Hardcore Henry Review


Before I get to the Movie review I want to let you all know that Hardcore henry first started out as an Indi gogo and a Music video that came out back in 2013 it was Directed by one of the band members from Biting Elbows I’m going to post a video link for the Music video Enjoy.


“Don’t worry people I check the Dog wasn’t really hurt at all” 

Hardcore I don;t give a fuck Henry.. WOOW, it’s crazy it’s like they took a 16-year-old teenager who has martial arts training and put him through some MK Ultra brainwashing then gave him Speed , Cocaine & Molly and set him lose on a relentless Bloody & Savage rampage to go his Wife back those of us who truly been in love would have done the same thing. what is very interesting about Hardcore Henry is that the movie is done in first person like a video game with the use of a Go-Pro camera how many much you want ot bet that sale has gone up for Gopro lol.?
About the Movie I feel like this is done mostly for young teens who just want to see all action who doesn’t care about a story if you’re looking for a story they through that right out of the window and only used like 3 pages of a script, Hardcore henry is a stupid but a well made Gimmick and the movie knows it, however since the movie is fast paste it doesn’t really give you a chance to think how stupid it is cuz your already in the next scene yelling “OH shit Did he just do that?” Henry goes through this Insane action game type of thing like batman or Assassins creed in order to fight this Albino Ashey skinned Euro trash dead hair looking X-men Mutant who is who is deranged himself his main Purpose his to be able to take over the U,K and the U.s there is no real mentions on how other than he needs henry for it, other than that Everything and everyone is just their Girls their to look Sex and show Tits, men are there to be killed Buildings, Cars & windows are there to be destroyed with so much destruction going on at one point I thought I was watching transformers or the Hulk Everything was so placed together like Tetris blocks,
The only thing that gives us a bit of a story is a character named Jimmy Who seems to have 99 1ups in this movie and is always responding in strange locations and always looking different he is their to help henry and even though henry is the main focus of the movie Jimmy made the movie for me with his funny antics and English Accent every time Jimmy spoke I keep picture Jason Statum in this movie , the movie keeps you think how the hell he keeps coming back he is the only person in the movie who is flushed out and has any character development to him,
There are some tricks to the action scenes in the movie but it was mostly filmed with a GoPro camera so I have to give it some props for being something new and innovated I asked a dude about he told me that the first person mode should stay in video games, and a girl told me he felt like she should have brought her Xbox one controller, this movie will make you ask 500 questions and by the end only answer 450 of them and i did have 3 major problems 1 was the passing it was so fast and so extreme you never had time to get over it in order to prepare for the next part, 2 I HATE THE SHAKY CAM I am a person who gets motion sickness so I feel when henry was fighting I was about to lose my lunch and it made me dizzy which can take a person out from having fun watching the movie, They Never Explain why the main bad guy can do what he does? I was happy to see a different Scenery cuz it’s filmed in Russia most movies are film either New york, L.A or midwest, the best line was                           “You’re half cyborg Half Pussy”
Now Normally I would give something like this a Matinee but you should check it out as a full prices just because it is a new type of filming and cuz the last fight had combo kills I was expecting to break my high score , lol this movie needs to be watch twice cuz with all the fast paste things you will miss stuff, for those of you who saw this movie? How Kick ass would it be in 3D or in Oculus Rift?


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