Real Fake News

I am really Tired and Sick of hearing Fake news this and fake news that, What is the real fake news and what is real news?  the Lame stream media will have you thinking at any alternative and Opposition media against their Indoctrination and narratives that needs to stop right now I am asking everyone to  look at things objectively lsiten people we ahve to listen to both sides of a story once we read or watch it on the news by reading both sides it will be easier to tell who is full of shit and who is telling the truth , i have compiled a list of lies from the lame stream media if you think i am lying just look it up I’m sure you can find some pretty interesting things so look up the New York  Post  and Breitebart if your looking at the Young turds also check out Paul Joseph Watson in order to make sure what side does with your personal thoughts and agendas decide for yourselves but let me drop some examples on some lies from fake stream medias,

Politifact, They had the nerve to write a piece saying Wiki-leakes are lying about Kilary Clinton Emails and they are fake and put in to her servers to make her look bad and discredit her, wikileaks has a extremely high credibility and Hilary didn’t need help being a liar and traitor she was good at doing that on her own.

MarySue, During the Election they have written a lot of stories of women coming out and saying Donald Trump has rapped them 10 20 and even 30 years ago so why wait so long for to file any of those allegations lies and fake news that’s why,

Gawker, the Biggest Lies Gawker has told was about Gamer gate that men were hateful and harass women online live gaming and the women who make video games but the story gets crazy cuz one female gamer was getting bias reviews from for her game while slandering other better good games people were pissed off at the lies from so called gaming journalist for giving a bad game good rating the only reason that person got those reviews was cuz she sucked off 5 cocks from people who work in places kotaku and other gaming sites who booster her up, for more information about that cuz its a crazy ass story that should be on a tv show or a fan made movie, look up Zoegate AKA the Quinnspiracy .

Tumblr, All men are Rapist I heard this bull shit said over and over again all men rape, My brother ,my friends myself and a lot of the people i know who are men we have never rapped any one before and no calling a girl a cunt or a bitch doesn’t mean that they were rape so they need to stop that and what the Crazy people need to know their is no one else on the planet earth call Women Bitches whores and cunts more than other women and girls so how are the men rapist but not women who do it more?

BBC, So BBC has taking 2 different Protest videos one of Tax march and the other a Riot at Berkley were they said trump supporters were being violent and attacking people however they failed to realize that a very popular and beautiful Youtiber who does real news was at both events and she even had her own camera crews video taping that the ones being Violent was not the Trump supporters,

CNN, IM not sure if you remember but during the Milwalki Riots Sylville Smith’s sister was film saying We need to stop burning our communities down then Cnn cut off the feed but many other people that recorded the real full statement she made which said “we have to stop being ignorant and stop burning down own communities take that shit to the Suburbs Burn that shit down” Why did CNN stop filming Edit out the full speech Cuz it doesn’t fit their Narratives or agenda cuz they think are stupid.
Huff Post, Huff Post had to retraced story they did about Denying white men the right to Vote the funny thing is the Writer of that Article was trolling them the entire time they should have done some research on seeing if the dude was real or not,

MSNBC, One of the First times Scumbag MSNBC has told the Truth was when trump said that the Media is the Enemey of the American people the Anchor who’s name is BRZEZINSKI: Admitted “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.” DID you see the key words “Control what people think is our Job”

NY time, Since the 1930 Ny times has been full of fake news they wrote their was a cover up story on Joseph Stalin and his Genocide the Qoute is, “Any reports on Russia’s Famine is today an Exaggeration and Militant propaganda and that their is no Starvation or Deaths from Starvation But their are Whispers of Mortality due to malnutrition”

NBC. Back in 2003 Brian Williams claimed was under extreme heavy fire from Iraq while being being flown or stationed their however some Military soldiers that was with him at the tie called him ot of his lying Bullshit so he had to publicly apologies,

Buzzfeed . They posted a fake document of President Trump being friends and having ties to Russia but in a strange story they said he hired 2 Russian hookers to pee on him on Ex president Obama’s bed so that Trump can be a puppet for Putin, that is my understanding of that story it had so many twist and turns and lies look it up

Google. Google has been fighting tooth and nails to make alternative media be classified as fake news so that their cronies and keep brain washing the American people by posting a list of all of Alt right media and saying they are fake news they have even stoop so low to push those website to their 10th and 20th pages cuz they know most people wont go that far,



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