New work out plans



 I would like to talk to you guys about some of my new work out goals and I hope that some of you who been wanting to lose wait will join me or even try this out for yourself. I am not planing on going over bored like most people do I seen people be in the gym for 4 to 6 hours a day all 7 days of the week its like having a full time job,  


Gym-socialmedia  So If you can Afford a gym membership then please get one their are also cheap membership from Planet fitness $20 bucks a month and Blink which is $15 bucks a month Once you get to the gym during the day make sure you set your self a 30 to 60 minute of work out time no more no less i always start off with Cardio then move on to other types of work outs the i know would help me out and if your not sure what to do ask one of the trainers or join of  of many free classes the gym has to offer, also make sure to always have water and two towels one for yourself and one to clean the machine, after going a few trips to the gym you will come up with your own work outs,

                                                 Focus T-25    
Focus-T251 You Might recognize this man from p90X  and the Insanity workout dvds myself and a few friends all tried them both but could never keep up this is why i am suggestion that you use the Focus T-25 instead  it takes an hour worth of work outs and Condense it in to 25 minutes or body burning fat shredding work out and unlike the others this one has a modified version of all the workout so that people do do not exercise regularly or or super large can be able to adjust to this, 

 Schedule – This is my work out Schedule you do not have to use mines but you can make your own to however you feel comfortable doing it,      Sundays & Mondays between 8, 9, or 10 am gym time, Sunday & Monday Mornings Night 9, 10 or 11 Pm T-25 work out dvd. Tuesday Rest day its very important to  rest,  Wednesday & Thursday Night 9, 10 or 11 Pm T-25 work out dvd  8,9 or 10 am Gym time Wednesday & Thursday  Night 9, 10 or 11 Pm T-25 work out dvd. If we keep this up and limit the amount of bad foods & drinks that we eat in a short 3 to 6 months we will have some drastic changes, for those of you who use fat burners or weight loss pills just be careful ok. 


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