Ripped off by Technology

Hey guys how are you doing I been super busy so i haven’t had a chance to write in a while witch i will be coming back cuz i miss writing. So how many of use when we buy a new Cell phone or tablet or laptop find programs on it that we will not use or have no idea on what they do we all experience this problem it is very frustrating to spend a lot of money on something and you cannot customize it to the full effect, i just recently bought a  brand new ZTE Prestige Android Cell Phone to use for my business going through the  phone and notice two different contact apps 2 phone apps two calenders and to voice recording apps and a few apps I’m never going to use so when i tried to uninstalled them i get a message saying i cannot uninstall them cuz it can message up my phone witch pissed me off  cuz i spent a lot of money on this phone not only I notice the same problems on tablets and laptop as well so what i am saying is why give these companies all these money if we cant even customize the device to our liking the phone has 8 gigs of internal memory but thanks to all the useless bull shit in it that i cant remove the phone has 6.8 gigs used it is a real waste of money and im really sick of having to keep going through this people we should not let these companies do this to us any  more,  so for those of you who also experience this problems please i beg to start writing to these companies complaining about them and but a stop on buying this here is some pictures so u guys can see for yourselves. as you can see theirs multiple apps that are the same and i cannot delete them witch sucks  if anyone knows of away for me to be able to get rid of them without damaging my phone please let me know, what do you think its either get these companies to do what we pay them to do our build our own electronics company to compete with them and blow them out of the water, I;am sick of being ripped off and wasting a lot of money and I hope that each and everyone of you are also sick of being ripped off as well so let’s work together so we can change things,


WP_20151210_006    WP_20151210_004


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