HI people how are you, I was talking to a person and sharing ideas for stories & comic books I told her about my story for my blog and she started to tell me about the story she is working on it’s a Crime/Mystery/murder drama it seemed pretty good she told me since I have a list of my characters and powers I should make a new one about the Locations and the Races on the Shelendria so people can have a more clearer idea of this fantasy world I welcome in put suggestions so I considered that she might be right and it’s a kick ass idea so I am going to use it, 


1. Aljoul village – A Village where most people go to get whispers and rumors and some times information about bounties in the Black list book or BLB.

2. Blizarga– is a small town that is in side a huge hard and frozen Glacier its very cold.

3. Cybernetico Grid– this is located in a digital plane that is full of new and strange technologies.

4. Drought Dessert– Hot and humid with a volcano in the center and sand storms.

5. Eclipse village– is a place hidden in the forest that only shows up when a moon is out and no matter where the moon shows this village is under it.

6. Fighters Dome– This is a Colosseum where people live in and others from all over the world come to battle in a tournament form or to challenge each other.

7. Greenie Gardens– Humans are not allowed here but these gardens holds fruit herbs for medicine and veggies

8. Hillside Farms– built to be a alternative to the gardens they carry the same plants lives at the cost real lives this farm also house animals

9. Ishtar – is one of 3 moons that surround Shelendria it has a light gravity and had bio domes so people can live on it and a few places where people can breath

10. Opacha’s food shack– Opacha is a man who loves food and in his shack he serves a verity of food from all over shelendria if you can find this restaurant which for some reason as the ability of Teleportation eat here.

11. Kakari Town – This Megalithic town is made of marble, stone and granite

12. Legaspi lake – village where everyone live on top of the lake and water people live in bungholes it is also a famous village know for its fresh sea food.

13. Magi Palace – This is a Palace where those who have every powerful Mana or Charkra gather to teach others or live but you must past a series of test before settling here,

14. Nightmare Laboratory– Horrible place where people are experimented on ruled by mutates population mix

15. Junempa’s traveling Armory – This Armory can appear in many locations it to has the power to teleport to any where it can find business.

16. Pilburge’s Prison – Home to many dangerous criminals, thugs bandits, and others anyone getting trapped in here better hide or say their prayers.

17. Quantuims Cove– A very lovely beach with many hidden caverns the people who live here are often seen in their swimming wears all day.

18.Resti Ils – are a bunch of small islands 60 miles away from quantum cove people are afraid of most things.

19.Steelin– this is where people will go to collect their bounties and also update the BLB and get more information which also can be sold,

20.Triopaluos Temple– A lot of monks live here and worship the deities or demons its located on the top of some un-named mountain

 21. Uron– is a town located on top of trees their are many bridges connecting them or you can swing on to a new part of uron buy vines,

22. Valentines Dynasty – This kingdom has been rules by one royal family since it has be created at this time their ruler is missing, all the building and house are in the style of Japan,china, and asia

23. Waterfall Riverine– Waterfall if very soothing and relaxing to travelers from all over the world how ever you must be careful on what you say or do here so not to angry those here live here,

24. Xenobia flying city- this city is found in the sky & flies around it is also shaped like a giant Octagon.

25. Yerba swamp– is cold and wet and filled with who knows what. never come here alone.

26. Zeon– is a city that is deep under ground it is used for mining and it is a series of tunnels that no one knows how far they go or the dangers that live their,

27. Inferno– fiery pit of hell where demons live and where the most evil go when they die and a few villains hang out and get their orders,

28. Ceslestia– Heavenly place for those who are good in life and after many angles live here

29. Spirit world– few people have access to this place it can help you achieve enlightenment but some gain madness it depends on your experience.

30. Teita Nova– is a very hidden place where some people receive special powers training or something else

31. Dream Scape– Everyone comes here when they sleep some remember and some do not and some learn to adapt to this place

32. Limbatory– When you die and can not go to the Inferno or Celestia you are here for Eternity or if your granted permission to leave.

33. Kritiya Zeiraru Mega Kingdom– This is the only place in all of Shelendria that has been created by & for the purpose of unity this kingdom very largest city in all of the planet, ruled by variety of mix races population every race on the planet,


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