Free Speech

I am Extremely Pissed the Fuck off and Very Disgusted with the way people are acting now Especially when it comes to free speech and people talking about things that goes against what other believe and say people are allowed to say think and feel anyway they like and you shouldn’t force your selves on the im talking about Hateful terrorist Groups such as Feminism , Social justice Losers, Political correctness, Black Lives Matter, Radical Islam, Antifa  and Main stream fake news media and social media as well, all of you are sick in the head full of shit cry babies and soft snowflakes whoa re just afraid and scared of being challenged cuz you do not have the skills or strength they only way most of you can get other to like you is to conform to everyone else and act violent GO FUCK YOURSELVES,

Free speech is how we get problems fixed Free speech is how we can understand the other side and try to come  up with a way to work together free speech is how we communicate Free Speech is how we Convey our hopes dreams feelings but you sons of bitches make things ugly the only power you have is Rioting and shutting people down censoring attacking people throwing bricks and beating them with a pipe. Policing the language who the fuck do you think you are if someone someone says something and your feelings are hurt and if your offended that’s your problem cuz offense is taking never given,  I hope more and more Free speech people raise up cuz this bull shit needs to stop it is not ur fucking job to tell me what i can say or think or feel it is not your job to tell me im a racist cuz i do not like a specific person of color or religion you do not know what they did to me, so i can feel that way the only reason you people have gotten so far is cuz you have the scumbags in government not doing their real jobs and not minded their own business and are complicating to what ever you want I ask you what the hell are you going to do when the government stops backing you up  then what they hell are you going to do ,

The entire U.s is  a free speech zone and just because you do not want your ideas or feelings hurt or challenged doesn’t mean you can go attacking others bring your own words to the field  brings your evidence and facts from other sites that is not on the same view points of your own,  use different sources.  Words are Not Violence word are not hate speech Jokes aren’t hurting you most of you just want fucking attention cuz you lack personality and likability that is something you need to work on,

Anti free Speech people We will keep saying what we have to say weather you like it or not and you will have to deal with it and fuck your safe spaces their is no safe space in the real world so you should not get one in collage learn how to deal with things like the rest of society if you keep attacking and shutting others down and policing the language and getting people fired and forcing entertainment to change their ways your going to make much more people made and they will start to battle you on all of your platforms and you will lose,

Free Speech people STOP BEING LAZY AND GET OUT THEIR THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMGE EVERY TIME THEY BITCH WHINE CRY AND COMPLAIN SPEECH UP LOUDER EVERY TIME THEY GET ONE OF YOU FIRED BUILD A CASE AT YOUR JOB AND ON THE COMPLAINERS GO TO RIOTS AND SPEAK OUT AND FIGHT BACK, MAKE MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND PODCAST be more vocal write articles  disrup them but do not shut them down and more importantly the scumbage assholes in government and corporations like twitter you tube face book start getting on their ass as well to stay away form this stuff,

Free speech is the rule of our country we need to keep it so do everything any anything u can except for killing people and shutting speackers down cuz they we are just like them and we need to keep being better than they are,


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