Batman v Superman a movie that Every body and mom have been excited since it’s the announcement how did it do at the Box office and with fans and critics. I can’t tell you that it has made its money and that the movie was not favorable with most critics that I know and hard-core movie and comic book fans even around the net some people have even gone to use the title Batman the Superman Hollywood’s most fascinating failures which I think is a little bit harsh, I have many problems with the movie I enjoyed 30% of the movie I hated the other 30% and a good 40% of the movie was  unnecessary it did not to be in there at all, I was able to find both bad and good things that I like about the movie a lot of other people are one-sided about this movie and I think due to the fact that we are so use to what marvel does everybody was expecting the same time to set up and another factor is also sold us on something that we really didn’t I wanted to love this movie after seeing the shit five times I still feel the same way as in Fuck you why  are you putting me through this.  watching this movie made me feel violated by DC & WB it was like they promised me a good date and instead of taking me out to dinner and going to get to know them they took off their pants and started Jerking off and cumming all over the place yep a violation of comic book nerds soul,

With so much to talk about i am having a hard time where to begin  this Film  trying to be so  many different movies at one time, Man of Steel 2, Batman ,Superman, Wonder Women Trinity, A New Batman Series, Injustice, Justice league, Death of Superman, and partly a Batman v Superman all rolled into one confusing what the fuck travesty as much as i hear most people saying how much they didn’t like the movie i haven’t heard of anyone making suggestions on how to untangle this mess and hopefully fix all of a lot of the things going on, I am hoping that the next few films will be done a lot better and with some more thought The movie seems super random when you tell a Good story you’re suppose to think part C – Girl is Rushed to the hospital cuz in part A she was a party Drinking and part B she Drinking and Driving but instead we get a bunch of random sene it was more like the movie was Bipolar and the cuts that don’t really connect with each other for those of us who have studied film or make them something like that can take us out of the movie,

Batman- Ben Affleck these hard-core comic book nerds owe you an apology it was judging before the movie even came out play one of the moles kick ass Batman’s ever created we have some of the fights that we wanted to see in other them in movies that we never got even got a more brutal more vicious Batman who was tired of sending bad guys to jail for them to come out keep doing the same ship they got arrested for in the first place time like a group a minority Hispanics lol , joking people don’t be offended, there’s going to be a ton of angry comic book nerds bitching and complaining how Batman  doesn’t kill or use guns when in fact in the Golden age of comics Batman used guns and has killed people even though he prefers not to I also think this batman is a Hypocrite he’s mad at superman for killing at lot of people however he is killing left and right I understand why I hope you all understand as well,   this is one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne so far so I am happy about it, I love how this is a more well-balanced character than any incarnation of the character and the fact that he’s older and hard-core like in the Frank millers Dark Knight returns  I loved how the movie shows his gadgets work and  how it’s made, and the Bat that Batman was killing people I like that and I can see how many years of being batman could take a toll on a person, This batman was fun and it makes me hype for his solo film as long as it’s not an origin movie,

Superman – I like how Alienated superman was due to the fact that some people hated him and didn’t trust him at all, and I also like that fact that the  movie shows even though this god-like man is here to help he can’t be everywhere at the same time wich brings a little debt to the character but man  henry Cavill  I forgot about him when he wasn’t on Be Honest people he didn’t bring a presence & personality to superman and he wasn’t charismatic I fond him boring and expressionless the only thing he has going for him is that he’s a Handsome Robot i mean man and I didn’t even see No Chemistry with Clark/Superman or Lois Lane it reminded me of the boring ass relationship of Cyclops and jean Grey in the sucky ass X-men movie, I did like when Clark was talking shit to bruce it was kind funny in a smart dude way, now its kinda hard for me to keep saying things about super man when he wasn’t really in the movie much and i would have loved to see him smile or say something inspirational like he is in other  platforms  he was more Emo and Depressed last time I checked I thought that was the reason for having Batman in the first place. When superman died i didn’t feel bad at all cuz the movie didn’t take time to make any history of people loving him or really accepting him yes he had a statue in the park but there was still more people in the movie that didn’t trust and fear him more than loved him and i feel takes away the emotion when he dies unless your a hardcore super fan no matter what you will love him so you will feel for him for those of you who had that feeling I’m jealous and its a sad shame they didn’t give us the superman that has his mentality that I’m going to do this cuz it’s the right thing to do, another thing I didn’t like was superman wasn’t in the movie very much,

Lex Luthor–  Jessie Isenberg – Lex Luthor, or Alexander Luthor Jr. I am on the defense of lex now we have to look at this from both said Jessie, Since there is no animated Verison of Alexander there is no way to tell his personality I had soo much fun watching you made me LMAO and you made the movie for me it was like you took a Meth & coke Addict who was extremely twitching & I love the Grandma’s peach tea joke and did you have to kill mercy she was hot? I am very happy with your acting especial since some of us do not know much Lex Jr. However you if you playing the regular Lex Luthor Brotha I was defending you before the movie came out so I’m kind sad that instead of Lex you were more like a Joker 2.0 or Riddler you were much more Menacing and scary Calculating on the Social network I missed the is Soficatatided, Intelligent, Diabolical, Greedy, vain & Over confident Lex Luthor if the movie explain the Jessie was Regular flex him going crazy was strange but had the explain lex has been exposed to the radiation of kryptonite i would have Except that, theirs still plot holes with Lex story there is no real reason why he wanted to kill both batman and superman and he kind had no real motivation for doing what he did,

Luis Lane- I love the way she started off strong but later she became the useless damsel in distress again but if it wasn’t  for her Batman Could have Impaled superman I have nothing else to say about her except that she was more like a background item and her relationship was boring but it shows how much Luis and Clark cared for each other,

The Fight – The good thing I can say about Zack Snyder is that he knows how to frame action and fight scene so well i thought i was seeing a living comic book as disappointingly short the Fight with batman v.s super man was it so kicked ass and pretty much what most people who follow these two heroes would imagine this fight to be now was great the fight was a lot of people where upset that it was way too short on youtube and movie blogs were saying that should have been 20 minutes long, A great thing that could have been done is Batman Interagating a badguy for infomation after beating up so many and super man show up and grabs batman and “We need to talk now” then we have batman Toss super man aross the room and super man tackles him saying “I heard you were crazy Not Stupid” then Batman through a gas bomb and disapears it could have been done to  pay respect to the animeted cartoon then later one we get the scene were super man destroys batmobile. that i think would have set up a bit man agression in the fight, I loved watching how batman set up and how superman handle the suprises and traps Al thoguh I really hated that it took most of the movie to get to this part.,  Now lets talk about Brolly I mean Doomsday or was it an orc from lords of the rings? in a few shots that is watch doomsday looked like ,in the Comics and Cartoon he is maybe a foot or 2 taller than superman in this movie he is a skyscaper during this fight im thinking the trinity was Fighting Godzilla {For those of you who do noy speak nerd it’s what they called Batman, Wonder Women and Superman when they team up} some of the CG on Doomsday looked bad and out of place like a dumb ass who tries to photoshop himself with a girl and fucks up why the hell did Dooms day have energy wave as if he was  a dragon ball characters, Now lets talk about Wonder women  when she showed up to help fight half the people stood up to give her a standing ovation and im like why what the hell is wrong with you people some dudes yelled out “Sit your punk assess down she aint doing shit” which made some of us laugh, she kinda feels forced but that is only cuz we really do not know much about her cuz she hasn’t had her movies come out yet, but i do like Gal as wonder women and I love her accent I didn’t like her dark her suit looked ,

Bullshit – lets talk about the the time consumeing Unnessarsary Dreams sequences and the force Cameos while I enjoyed the flash and Cyborg it felt super forced  and that the movie is trying to rsuh in to justice leage with out any real set up this leads into a lot of huge plot holes and more bad story telling the other thing I call b.s on is the movie was way to long a lot of the dream and cameo stuff could and should have been left for the other movies they fucked up on this part, The Batman v.s Superman fight isn’t long enough to justify sitting there for 2 and a half hours if you want a better story just watch the Dark Kight Returns Animeted movie much better story telling. Before the movie came out a lot of people and website gave this movie a 99% rating once this movie came out went down tremendously. the reason why this film made soo much money is cuz people seen paid to see this 6 times, Man it is sill so shameful that Dc wanted to make that marvel money without doing the marvel work, set up and  cross over and without telling a good story.

Now a lot of fan boys/girls and people who do not know about movies will have a problem with what I said, i am willing to speak with you about it so long as your civil and calm and theirs a dvd/blue ray versions hat is 3 hours long maybe that version has a few things that might help me like the movie better if your going to see this movie go as a matinee save some money. or 3& 1/2 Batman/superman shield. Now I  know a lot of you are pissed but i think this movie could have been way better I am open to debate and hearing what you have to say as long as you are  civil,  


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