Don’t Buy PS4 Slim

s-l300A lot of people I know and then I freelance for Austin say that I’m too harsh when I’m giving a movie, Game or product review and they often saw me to hold back a alot which makes me very angry because a lot of the pieces telling me this have more money than I do they can afford to waste your money on stupid shit I have always given an honest and thoughtful review on products or services so I’m going to tie you why you should not buy the PlayStation 4 slim. I love PlayStation I grew up on it and I have played sold many RPG games as a help me create my own stories and characters and books so I’m pretty much thankful to Sony on that part, but I cannot in good conscience let anyone bend their hard-earned money on what is much the same crap as the original.

PlayStation 4 silm is quieter than the big brother when you are clean disk-based games or watching a Blu-ray movie. It is smaller and has rounded edges that blends in with the console to make it look more like a Blu-ray player or small cable box has a physical power and eject button and the USB drives has been moved further away from each other, did you dual shock for control how is a little like strip on the touchpad that is the same color as the light on the bottom part of the control and to be honest I’m not sure how good your bad or important that partis anyway I am told that this new controller has better battery life so I guess doesn’t get the. Under the last good feature is that the Wi-Fi is a lot better on this than the original one it will support up to 5GH of wifi. The only other good thing is can say and to be honest this is me being nice the slim games with a full disk game,

Get ready to be disappointed for the Price of $300 plus tax are pretty much getting the same thing you already own with very few changes, when we think about a new model system most of us want better performing console is more hard drive space this land has the same performance and graphics power as the normal PlayStation 4 in terms of cooling it does pretty much what is predecessor does right now. A very upsetting change is the removal of the audio output from the back of the system which I know most people love so that they can use their Pro gaming headset at night time without bothering anybody, whoever dumb ass idea was it to take out is to be suspended companies from Tritan to Astro are gonna lose out on money . Another horrible thing about the slims is that they are still making 500 gig new consul most people complain is that that is not enough. to make things even worse theirs a Final fantasy ps 4Silm themed coming out with 1TB on a consul that pretty much sucks ass why spend they money, wait for the Pro.
as much as I love PlayStation they have all the RPG games I love however this system sucks it’s Fucking ripoff you are pretty much paying for everything you have now there is no real need to buy this, I suggest you all save your money for the PlayStation 4 Pro there’s a release date for fax is November 11, 2016 soul holdout for that date or for Black Friday if the Pro isn’t $40 cheaper I’m pretty sure you’ll get a free game or an extra controller for buying it. Sony you people can do way better than this shame on you for trying to push this crap on us,


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