reviews Hey Guys how are you doing.. I’m doing great haven’t been able to write much cuz i been working on my business I just ran in to some old friends a few days ago who were asking me if i plan on writing movie & video review again At first i told them I do not know and that im done with writing those in the past before  I joined WordPress I would write on Hubpages which is a real nice platform to write on especially with their money wining contest however I was tired and upset about always receiving Emails about Uptight Stick in the ass people complaints about my language and me cursing during the reviews and putting something they like down  and for not being professional even after i have stated i am not a professional.

After a why I decided to leave that plat form and said fuck it I’ll write about other things so i came to Word press so I want to say this before anyone gets a stupid idea on how every writer should be Like I will use what ever fucking worlds or statement I see fit at the time All my review will have reason why i hate A Movie, Game, Business, Tv show, Music, Technology or any other thing  i will write about if it offends you then do not read it, and last and most importantly I do not plan on writing a re view for ever single thing cuz i do not have that type of time,

So now that i have said my peace I hope to see and hear what you guys think .


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