X-Men Gold & Blue

x-men-blue-and-gold-header-206606For the past 15 years The X-men hasnt been treated well in movies or comics and even no more Animated love for our Children of the atom which has a  lot of fans worried and up set what will happen to them for the past 3 years marvel have really been killing off a lot of mutants for In-humans so when the rumor came out that X-men will be pissed off a lot of the fans took t the internet and even at conventions telling marvel not to kill off the X-men or they will stop buying Comics from them so a few weeks ago X-men Blue and Gold were Announce and a lot of my friends was asking me which characters I would like to see on what team it was a good Questions SO I told myself let me look up the current Roster in the books and I figure if i am going to make my teams I want to use a lot of the current X-men members  plus a few of them we know that around the world and not Currently Avengers.

I would make so that maybe 2 or 3 years after In-humans v.s X-men some new crazy stuff is happening these events are cuasing innocent to suffer or die and the  super hero teams are to busy or don’t care during these things Kitty Pryde and jean Grey both have the idea to reform the X-men how ever they unknowingly and Simultaneously Gather 20 X-men to meet in the Confusing both ladies get in to a small Argument about who’s gonna Lead the new X-men Colossus and Storm suggest a friendly sparing contest to see who will be on what team and lady can pick a Mentor and 2nd in command of the team, Kitty Picks Night-Crawler and Jean Picks Magneto 2 days alter their is an X-men v.s X-men battle royal to see what members will fit and work well with each other,

XVX Battle

  1. Young Beast V.S Forge  2.Young Angel V.S Archangel                                   3. Colossus V.S Juggernaut 4. Night-Crawer V.S Magik                                  5. Emma Frost V.S Psylocke  6. Fantomex V.s Gambit                                   7. Logan v.s Wolverine 8. Havok v.s Storm 9. Rachelle Grey V.S Magneto 10. Young Iceman V.S Iceman 11.Kitty V.s Jean. From their the teams are selected and they story can get going

 X-men Gold Team -Kitty Pryde Leader, Colossus, Night-crawler, Adlut Iceman, Young Beast, Young Angel , Emma Frost, Fantomex,  Rachelle, Logan, Havok.

X-men Blue Team –Storm , Magik, Jean Grey, Forge, Magneto, Archangel Psylocke, Iceman, Wolverine, Gambit, Juggernaut, 

Anole, Glob,  Herman , M, Sabertooth Mystique,Oya, and Genesis These characters can either go their own way or go to a all mutant safe zone and guard the helpless and as for Cyclops he can still be training and develop the Champions.

So this is my selection of the teams and how they are formed I would like to hear who you would pick i used more recent members from all 3 X books now,  Marvel i hope you guys start treating and respecting the X-men better,


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