FIXING Batman V Superman

batman_superman_logo_by_kylexy93I had to write this in order to try and make sense of Batman v. Superman it was trying to be many movies at one time which really made unlikable for most people WB,Zack & Dc FUUUUUUCK you for making sit through this, I am still writing my review and I’m going to see the movie a 4th time maybe i might see something that makes me like it better,

There are so many movies this is trying to be, Man of Steel 2, Batman ,Superman, Wonder Women Trinity, A New Batman Series, Injustice, Justice league, Death of Superman, and partly a Batman v Superman all rolled in to one confusing what the fuck travesty as much as i hear most people saying how much they didn’t like the movie i haven’t heard of anyone making suggestions on how to untangle this mess and hopefully fix all of a lot of the things going on,

These are some things I was thinking that DC should consider for future movie projects firs thin they should have dione what marvel has done  build things up, but they rushed all over the place and wasted all their ideas in one movie,

Justice League. These are the list of Leaguers I want to see in the 3rd & 4th movie where they need to fight Darkseid and his army other than Trigon there is no one else who is that powerful, Batman, Superman, Wonder women, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Aquaman, Black Canary, Vixen & Shazam a lot of you are saying that’s a lot but it’s be kick ass to introduce them in other movies for the Major battle with Darkseid . As you can see i picked top mid and lower their characters in order to balance things out, and pay some attention to some of these characters . to fight someone as powerful as Darkseid your going to need an Army, 

Doom Patrol Movie idea – we all know that there are characters like Cyborg , the Green arrow the Zatana and Vixen that will never get their own movie however this could be a good way for both DC and Warner Bros. to push certain low-level characters to the public attention. So let’s start all with a new variation of this doom patrol which it is one of the few team that DC comics had been never really use for this example I’m going to use Martian Man Hunter, Green arrow Cyborg and flash, let us take these four characters and have different event that takes place in the movie that will eventually lead to them crossing over with each other and teaming up to Fight a group of villains Gorilla Grodd, Death Stroke, Hyperclan {White AMrtian) and Alfa that have been stealing technology from Star labs, Lex corp, Wayne industries a black market Kryptonian  technology’s to either destroy governments, or take over parts of the world, or any other typical guy activities that they want to do, now in order to do this crossing over correctly  both Warn Bros and DC comics  will need to take a look at one of Japan’s most famous Series Kamen Riders Since 1971 the superhero has been a staple in Japanese pop culture with every year a new Rider coming along and every few years doing a crossover movie  for all of you who read thisI have posted the link  Hopefully it will show you what i am talking about, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, – See more at: KamenRider OOO X KamenRider W-Featuring-Skull-Movie-War core if you watch the movie you will get a movie as an Example, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, – See more at: KamenRider OOO X KamenRider W-Featuring-Skull-Movie-War core if you watch the movie you will get a sense of what i am talking about that dc can do, you can even watch the series on the same site if you enjoy the movie its Japanese movie but subbed in English,

Birds of Prey Movie Idea – Vixen, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, and Zatanna my choices for the birds of prey in this movie we started off by seeing the ladies fight off some enemies, and us as the viewer find out that deep in the team two years once we find out about the kind of activities the ladies we see scene where there out for cocktails and they’re having a small conversation and flashback to how they first met almost  like in  Deadpool the way they switched between past and present was great and i am sure it can work for something like this as well. Now I think these bad guys would fit well into this movie , Shadow  Thief,  Aku Kwesi ,Morgaine La Fey, Hyathis  Bad guys from both the Animated Series and Comics books Now we can set this movie in the same time frame and universe of Doom Patrol this way instead of taking a very long time to expand the universe you can do it in about a few films so the plus for birds of prey can be that these  four  villains are you using magical item to either some a powerful demon or to grant themselves much more power. they fight and beat the bat guys and move one from this,  

Post Credits-  After Doom Patrol is over and the credits roll by you see them go after the birds of prey telling them they are reckless and they need more training words an argument breaks less and you see them charging at each other, Post Birds of  prey you see them both teams fighting each other when the Justice league comes to break it up but get no mind paid to them they break up the fight and  a speech is given by Wonder women and batman says you all been Drafted then they all teleport somewhere else., 

Justice league 1 –                                                                                               so Superman is dead if you haven’t seen movie by now what the hell are you waiting for?   Now a lot of people were upset about this and said that maybe he should have been killed later on so here’s my idea for Justice league one we have the crazy ass Lex Luther he either breaks out of jail or have the lawyer get him out , while he is free Lex starts to see computer coding while he is messing with that the mother box that was activated with cyborg has downloaded a program to the Internet which to be brainiac. Brainiac finds out that there are bits and pieces of his code inside Lex corps computers he makes a deal with Lex and you know a lot blah blah things happen to Justice league fights brainiac and they are barely able to make a dent in him brainiac then learns of Superman and Kryptonian tech on earth he then resurrects Superman to be evil and take control of some humans to be the superman soldiers that we seen from the injustice and did dream part of Batman VSuperman . Later on the league free Superman from brainiac’s control and battle brainiac and whatever insane plan Lex came out with.. This can be done to establish a whole lot of craziness that was in Batman VE Superman I’m not saying that they should use all my ideas but I think they would give the movie some structure and make some sense of something that with basically a labyrinth seven the for movies tied together.  

The reason I’m fighting for Darkside to be the last final villain is because the only other people out the Justice league by themselves has to be Trigon, brainiac, or some kind of God. So if they take time to structure everything it can give DC and Warner Bros. at least eight years a good material and money to be made I feel like they rushed this way too fast order to catch up with marvel has there would’ve been patient and taken the time marvel would’ve been active phase 4, 

these are some of my thoughts on how they can try to fix a few things to we can get a more fleshed out story, so anyway people what you think DC and Warner Bros. should do and what would you like to see in the Justice league movies whether it be characters villains fights?  


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