More Last Chance Shelters Needed


                                                                                                      In this Article I wish to talk about having More last Chance Animal shelters not only in the U.S but in other locations around the world to protect animals and to keep them from being killed in normal shelter if no one claims them they will kill the animals to make room for more its a horrible cycle cuz if no one adopts the new animals from the shelters they too are put to sleep and that is a shame and very sad that they have to go through this. Animals have Souls and Emotions just like us humans do I know this because I have seen Monkeys, Elephants, Kittens & dogs Shed tears of sorrow not only I have seen their spirits, So why do we keep treating  so badly Abusing them or when we witness an other person hurt them we don’t say anything and that is even worse, Y should an animals life be more Important than a humans some humans are scum when ever you see something please help these animals.

 Ideas.                                                                                                                           We have a lot of open lands and some people have big houses so why not build a mini building 3 floors or 3 floor house with multiply rooms medical staff, food toys and a place for the animals to play with all the things that an animal will needs I also think maybe we can have some kind of pet social worker thing where they take the animals who have a high chance of being killed and places them in these shelters.

They can also focus on having more adoption  days where people can come in and play with the animals and adopt them we need more places like this to be able to keep these animals alive longer and to give them a home full of love and happiness and just like us humans they with to find a good family to give them everything they need so they can return their love to us as well,       

 for those of you who cant adopt a pet for any reason please find it in your heart to try and donate what ever you can to help animals, or their families in case one gets sick or needs an operation or dies, ever little bit counts.  


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