is free but try not to be greedy just brag 2 or 3 of each items and you can always come back later or the next few days so you can have a substantial amount this good so that later on at night you and your friends can trade off on things you didn’t get or things they didn’t get it. a good idea is that if you have a friend who could not go you make a bag full of swag for him or her and do not say anything cuz you can hold it for their b-day or Xmas depending on how much room you have and how close either or those days are, or you can give it to them and ask for a favor, wink wink,

Don’ts- I shouldn’t have to say these things but lately some people have been out of hand and I really do not want to have to pay for what stupid people do so try not to break the rules like, do not be drunk or bring alcohol to the events do not touch any of the cosplays in the wrong manner or harass them it will lead to you being arrested no steal most importantly be extremely careful with people younger than you, and do not get in to fights all these things can get you kicked out or band, and please do not bring children under the age of 10 years old they will get lost .

Do’s- Talk to everyone selling or showing things off you don’t know who might be able to help you if you are working on things. do have fun and take plenty of pictures do post on social media all your favorites companies brands or things that you see, do take breaks every 3 or 4 hours, do try to go to any after parties or events or movie showings. people with business bring plenty of business cards and give them to everyone you buy things from or talk to.

Extremely Important Item-  One Last thing before I go it is Extremely important for all of you to always  have Emergency money in case anything happens like someone steals you money or you lose your wallet or if its the last day and like the final 2 hours of the event  you can buy one or 2 last things, 

Money – Make sure that you have money and Emergence money on you at all time going to an ATM Machine can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an 1 and a half wait and who wants to wait that long while theirs so many kick ass things going on,  

Survival Kit- 

  1.  1 backpack with your snacks & drinks and other things  
  2.  1 Gym bag for all the swags
  3.  1 or 2 water bottles
  4.  Napkins
  5.  Hand  Sanitizer or Multi-purpose Wipes
  6. breath Mints
  7. Snacks & food
  8. Deodorant / Body spray
  9.  Aspirin
  10.  Chapstick
  11. Extra shirt
  12.  Extra Bateries / charger
  13. Camera
  14. Floor map


  1. Business cards
  2.  Agenda list
  3. folding chair
  4. Band aids 
  5. Note book  
  6.  Emergence Cash 
  7. Medication if your taking some, 






This is Everything I am taking with me in my Back back I will have my note book 2 pens 1 bottle of water 1 bottle of ice tea 1 bag or trail mix 1 bag of chips, my money. Extra charger for my phone, body spray is in the bag. Mints, Batteries my camera, empty  duffle bag for the swag and the Green thing is Multi purpose wipes that is safe for the environment  and safe for people Animals and children to use,  If you would like to buy some please visit this link



This is a closer look at everything I have to take with me, Keep in mind that a con can be from 10 am til 8 pm plus after parties and after vents so preparing is always a great idea,  SO you Guys I hope that this is useful and helpful to you as it is for more,



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