Why we Don’t Need College Degrees?


I want to start off by saying I am not a fan of Traditional Education High school or Collages to me they are worthless and a waste of time, I prefer mentorship education even though I never went past the 8th grade I was able to set up and run a business that takes me around the world and let’s me help others no matter what they have done through to be successful even without a degree. 

You Need a  degree if you’re planning to be a Doctor, Lawyer, dentist, Accountant, Surgeon or Psychiatrist or therapist  for most other things you really do not need it and i will why, I will dive in to subjects that most people do not event want to think or talk about however I think it is very important to talk about this stuff and a few other things as well. 

We are conditioned in fear to believe that if you do not have a college degree your worthless and can’t ever find a good high paying job and society looks down on most people without a degree I want to break most of the world out of this Illusion or in my case Bull shit and misconnections about getting a degree,   

College Degree rate had inflated 1000% in the past 40 years, that is more than Health care and welfare combined, a Collage degree  now is like graduating from Middle School sure it can open a few doors for you a few jobs but when you  factor in the other elements no one wants to talk about, let’s say 1000 Students graduate with a degree only 400 can find a job and only 60 can find a job in the field they have studied while the rest is making coffee or are working in fast food or in a desk a job they could have gotten with a high school diploma and only 8 of those people are getting paid the yearly salary that the degree says they should be paid so how is ranking up $80 to $150 Thousand  Dollars in student loans debt worth anything at all?  What are you doing to do if you fall in this category?   go to grad school and pay even more money and build up your $150 Student loan debt to $225 thousand Im not sure about you but that doesn’t work for me at all it seems more like a shitty deal to me,  

Some people say college is where you go to expand your mind and find yourself? I vomit every time I hear people say that shit cuz that hasn’t been true since 1998  I find it very hard for anyone now to go to college to expand their minds and express themselves with  Most female Professors being Radicle Feminist spreading their hate on men to these young ladies who don’t know any better and are brainwashed not to mention the Bull shit Political Correctness Culture always bitching and complaining about their safe space and people being offensive, Offense isn’t given it is taken you are offending yourself,  If you have a different viewpoint than they do your Public Enemy Number 1  not only are these student ruining that experience to be challenged and challenge others but their constant need to demand special treatment cuz they feel hurt is a pain in the ass not to mention how a lot of young men can be ruined just by someone lying about false rape, you get out of the school until they complete an investigation and even when they guy is proven Innocent is reputation is ruined he lost a lot of class time, theirs people harassing him, and worse the person who made the  false  claim doesn’t get punished and the school stay with your tuition money? so I would ask you Once again WHY would anyone want to be in large amounts of debt for all this bullshit? 

Everyone will say Go get a college degree especially the older people in your life however in their time 2 or 3 decades ago things wasn’t as expensive as they are now and they never had alternatives such as the internet, youtube, how to guides companies that help you get your ideas to the pubic. but we have those things and we can be sure that we need to use and take advantage of those opportunities 

Debt Slavery. – With student loan Debt being 1.8 Trillion  dollars and the Dolar decreasing in value 3% very year what we students to do in order to pay off their loans? they truth is most people will never pay it off this system was designed to keep people in debt slavery so the government can always get money from you anytime they need it and if you marry someone all your debt triples cuz you inherit each others debt while you’re busy trying to get a job to pay your freedom with taxes and interest your debt grows so you’re never free of slavery.  These Extreme amounts of debt are killing future Potential Artist, Business and Entrepreneurs  that can help change our future and our economy don’t fall for this trap.    

Worthless Degree.- I already mentioned that a lot of people with degrees can’t find a job in their field but did you know that more than half of the Unemployed have a college degree that is just collecting dust on the wall just so you can show society that you confirmed and your just ask broke and worthless as their degrees for most people they were pressured in to this a lot of people told me they wanted to do other things but felt like they needed a degree to keep up and be someone I am still shocked at the lies that people say that college and the real world work force is connected there is no real one college doesn’t really prepare you for it,     

BLACK THORN CIRCLE / SHADOW AGENDA- I am a person who lives in the shadows I see and hear more than most the reason why student loan debt is high is so that  the government can keep feeding off those who can bearly survive, and other thing on why our Dumb ass President is enforcing this go to college or Grad school is so that future Politician can gain voters,  A lot of Radicle Feminist Professor & Political Correctness Assholes in the colleges Inciting hatred to the young men so that they can drop out without so that the female population can get all the high paying jobs and eventually be a political party. not to mention all meets on how to squeeze or money out of students but raising tuition and having textbooks that cost  500 and up, there is a lot more horrible things i can’t talk about without getting in trouble but these are all connected so be careful, The Government has a lot of red tape and crazy rules about borrowing money for loasn and giving them to  students with out asking who can pay them back it’s only a matter of time for us Tax payers will have to pay for it   

Alternative.– There’s a lot of other ways to get a good education without having to pay a lot of money I will be writing another Article about High/Good paying jobs without a college degree. Start a business and do not be afraid to fail that is how you learn so that you can do better next time around, Travel yes it is a lot of money, when you look at the cost it is Less money than a College degree you can make your travels cheaper by joining a charity or Missionary.  These are my selection for Alternative Education I’m not against getting an Education I am against paying for the wrong type of education Corsair.com Coat Academy.com Khan Academy.com,  Trade schools, CourseHorse.com and makeschool.com using any of these you will be 3 to 5 years ahead of everyone else and with very little or no debt how Kick ass is that? can you imagine if more people did this how much lower the student loans debt would be can you imagine in like 10 generations from now no Student loan debt??  

Changes/HalfRefund/debtReduction- I believe that college can be good if it made a lot of changes by firing and getting rid of the Financial aid Consolers the Admissions counselors, useless Management and the compliance consoles by doing that they can lower Tuition, Dorms Books for more people to be able to go to college I would also update the learning process to more things that students will need in the real life and more Online and off line learning and I think a good thing to add will be a 3 months assessment demonstration and the first 3 months students should have a class to see if the degree they want is useful in the real world and if there is a demand this way it will show the students what they doing is right or wrong, Now if a student gets a degree and doesn’t get a job with in a years or 2 in their field then the college that Guarantee them a degree and a great job should refund them at least half of what they paid and also reduce half of their student loan Debt if not then go to your locate mayor senators or president and demand these changes and refunds it is past time that the Colleges become accountable, there is a women named Anya Kamenetz she wrote something called the $10,000 dollar degree it is a very good read 

Question- I want to Give you all a Financial I.Q  test please leave a comment or message me your answer and we can talk about things later, Would you rather pay $250,000 Dollars for a degree that you can bearly use at all and not have the job you won’t or just be Just over broke or not have a job at all or Would you Rather take $2500 Dollars for 2 years of business training that will teach you how to manage your Finances, Training in making money off a 5.5 trillion dollar 5 days a week market with your cell phone you can earn while you train, Helping you how to Master your business expand your mind and most importantly show you as a business owner how to take advantage of 400 different tax  Deductions.  which one would you choose and why? I’m serious I could use more business partners so let me train you it will cost less then $800 Dollars,    

What to Do- If you have money saved up then buy gold and Silver Invest in yourself by starting your own business or message me and i will teach you what I do, learn how to trade in the market or open your own online website or services that dotn rape people pockets, 

For those of you thinking im full of shit then look on the internet and ask people older than you who went to college or went to trades so you can see the difference and with all the Alternative education out there why would you  out yourself in debt slavery? Please take a loot at this Documentary and look up the info i gave you then you decide if a college degree is still good for you or not. 



7 thoughts on “Why we Don’t Need College Degrees?”

  1. Hi ! I was trying to figure out what your email is but then i remembered that i can still comment on your blog without logging in. My phone has a factory defect and I been without it for 3w. I also read your college post and you’re right. I want to tell you more of what I think but this is getting too long. Please email me back if my address is shown to you.

    1. thank u. I made it so people i know would stop bothering me for not having one and even though i own my own business and are doing way better than they are they still hassile me about not having a degree

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