We all have been waiting for this movie for some time now we are all worried about how Dead Pool is turning out before I get to that I just have to say Congratulations and Thank you 20th Century Fox for not Fucking this movie up like you have done so many others, and Thank You Ryan Reynolds for Fighting your ass off to be able to be dead pool again and for making this movie now theirs some people out their that will try and Crucify me for even saying if I didn’t like anything but they should know nothing is perfect.

DeadPool First Appearance was New Mutants Issue #98 way back in Feb. 1991 you guys should go and  check this out he nothing like the dead pool we all know and love today He was a Much more serious Super villain a few years later he transformed in to the Pain in the ass, Merc with the mouth bad ass Anti Hero who breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience in what ever platform he is in. We were all Excited to see him in X-men Origins Wolverine until Someone in Fox Fucked up and Disrespected both fans and the Creator of DeadPool by making him look like Baraka from Mortal Kombat and sewing his mouth shut one of the few things that fans love him for good going fox take something great and mess it up its pretty much what your known for,

DeadPool Movie worked very hard to get a Rated R Rating with a Budget of $30 $Around $50 million and so far making $142 Million in 4 days I;m going to start with all the positives of this movie, To A lot of people would think why does a sueperhero movie needs this when all it has is Super bloody Violent Fights Disturbing jokes & lot of Sex and Cursing all things that a teenager would love to watch However people if that is your only impressing of this movie you do not get the fucking point or lack the film industry knowledge to see what they were doing use your third eye Deadpool is a fantastically kick ass Satire on Block Buster & superheros Movies  for those of you who cannot see pass the blood and Tits then get the shit off your eyes cuz this movie could have been just been that very same movies we been seeing for the past few years with nothing else going for it which would pleased all the comic book and deadpool nerds out their I feel that this movie came out when the Stabs the Superhero Genera at a pivotal point that it is needed is starting to be Over saturated & the Creativity is starting to lagging Deadpool yells at them hey fans are starting not to care the market is dimming Booster your products up now it is time to grow something that a lot of movies have been needing for years Deadpool does a great job at warning the Industry fans don’t want more of you lame ass shit example theirs one part where deadpool makes fun of the superhero Jump and lands on one knee and the first in the ground that is something that pissed me off cuz everyone does it now Even WWE super star Roman Reigns does it every week, Deedpools says “the superhero jump and & lands why are you doing this it’s so fucking Lame” I love how Self ware this movie is to be honest it was one of my concerns that they wouldn’t even do any of the Fourth wall breaking stuff, the opening credits does a great job with being self away by adding Directed by some AssHat produces by fuckers who want money and my favorite Starring Some British guy this movie is The smartest Satire of not only super hero comic book movies but about the Movie Business in general, Not only is this movie done write with all the jokes story and being super faithful towards the characters, I have to say the Relationship with all the characters seemed very real and very Genuine my favorite was the dynamic relationship with Colossus Since Deadpool is a rated R it was wonderful to see Colossus as more of a Family PG rating guy  Gives Deadpool a speech about being a hero and doing the right thing as he is in the middle of the speech Deadpool is like Nope fuck you I’m rated r so I’m killing people that is the way I can explain it with out spoiling the movie 

 for some of you Comic nerds that complain about why Didn’t they call it weapon X Program you need to be kicked in the nuts with steel toe boots some people told me that they wanted more craziness from deadpool i just tell them this is the first movie theirs more to come,. for all the praises I am giving their movie while I do think they are making changes in block buster movies they also cheat and do the 2 things that all super hero’s movies do so it kinds messed up their message.

As much as I loved this movie here a a few things I can say i small problems with, while making fun of superhero movies and trying to be different they do that weak ass last fight On a super High location the fight was good just the setting bored me it is constantly being used in just about all action films,  Ed Skrein Who plays the Main Villain Ajax is a Handsome dude a good actor Wonderful battle scene but plays the most Boring ass Abysmal bad guy since Dominic Greene – Quantum Of Solac , Dr, Doom Fantastic four, Blackheart – Ghost Rider just to name a few, Maybe if they had Ajax doing more menacing things like showing him do his horrible Experimenting more other subjects & enjoying himself would have Elevated his character to have some development the Same goes for Angel dust who I can say did more than Ajax but she too needed to be flushed out better since the movie didn’t do that it makes me think that he’s a disposable character., Colossus who’s like 8 feet in his metal form gets in a can and never thinks about going in to his human form so that the car can movie this is some thing that didn’t make sense to me, Colossus looks better in Deadpool than any other and he has is Russian Accent, Deadpool Friend Weasle nothing special about him but you can tell he cares about wade which was good, One last small thing i need to say is that this movie was so entertaining and funny i missed out on a few jokes so even though I saw it on Monday I had to see it again on Friday in order to catch what I miss and I never pay to see a movie i have already seen this was worth it.

As much as I love the Movie theirs a few things that I would have loved to seen Deadpool is Psychotic so i thought it be cool for Deadpool to break the fourth wall by maybe taking the camera and doing a few editing like show the camera crew or have deadpool call in a stunt devil and have them die on the spot so he has to step back in, or even start to developed deadpools other voice in his dead but hopefully they will do it in the 2nd movie. Deadpool missed a very good time to break that fourth wall when the Cameo king shows up missed a opportunity to had deadpool say hey stand when are we gonna make deadpool on ice or something stupid like that.

I love how they Broke in to parts Deadpools origin past with what he was doing in the present time a lot of people don’t like things like the but it was well done it looks like Tim Miller who is the Director of the movie has Been watching one of my Favorite series from Japan Kamen Rider Kiva every episode is broken down in to the present time and 18 years in the pass  im happy to see how well the Love story with Wade and his girl friend Vanessa plus all the Deadpool things was combines to work well off each other to the point where you can feel like you’re going through this yourself on an emotional level to feel the hardships and joy that the characters had to go through, that is how most movies should be made,

My Favorite line form the movie is Colossus says “I’m taking you to see the Professor” deadpool’s reply “Are we going to see Stewart or  Mcavoy”



5 thoughts on “DeadPool”

    1. I loved it too, the Complaints I had were small except for Colossus I refuse to believe someone can be that stupid not to think to turn off their mutant power and be normal size to fit in the damn car,

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