15 Daily Scams we fall for.


lately Every time I try to do something to better my life like try to start a business or work with a company people say don’t do that its a scam the word is so over used now that it lost all meaning to me but now going through this experience gave me an idea I want to show people how many scams they fall for or on involved in every day and yet they do not even know it, theirs like 100 daily scams we live through on a daily basis how every I’m just covering 15 of them. Scams have been around for years and some of them mask themselves has daily needs of the people, 

1.Potato Chips Scams -while setting up for an event or wanting to have something to snack on when we buy a bag of bag of chips so often see the the amount of chips for the prices we pay ins’t nearly enough with the bag being 2/3 of air now people can bull shit on this topic by saying the air keeps the chips fresh personally  i do not buy that excuse if someone wants to test it buy 4 big bags of chips fill one up and seal it with the sealing machine and leave it alone for a month to see if the air really does effect the chips. we work really hard for our money so we should have to buy a $4 dollar bag of air this really is a shame. 

2.Lottery Scam -My friends & family always play the lottery in hopes of wining and trying to beat the odds but they truth is that this is a 3 tier scam you buy a ticket with numbers if you guess the right numbers you win a few million bucks this is where the scams come in the odds of wining is 1 and 5 million that’s for getting 3 numbers right to get a whole jackpot its 1 and 40 million so no matter if anyone wins or not the lotto companies always make their money and then some in 2005 a person won 55 Million dollar when they company has made 90 million in ticket sales alone, the 2nd par to this scam is that when you win half or more than half of your winnings is taken for taxes Just how many taxes are their that you need to pay half  of your winnings? last part of this is that instead of adding a new line of tax for fear of uprising the lottery was put in place so that people do not realize this is a different form of taxes. with all the money people spend playing lottery they could have opened a cd account and done some compound interest, or invest in something that will give them money back.

3. Pawn Shops Scams- So we have been to the pawn shop to sell things and get fast cash or to buy things we think are cheap they buy and sell just about anything from  instruments, clothing, jewelry, coins, books pawn shops sell at a lower rate than most places cuz the items are either old or used how every they will buy things for less than 75% than what they plan on selling it for yes as a business they need to make  a profit but at the same time one cant help but feeling scammed Especially if you have a rare sports items form the 70’s you know its worth 20,000 but they want to give you 200 your better off selling it on ebay.  

4. Auto Repair shops Scams– They have an Extensive  history of over charging for the most simplest repairs but also recommending and even preforming repairs that don’t need to be done in the first place Have you ever taken your car for an oil change then been told you need to change your spark plugs, flush your break line and change your washer fluid??? these are very common repairs that most shops claim you will need to do in order for your car to preform safety and run better how ever its just ways for the repair shops to steal some money I have an idea on how you can bust these people While test driving a brand new car take it to a  bunch of shops and write down what they need to say and how much they will charge you and record them,  then in a few days expose their Bull shit plus it will also help for people to learn some basics for car mechanics in order to help them not fall for this Scam.

5. $0 Down Phones Scams-  here is a scam that will piss people off but not at the  companies for doing that scams but at me for revealing it, oh well bring on the hate.  Ever want the new Iphone or Galaxy XXXLS+ 47? but it cost like $850 well  some companies are giving the phone away for free all you have to do is Sign your John Handcock on an $80 or $100 dollar a month Contract and be locked in for 2 years and your done so now the devil i mean phone company can steal slowly steal from you as you become the very enthusiastic and proud owner of a phone  that will go out of style in 3 to 6 months  not to mention by the end of those two years you would have paid around $2,000  to $3500 Now compare this to buying a 150 dollar phone and putting it on a $30 or $40 dollar a month cell plan when you think about it you will be over paying by like $400 to $600 dollars in one way this makes sense cuz you wont need the $800 plus right away,  they shrink the payments and force you in to a contract this is where the 2nd part of the scam comes in after the 2 years pass the contract isn’t renegotiated or updated and your still paying $80 bucks a month all that money could have been used for bills ,vacation, savings or helping others, then most people fall for this scam again buy getting a new phone with the same type a contract for an other two years, in 4 years you spent between $4000 to $7000 think about that? 

6. Car Dealership Lots – Any Modern Business that is not a flee market and Relies, Encourage & Patrice on bartering Outdated Flawed and most certainly a Ripoff Car dealerships has Haggle for prices of a vehicle where you can save thousands of dollars  they also have a devious aspect by being dishonest at time and lying because these things are soo deeply rooted in their system most people expect it and even practice bartering for a better price Personally I am all about getting discounts and free things but when you come across someone who is willing to go very low on a price so you can save money then you have to wonder how much did they get it for and how much of a mark up are they selling it for????? Do not let me forget having to pay extra for features that you really do not need or that should already come standard with the car and the stupid car loans here is a tip for buying a car do not focus on the payment or interest wait they do not mean anything with out factoring the length of the loan. the better a car loan or deal seem the worse it truly is.

7. Insurance Scam – How is this a scam don’t we need insurance in case something bad happens? Well this is a really great sounding idea to pay a small fee to put some money away in case something happens you will be insured and by taken care of sadly that isn’t always the case with Insurance companies doing everything in their power to avoid paying out  what is rightfully yours too begin with, this includes making claims so difficult to verify spreading misinformation about options and most upsetting Charging outrageous frees  for possessing and deny claims with unrelated details There is no real wining when it comes to this scam and if you are able to get one of your claims met then  next month your premiums increase,

8. Hospitals Scams – Someone needs to call them out on their bull shit in all the known universe the human race is the only species that will profit from someone being sick and dying what a shame, Hospital Bills in the U.s are really Fucking crazy their are many stories about hospitals ripping people off we are going to take a look at one story from Southern General Hospital in California the bill stated is entire cost was $55,000 dollars for 4800  for a sleeping room $7500 for recovery room for 2 hours 6400 for surgery supplies and $4500 for Anastasia per hour doing some research we found that Anastasia from that hospital cost $207 and his surgery cost $16,000 dollars if you cant smell the bull shit take a look at your own medical bills and fond out if you are beings scammed,

9. Diamond Scam – It makes a sucker out of people Every 3 hours lets talk about this This has to be one of the most biggest scams of all time. Most people think a Diamond Engagement right is a timeless symbol of love before the 1930 No one gave a ring to ask a women to marry but in 1938 the De Beers company change that and we bought that shit hook line and sinker. the De Beers Company has a world wide Monopoly on Diamond mining they Artificially restrict the supplies in order to jack prices up it is why diamonds wedding rings cost so much but in fact they are worthless the value of a diamond isn’t really backed by anything from the moment you buy one it loses its value up to 33% the moment you take it out of the store, shitty investment  if you ever in a tight spot and are planing to sell your diamond you will be lucky if you even get 50% of its worth after the 33% depreciation but if you do not believe men then that the word of De Beers Chairman Nicky  Oppenheimer who said “Diamonds are Intrinsically Worthless” he said this in the Independent on February 13 199 look it up, Even knowing all of this and that knowing Diamonds are not rare and very common but yet people will still talk shit about you if you do not confirm to this bull shit tradition ask a girl to marry you and tell them about the ring watch them dump you,

10. Legal Services Scam – If you got hurt and needed to sue somebody you will always need to have a lawyer they can be even more of a shyster than the person who your are suing they are suppose to have your back but they are more interested in what sin your pocket or bank account Most layer charge 200 to 600 and more an hour this includes meetings Breaks and Lunches WTF if your on a break when why charge me? while you need to have a lawyer with you and your paying all this money this doesn’t even Guarantee you a win weather you win or lose the lawyer always gets paid so he wins though we need legal representation in court a lot of the fees are frustrating I have a friend who is in the middle of suing her former lawyer for a outrageous bill including charging for emails, Paper clips, staples papers and ink.

11. Bottled Water Scam- We all love bottles water companies has spent years an billions on ads that say they bottle their water from Highly secret springs that has  never been touch by people or pollution when in fact the bottles of water most people pay for is tap water no filters to clean it and with all the florid, Chlorine and other nasty things that is harmful for our bodies if anything get a filter or biol your water its going to be cleaner than the tap and bottled. plus this scam pollutes or planets with bottles that can circle the planet up to 4 times, 

12. Triple Play Scam – What is the point in paying for internet Phone service and cable Tv, Especially when we are not home most to watch our shows so re use things like hulu plus or netflicks to catch up on things we missed during the day  and Land line phones most people have cell phones as well so it defeats the purpose of having to bundle yourself in a triple play when you only need one or two services not to mention they 150 or more bill a month and for things your not even using plus taxes fees and charges for channels you didn’t know you had or Pay per views tell your provider to shove it and just get the internet and keep using your cell phone, 

13. Fast Foods – When it comes to Fries and Drinks at most fast food places we pay about $2.70 to $4.60 did you know that the fast foods chance pay less than a 3rd of what they charge their customers, knowing this more places should have cheaper food oh wait why do you think most people have dollar menus that was a creation based on two different things High inflation of the city and fast food not wanting to lose customers so 1 menus came to incise us not to stop eating out,    

14. Movie theater-I live in New York City Movie ticket prices are now $15.50 yep that is a crazy prince not to mention the Expensive Snacks and drinks a Large popcorn and Soda combo is between $14 to $18 its crazy not to mention the 400 box of candy that you can buy for a $1 in a discount store here i where the scam comes in the theater spends about .50 to 1.50 for a bag of kernels then they turn around and sell a box for a shit ton of money   and the things i hate most of movie theaters you pay $35 dollars for the tickets and snacks and yet you still have to deal with people talking during the movie or playing on the phone and not to mention Assholes bringing their new born baby or bratty kids who can’t stay still ruining the movie going experience its bad enough you had to pay a lot of money but to deal with all this, and not be able to get your money back or a pass to a different showing is a complete ripoff,   

15. Bartender Scams – We all know that a lot of drinks are watered down at bars but since we have has a shitty fucking day we need a drink but let me tell you their yes your bartender is also scamming you what a shame even after you left him a tip for getting you drink and listening to your troubles, So I am going to do my best to share with you 2 bar scams that people should be aware of, One scam is the Famous Double shot now most places have this metal Measuring cup that can hold a double shot of anything but some bars like to cheat their customers buy using a rigged metal measuring cup that has three metal disk inside of it taking up space and robbing your of both your double drink of spirit and money the glass may look like it has a double but its mostly the ice SMH. The other scam is deals with Gin and Tonic trip is elaborate and very cunning even though i do not like this i do have to give them props for creativity and execution the first thing a bartender will grab your glass then you will put it on top of a plate which we think has water on it but he soaks the rim of the glass to us it appears as if he is cleaning the glass in reality he is covering the rim with Gin so that when you drink you can taste the Alcohol the next step of this is they open a bottle of tonic in front of you then turn their backs to grab the big bottle of gin so that when your busy talking they purposely put their thumbs on the metal thing from the bottle covering it up so that you only get a few drops of Gin then they pour the tonic while giving it to you so that as a customer you think the bartender has finished your order, its a very Cleaver scam makes me just want to spend the money for my own bottle next time your at a bar pay close attention  you might be able to stop these, when i open my bar I wont be doing any of this cuz I know how to utilize tax breaks to save money on the bar so I do not have to cheat people out of their money.                                                                                                                   

I hope you guys likes this and I will suggested that if you do not believe any thing i am saying here then please feel free to look these things up and you will be surprised on what you will discover,  


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