Races & Species

mass-effect-trilogyThis is the last entery before I start the story Which I am still trying to come up with a title for it. What is the use of writing a story and not having characters who are not human? so I have created 28 different Races and Species that can be found all over Shelendria I am using short details so not to spoil the story so let’s get started I used this mass effect picture cuz its one thing I know with a range of other races .  

Fear Kats – are a race of cat like creatures most who are lazy and would rather sleep some are warrior and fight as hard as they can.

Humans – Most humans believes that they are superior than other races and have tried to take control of them and some humans rather live together with other species.

 Night Elfs – Are a race of warriors with dark pink or purple skin with pointy ears some of these Night Elfs have both purple and Dark Pink skin.

Golems–  Stone Creatures with the powers of earth most live on an island and attack others who try to come to the island and some are kind,

Angels- live in Celestia and serve the Goddess Kuventia some times they interact with others, Angels constantly battles demons.

Demis –  Are people or creatures who are half breeds or mixes they do not not get treated well by many others which makes them a bit aggressive to most.

Orcs- Orcs are fat creatures who are loves to kill and eat others they also love to destroy and ransack villages. it normally takes a small army to kill or defeat just one orc.

Demons- Vile creatures that are loyal to the demon lord and will do anything to please him they love to inflict fear , hate and havok to anyone,

Pixies- are very tiny butterfly looking creatures that loves to play they are shy so they stay hidden a lot and will heal those who are injured.

Zagait- Are human like race with 3 eyes they 3rd eye can be fond anywhere on their body their is definite spot for the 3rd eye.

Inuwashi- Bird like creature with wings that live in a city in the sky they are also warriors they are loyal to each other and never leave someone behind with out good reason.

Starlings- Blue Aliens that come from one of the moons of Shelendria Starlings are very friendly and easy scared they love to observe others.

Mutates/Nephilim– Are monster or creatures created by the Genetic experiments of Dr. Ethics some people who have been deformed and mutated to horrifying beast,

Gods/Goddess- Responsible for creating some parts of the world they also take care of living people animals and create or destroy at will.

Vmpires-  Undead creatures of the night all vampires on this world have a taste for specific types of blood they are often feared by others.

Lavos-  Molten creatures that are really hot and are make from fire they live in a vulcano and are hostile they are at war with a race make of ice,

Spirytes- Tiny spirit creates that glow in different colors and often help people trap in their and they some times escape to the normal world to help others.

Gigantos-  15 feet tall giants that are normally in fighting with each other some rampage a round the world some are friendly and most love to build things,

Inscetiods- These insects hate humanity and are always killing or eating them they are also very formidable in a fight and attack in groups,

TeitaNytes- Summoning spirits of creatures warriors and others that has not fulfilled something important in life they choice a person to help them in turn new powers will be granted to that individual.

Chim Chims- Monkey like race with tails and fur they live on tops of trees and are very defensive about who they interact with or make friends with,

Gliches- Cyborgs & robots said to have been left behind to help advance the inhibitors of Shelendria however due to a break down they are confined to their location,

Frosties- they are make from ice mostly friendly to others except for the lavos which they are at war with Frosties live in the coldest parts.

Dwarfs- they live underground and mine for rare ores and metals they are also said to be the best in crafting weapons and armor, they also have foul mouths

 Centuar- half horse half man these creatures are built for war and battle they are all men and some times forget how to act in front of women and girls.  

 Luminas- Are a race of women that are mixed from other races the Luminas is a Fighters and some of the strongest women in the land,

 Zenyaks –  are reptail like creatures they live in swamps and are attacking any one who gets near their home they also want to enslave others and be number one race,

Troblins- are a mix of goblins and trolls that were dying out the remanding survives mates with each other in order to survive they play tricks on people and pranks some times ends us killing people,


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