Most Overly used word Pedophile.


Their is a lot of confusion & misconceptions and lies and mis leading information about Pedophiles they topic  is a huge twist & turns of a Massive Labyrinthine I will try my best to cover all sides, due to cultural differences laziness Hebephilia, Ephebophilia are not even mentioned which are other types of pedophilia which the laws  don’t really address need to be change not to protect the perverts but to help those with mental disorders and to help the teen . All though out History their has been story old adult men marrying girls as young as 13 year old or older women a marrying young 13 year old boys engaging in sex not to mention some cultures use this for religious or celebration events. Especially during the Medieval era so it is baffling to hear people say “Why are people having sex with kids now?” as if this was something new which is not it is a part of history and as soon as people know this it can and will help solve so many questions and problems, PedoPhilia comes from two ancient geek words Pais which means Child and Phillia which means Love which later turned in to something called Pederasty which was practice by Greeks & Romain and a few other cultures around the world at that time which is a erotic relationship with an Adolescent Boy and an Adult male, or adult female and Adolescent Girl Pederasty was practiced and recolonized as something normal in many accent cultures even a lot of places today, Many Religions have sexual experience with adolescents Teens and pre-teens which makes them Hebephiles it is shocking that a lot of people in North America are disgusted and hate the idea of any one 0 to 17 years old being sexualized of even being in a sexual relationship so I ask you why is it OK for the fashion & Model Industries, toy companies, Disney and even Halloween costumes show young girls in short tight clothing putting them in inappropriate poses for profit over it isn’t it form of Pornography and Exploitation??? yep Welcome to western society with their Hypocrisy 

I want to talk about the most wrongly & overly used word in our society PEDOPHILE people have a hatred of this word and of the people who do not fit in this category however many people have been labeled a pedophile and arrested and thrown in jail but it is the wrong labeled and things should be changed i will also provided a few stories that people need to look in to and think twice before acting for anything things Normally I will stay away & leave these subjects alone it has been very hard for me to write about this due to a few things that has happened to me when I was younger I do not plan on diving deep in to those, but i will talk about it a little bit to prove my points.  However when i see and read a lot of crazy things so i have to write about it and scout out what people think about this whole subject and things that are going on,
Meaning of the words,                                                                            Theirs seem to be a tons of people who are called Pedophiles for having a relationships with people younger than he or she is I just want to be able to let people know that they are using the wrong labeled and this is something that needs to be addressed and changed this is like calling a military barber who only gives buzz-cuts a hair Stylus.
Infintophile– is an attraction to Babies or infants from ages 0-3 years old yes i know its very disturbing and nasty to think about this we do not really hear about them cuz its a very minimum people who are in this categories or some are not recognized,from my research very few act on their erges to the infant . these are the ones who needs the most help, 
Pedophilia is attraction to Children who have not reached puberty 4-10 years old. some who have been used for sex themselves or went through trauma and some who have mental disorder will some times grow up to be Predators. many people find wrong I find this wrong as well due to the fact that 4 to 10 year old don’t really know or understand whats going on now now anyone who engage in sexually acts or age kids these ages should be put in jail but more importantly therapy and some kind of rehab that will help them not do it again. and for you real pedophiles out their think before you act not only are you going to jail and would get killed but you are damaging a child who can grow up to be a serial killer or a bigger Rapist, Psychopath and for someone of you who do this Disgusting act after you get what you want do you really need to kill the victim? these are so many young people who could have change the world for the better

Hebephilia is attraction to Pre-teens & Teens who are in the midst of puberty ages 11-14 It can be a mental illness depending on circumstances and some people think these ages are ok to interact with sexual due to that fact that most teens and preteens are having sexual experience at this age to begin with yeah people I know you do not want to hear but if you page a little attention to what these 11 to 16 years old talk about you be shocked and amazed for those of you who work this young people around these ages im sure you know what they go though due to them speaking about these things openly, most people think that Young pre teens and teens are innocent & do not know what they want but at these age they will 95% of the time find away to do what ever they want with whom ever they want. Think about they things you did at that age that you were not suppose to?  
Ephebophilia is attraction to late-puberty 15-19 year teens but we all have to open hour eyes most teens this age have already been in numerous sexual encounters it is what most of these teens are looking for age these age? and in today’s times its kind hard to tell an age difference in teens now we have teens who are more full figures than most adults so things are already confusing. and not to mention everyone online, on t.v and in magazines its about looking sexy its a shame, their are now a lot of debates to lower the age of consent to 16 years old some people are trying to get it lowed to 14 but i think that’s too young, I’m all for keeping the age of consent 18 years old but if they do lower it I do’nt think it should go below 16 year old, I have no idea weather or not this debate is still going on not but its a topic people should look in to and let me know what is going on,why 16 many studies say that s when girls are sensual mature i have no idea how true this is or not but research shows girls and boys as young as 11 have been thinking about sex or looking it up online or on their phones, 
Now that I have Explained the Words meaning and age ranges I hope that someone you people will think twice when reading or hearing about some kind of underage sexual story I also want to told about a few things the Word Victim has been used on a few teenagers who where said to having sex with an older person and Pedophile on the adult
True Stories..
I am going to talk about 4 stories that has been out in the media that wrongfully used the wrong Pedophile and Victim labels on people having sex with underage even though they are consenting and how a lot of these cases or stories or crimes what ever you want to call it need to be re evaluated and structured and some even changed to fit what really happened.
Jared Folgol – The subway guy he has been recently found with child pornography and found that he has had sex with underage children so that’s what they say looking in to the case Jared has admitted to having sex with 14 to 17 year old which does not make him a Pedophile it make him a Hebephilia or Ephebophilia and here’s an other thing these teenagers have been called victims but can they truly be a victim when these girls knowingly meet up with him and has taking money for sex ?at the point it doesn’t seem like a victim it seem more of Prostitute situation. what do you think about this????? I was also told where Jared lives the age of consent is 16. these are subjects and topics people read over or ignore or don’t even pay attention to, I do hope Jared gets help.
Zach Anderson- This story pisses me off cuz Zach is completely innocent in this situation so that fact that he is going to be labeled as a Pedophile & sex Offender for 25 years if fucking stupid and the girl is the one that needs to be in trouble not him. 19 year old Zach has been using Tinder an adult dating app he been messaging a girl who has told him she was 17 year old 2 years difference not a bug deal however it turned out the the girl was 14 years old and Zach was arrested and charge with rape then was forced to register as a sex offender and label a pedophile for 25 years this little bitch has ruin this poor guys life and nothing has happened to her, my Question is what the Fuck is this 14 yer old doing on Tinder that is for Adults.???? Even with the truth No body cared enough to put the girl on trail for lying can parts of me think she been setting him up, 
Natalie Fraxesda – a teacher who’s been having a sexual relationship with one of her students who is 18 years old and a guy at 18 who isn’t looking for sex show me so i can give him a metal the thing is that I’m not sure if she was charged but i do know that people started to call her a Pedophile and a sex Offender, but at the same time her student is an adult so this label should not be here for here and in all of this the teenage boy didn’t complain at all plus he got passing grades.
R-Kelly– A very famous musician was filmed with him having sex and peeing on a 15 year old girl this case did go to trail and Kelly got off how every i do not know whole story but everyone called him a pedophile when they should be calling him a Ephebophilia and giving him lesser charges and at 15 years old she is old enough to know if she wants to be peed on or not all she had to do is move out of the way,  
I also want to address that women who do this stuff are treated differently from men and they often get less time in prison and when they come up with a story on how they were rapped when they were a girl the court system and people will go easy on them but when i man does the same thing they are almost killed, No one really understands What Pedophiles are and they differences in order to properly deal with the situation that that needs to change a lot? now lets move on to an other topic. 
Child Porn and Sex Rings – which also has a bad and negative outrage by western society and some from u.k most people think that only Pedophiles make and sell and share Child pornography which is makes 3 to 6 Billion Dollars a year, or running sex rings but a lot of materiel found online has been discovered to be posted by 13 to 17 year old themselves sending pics to bf or gf  These teens do not know or do not care that once you post something online or privately send or post  something online its their forever and for everyone to see, a lot of these teenagers have been arrested charge and also put on the sex offenders list and labeled a pedophile due to them sending nude pics of themselves to other people studies how that their are 38% of Sex Offenders are Underage Pre teens & teens  themselves due to these consequences some have killed themselves and some are imprison and others who are on parole cant even life a normal life this isn’t fair or right, i know arresting and charging these dumbass teens is stupid especially when when they are unknowingly breaking the law This is also the reason why the numbers of sex offenders is Extremely high so Why cant we change some of these laws about sexting and sending nude pics of your self well the government is afraid that Pedos, Habos, & Ehbos to abuse the new laws and system but it’s ok for 85% of Immigrants and Lazy people to abuse the welfare system???, Stupidity at is best..

Theirs also might be Documents that shows a lot of Top level people sell and distribute child porn videos and pics and Hosting sex rings parties super high & powerful Elite such as Celebrities, mayors, senators, Governors Doctors, police, officers, spiritual leaders like the pop and his clergy it is also said that many FBI, CIA , Secret Service and other organizations  Like Hollywood are owners and distributors of these materials and websites why so they can have black market funding for whatever it is they are doing , how much of this is true I have no idea I am only sharing this part of the information I found online, Do you know why They would host sex rings and child porn web sites for the money power control???? but I do have a theory about why they do this it is something I used MUTUALLY ENSURED DESTRUCTION OR BLACKMAIL If one Governor shouts out a C.I.A Agent then the Agent as the power to take the Governor down with him that is something i can respect I have used it many times it helps keep each other inline just wish they used something else,

My main points in to all of this was to get people to talk about these things most ignore or do not want to talk about but it will never solve anything if its left on the shelf we need more studies on these things and from adults and teens to full understand and come to a solution I was a video on YouTube of a little girl lost in a mall and she was asking for help 200 hundred men ignored her and kept walking 4 women stopped when people asked the men why didn’t they help the little girl they all said that they were afraid of her and that people might called them a pedophile or a child molester, but that isn’t the only place where men fear girls teens or younger some men wont even hug their own kids, or wont sit next to them on the train or bus, not only that but Society has Isolated men Like when I went to review zootopia i had 3 women ask me why i was watching a movie for kids and i told them its my job, then it turned in to a thing where they called the manager on me and i had to show him my I.D for press and my site, and plus I also prefer animated movies their so much bull shit in real life i like to get out of it, Society has already posted a labeled on all men as pedophiles and Molested so this bull shit needs to change quickly and be addressed weather people want it to or not, its been past time. 

I had a hard time writing this i needed many view points and have so many more questions i also wanted to talk about two experiences I had as a teenager Only one Person knows about this she is my best friend and i love her a lot she may not also be their when i want her but is also their when i need her, I never got along with my family or in church or in school was a very angry teenager one time i had enough of the bullshit my family was doing to me so I left and i never let anyone know I while working at an after school program from 3 to 10 a lot of times i would not bother going home i was also on the street hungry cold smelly for a while i needed extra money so I started to meet up with the kids Moms or older sisters i use to work and would sell myself to them i was started at 14 and stopped at 17 years old most might said those people took advantage of me but I know what i was doing i need money, clothes food a shower and i got what i need and so dd the moms and sisters, it was just an other job to me, should I or they been Charged with any crimes since i was doing it on my free will,   
Now the other Experience really Pissed me off due to the fact that I am not a homosexual I have no problems with 98% of them a few of my friends or gay they are pretty fun people this happened at church was also prone to fighting and speaking out against most of the people in my former church especially  when i didn’t like someone or something they did or said buy this guy he was a large Frankenstein looking man I do not remember his name one time block me from leaving the room and started to talk to me about how he’s been watching me and doesn’t like my attitude and that he was going to teach me to behave and obey i was 16 years old at the time then he put his hands in my pants calmly i told him i will break every bone in his body if he doesn’t stop he laughed at me and told me if i didn’t like it why am i so calm instead of answering his question I was too busy pulling out my best friend at the time a thunder bolt knife and I stabbed him three times and pushed him off him then i began to hit him with the chair but then i felt people holding me back but instead of telling cuz somehow i was going to be blamed for it I just left some times i just want to burn that place down but i cant it will fuck up all the hopes and goals and dreams i have, but I can say I did enjoy it Cutting him up i mean, 
These situation are crazy and i have no idea why i am sharing this its maybe cuz i can stay hidden for a while, i also think what i am share can help you people decide on what to do or how to speak about this subject and hopefully get people to review these situations a  lot more better so that we can find away to help  these people to not act on abusing anyone under 16 years old, I have some Questions for you guys. 
If you see a 15  year  old with a 23 year old what would you do? Can people who are differ in age by 10 to 17 years truly be in love?                            When you where 13 have you dating or had sex with someone 17 and older? Would you talk to your 8 to 11 year old sex and these subject?  Most importantly what would you do to get a better & clearer understanding on this whole subject?  Do you think any type of Philes is a mental disorder? Do you think letting them of materials to their liking in comic for animated video form would help keep them  from commuting these acts?



3 thoughts on “Most Overly used word Pedophile.”

    1. Thank you very much for the comment i will read your link, when i was 14 years old i was homeless and at 16 years old in order eat or buy things i world have sex with older people some people would have had a problem with it buy i knew what i was doing and some times in life we have to do things we do not like nor wan to do in order to survive,

    2. Thank you for the comment and link to your blog I will read this over the weekend, Iam now following you so I can read more things in the future, I run my own business so i do not always have time to be consistant in doing this, but i have like 60 things to read so far, and their are a few things I wrote out of angry so please forgive some of the cursing . But I rather writing in anger than be violent,

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