Real Fake News

I am really Tired and Sick of hearing Fake news this and fake news that, What is the real fake news and what is real news?  the Lame stream media will have you thinking at any alternative and Opposition media against their Indoctrination and narratives that needs to stop right now I am asking everyone to  look at things objectively lsiten people we ahve to listen to both sides of a story once we read or watch it on the news by reading both sides it will be easier to tell who is full of shit and who is telling the truth , i have compiled a list of lies from the lame stream media if you think i am lying just look it up I’m sure you can find some pretty interesting things so look up the New York  Post  and Breitebart if your looking at the Young turds also check out Paul Joseph Watson in order to make sure what side does with your personal thoughts and agendas decide for yourselves but let me drop some examples on some lies from fake stream medias,

Politifact, They had the nerve to write a piece saying Wiki-leakes are lying about Kilary Clinton Emails and they are fake and put in to her servers to make her look bad and discredit her, wikileaks has a extremely high credibility and Hilary didn’t need help being a liar and traitor she was good at doing that on her own.

MarySue, During the Election they have written a lot of stories of women coming out and saying Donald Trump has rapped them 10 20 and even 30 years ago so why wait so long for to file any of those allegations lies and fake news that’s why,

Gawker, the Biggest Lies Gawker has told was about Gamer gate that men were hateful and harass women online live gaming and the women who make video games but the story gets crazy cuz one female gamer was getting bias reviews from for her game while slandering other better good games people were pissed off at the lies from so called gaming journalist for giving a bad game good rating the only reason that person got those reviews was cuz she sucked off 5 cocks from people who work in places kotaku and other gaming sites who booster her up, for more information about that cuz its a crazy ass story that should be on a tv show or a fan made movie, look up Zoegate AKA the Quinnspiracy .

Tumblr, All men are Rapist I heard this bull shit said over and over again all men rape, My brother ,my friends myself and a lot of the people i know who are men we have never rapped any one before and no calling a girl a cunt or a bitch doesn’t mean that they were rape so they need to stop that and what the Crazy people need to know their is no one else on the planet earth call Women Bitches whores and cunts more than other women and girls so how are the men rapist but not women who do it more?

BBC, So BBC has taking 2 different Protest videos one of Tax march and the other a Riot at Berkley were they said trump supporters were being violent and attacking people however they failed to realize that a very popular and beautiful Youtiber who does real news was at both events and she even had her own camera crews video taping that the ones being Violent was not the Trump supporters,

CNN, IM not sure if you remember but during the Milwalki Riots Sylville Smith’s sister was film saying We need to stop burning our communities down then Cnn cut off the feed but many other people that recorded the real full statement she made which said “we have to stop being ignorant and stop burning down own communities take that shit to the Suburbs Burn that shit down” Why did CNN stop filming Edit out the full speech Cuz it doesn’t fit their Narratives or agenda cuz they think are stupid.
Huff Post, Huff Post had to retraced story they did about Denying white men the right to Vote the funny thing is the Writer of that Article was trolling them the entire time they should have done some research on seeing if the dude was real or not,

MSNBC, One of the First times Scumbag MSNBC has told the Truth was when trump said that the Media is the Enemey of the American people the Anchor who’s name is BRZEZINSKI: Admitted “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.” DID you see the key words “Control what people think is our Job”

NY time, Since the 1930 Ny times has been full of fake news they wrote their was a cover up story on Joseph Stalin and his Genocide the Qoute is, “Any reports on Russia’s Famine is today an Exaggeration and Militant propaganda and that their is no Starvation or Deaths from Starvation But their are Whispers of Mortality due to malnutrition”

NBC. Back in 2003 Brian Williams claimed was under extreme heavy fire from Iraq while being being flown or stationed their however some Military soldiers that was with him at the tie called him ot of his lying Bullshit so he had to publicly apologies,

Buzzfeed . They posted a fake document of President Trump being friends and having ties to Russia but in a strange story they said he hired 2 Russian hookers to pee on him on Ex president Obama’s bed so that Trump can be a puppet for Putin, that is my understanding of that story it had so many twist and turns and lies look it up

Google. Google has been fighting tooth and nails to make alternative media be classified as fake news so that their cronies and keep brain washing the American people by posting a list of all of Alt right media and saying they are fake news they have even stoop so low to push those website to their 10th and 20th pages cuz they know most people wont go that far,


Free Speech

I am Extremely Pissed the Fuck off and Very Disgusted with the way people are acting now Especially when it comes to free speech and people talking about things that goes against what other believe and say people are allowed to say think and feel anyway they like and you shouldn’t force your selves on the im talking about Hateful terrorist Groups such as Feminism , Social justice Losers, Political correctness, Black Lives Matter, Radical Islam, Antifa  and Main stream fake news media and social media as well, all of you are sick in the head full of shit cry babies and soft snowflakes whoa re just afraid and scared of being challenged cuz you do not have the skills or strength they only way most of you can get other to like you is to conform to everyone else and act violent GO FUCK YOURSELVES,

Free speech is how we get problems fixed Free speech is how we can understand the other side and try to come  up with a way to work together free speech is how we communicate Free Speech is how we Convey our hopes dreams feelings but you sons of bitches make things ugly the only power you have is Rioting and shutting people down censoring attacking people throwing bricks and beating them with a pipe. Policing the language who the fuck do you think you are if someone someone says something and your feelings are hurt and if your offended that’s your problem cuz offense is taking never given,  I hope more and more Free speech people raise up cuz this bull shit needs to stop it is not ur fucking job to tell me what i can say or think or feel it is not your job to tell me im a racist cuz i do not like a specific person of color or religion you do not know what they did to me, so i can feel that way the only reason you people have gotten so far is cuz you have the scumbags in government not doing their real jobs and not minded their own business and are complicating to what ever you want I ask you what the hell are you going to do when the government stops backing you up  then what they hell are you going to do ,

The entire U.s is  a free speech zone and just because you do not want your ideas or feelings hurt or challenged doesn’t mean you can go attacking others bring your own words to the field  brings your evidence and facts from other sites that is not on the same view points of your own,  use different sources.  Words are Not Violence word are not hate speech Jokes aren’t hurting you most of you just want fucking attention cuz you lack personality and likability that is something you need to work on,

Anti free Speech people We will keep saying what we have to say weather you like it or not and you will have to deal with it and fuck your safe spaces their is no safe space in the real world so you should not get one in collage learn how to deal with things like the rest of society if you keep attacking and shutting others down and policing the language and getting people fired and forcing entertainment to change their ways your going to make much more people made and they will start to battle you on all of your platforms and you will lose,

Free Speech people STOP BEING LAZY AND GET OUT THEIR THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMGE EVERY TIME THEY BITCH WHINE CRY AND COMPLAIN SPEECH UP LOUDER EVERY TIME THEY GET ONE OF YOU FIRED BUILD A CASE AT YOUR JOB AND ON THE COMPLAINERS GO TO RIOTS AND SPEAK OUT AND FIGHT BACK, MAKE MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND PODCAST be more vocal write articles  disrup them but do not shut them down and more importantly the scumbage assholes in government and corporations like twitter you tube face book start getting on their ass as well to stay away form this stuff,

Free speech is the rule of our country we need to keep it so do everything any anything u can except for killing people and shutting speackers down cuz they we are just like them and we need to keep being better than they are,

X-Men Gold & Blue

x-men-blue-and-gold-header-206606For the past 15 years The X-men hasnt been treated well in movies or comics and even no more Animated love for our Children of the atom which has a  lot of fans worried and up set what will happen to them for the past 3 years marvel have really been killing off a lot of mutants for In-humans so when the rumor came out that X-men will be pissed off a lot of the fans took t the internet and even at conventions telling marvel not to kill off the X-men or they will stop buying Comics from them so a few weeks ago X-men Blue and Gold were Announce and a lot of my friends was asking me which characters I would like to see on what team it was a good Questions SO I told myself let me look up the current Roster in the books and I figure if i am going to make my teams I want to use a lot of the current X-men members  plus a few of them we know that around the world and not Currently Avengers.

I would make so that maybe 2 or 3 years after In-humans v.s X-men some new crazy stuff is happening these events are cuasing innocent to suffer or die and the  super hero teams are to busy or don’t care during these things Kitty Pryde and jean Grey both have the idea to reform the X-men how ever they unknowingly and Simultaneously Gather 20 X-men to meet in the Confusing both ladies get in to a small Argument about who’s gonna Lead the new X-men Colossus and Storm suggest a friendly sparing contest to see who will be on what team and lady can pick a Mentor and 2nd in command of the team, Kitty Picks Night-Crawler and Jean Picks Magneto 2 days alter their is an X-men v.s X-men battle royal to see what members will fit and work well with each other,

XVX Battle

  1. Young Beast V.S Forge  2.Young Angel V.S Archangel                                   3. Colossus V.S Juggernaut 4. Night-Crawer V.S Magik                                  5. Emma Frost V.S Psylocke  6. Fantomex V.s Gambit                                   7. Logan v.s Wolverine 8. Havok v.s Storm 9. Rachelle Grey V.S Magneto 10. Young Iceman V.S Iceman 11.Kitty V.s Jean. From their the teams are selected and they story can get going

 X-men Gold Team -Kitty Pryde Leader, Colossus, Night-crawler, Adlut Iceman, Young Beast, Young Angel , Emma Frost, Fantomex,  Rachelle, Logan, Havok.

X-men Blue Team –Storm , Magik, Jean Grey, Forge, Magneto, Archangel Psylocke, Iceman, Wolverine, Gambit, Juggernaut, 

Anole, Glob,  Herman , M, Sabertooth Mystique,Oya, and Genesis These characters can either go their own way or go to a all mutant safe zone and guard the helpless and as for Cyclops he can still be training and develop the Champions.

So this is my selection of the teams and how they are formed I would like to hear who you would pick i used more recent members from all 3 X books now,  Marvel i hope you guys start treating and respecting the X-men better,

Work Out Play List

unnamedI was asked by two friends to build a play list for them so they could us in the gym so they can work out since I like different forms of musics they trust me with this so I just finished my list and wanted to share with you all And if you have a song you would like that you think  fits on this list please comment the song and artiest or band or singer,  you can get one hell of a work out if you work out til the end of the playlist,

1. Bodies -Drowning Pool.
2. Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song.
4. D-Generation X theme song.
5. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor.
6. Fett’s Vett -MC Chris.
7. Fight-Ron Wasseman.
8. Fight Song-Slipknot.
9. HellBound -Eminem.
10. It’s a FIght -3,6 Mafia.
11. Mortal Kombat theme
12. Not Afraid -Eminem
13. Number One -Hazel Fernandez
14.Otherworld – Black Mages
15.Prince’s of the Universe -Queen
16. Smack my Bitch up -Prodigy
17. Voices – wwe.
18. War Machine Ac/DC
19. The World- Nightmare
20. X Gonna give it to ya DMX
21. Your gonna pay- Undertaker
22. Demons- Imagine Dragons
23. Fight to win- Your favorite Martian
24. Xena theme song Metal version
25. America fuck yeah- Team America
26. Fight as one- Bad city
27. Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce
28. Redemption- Gakt
29.Road of Resistance- BABYMETAL –
30. Can’t hold us – Macklemore
31. One more time daft punk
32. Phenomenal- A.jStyles
33. Excite -Kamen Rider Ex-aid
34. Fed up – Blank
35. Battle music – Naruto
36. Knocc Em Down- Snoop Dogg

Open Letter to President Trump.

President Trump Asweb_trump_potus1 I write this your still not in office how ever I am one of those people who had some reservations about you but as i kept up with you on your champagne I started to like you more and more now I did not vote for you cuz I was hospitalized, anyway you have said so many truthful things that pissed off a lot of people and your not even in office yet and you have already began to make some real effective changes like having Ford and Apple coming back to produce here in the U.S and the 50 Billion dollars from that Japanese business man to put in to new technology not to mention getting rid of a lot of the super corrupt and elite members of government for that i tip my hat off to you I am happy that you set in to motion 15% of what you said so im glad However their are stil so many subjects to touch on and I hope in these next 8 years that you can pull it off when your time is over I hope at least 12 more future presidents like you can help change everything for the  better. I hope that you or something that works for you can read this I know a lot of people will hate me cuz now people who use their own minds and want better things for themselves and how they live are Demonized I will be happy to fight them for what I believe in Our Country is Broken as fuck with so many problems that need to be fix but we have so many smart or greedy people nothing will ever be done,

Federal Reserve banks -It is no Secrete that the Federal Reserve Banks have been the bane of many countries Exist stealing money from people for the past 110 years or so and having high taxes to give to them and for what? what do they do with our money? and what happens to people who 90% of their one goes to rent and federal reserve ? They need to be audited any times and disband I do not want our country to end up like Venezuela.

Open Borders/Illegal Immigration– We have a major problem here most illegals come here just for the welfare sure they  claim they want a better life but most of that is bullshit I live and grow up in a hood were a majority of the population come from other countries So I have seen first hand the warm this brings one coming and popping out what people call anchor babies just to get money and welfare and having 6 to 10 kids so that who work have to pay for it and Natural born citizens have to go through hell and  back in order to get at small 10% of what belongs to us I am not saying helping others is bad but when you take advantage of something its wrong then we have a  huge problem with a lot of Migrant not wanted to Assimilate with the rest of us but yet keep to them selfs form gangs attack others so your build a wall policy as extreme as it is do it, and your Deporting a CRIMINAL do that to, I been jump and robbed by illegals and im sick of it. and Hire Veterans former Inmates, and Private security  looking for a new start as border control.

Welfare- It was very stupid to build a system with out checks and balances in order to deal with it we need to start putting limitations and new rules and qualifications for Social security, Disabilities,Wick & other aid programs such as giving money to people for only t0 kids anything else that is your problem, Proof of getting training for a part time job or Business training if your able to get up and do things a part time job and help make up a difference in Government aid, and the elderly and real disabled can still get theirs as we  need to rework this system.

Taxs -We need lower taxes for all people and small business, Medical machine, we also need to find away to have people who do not pay taxs and make them do it if someone comes to this country who has never worked here or put anything  in to our society once they get government aid they should automatically get a tax id number if they refuse to pay then they can send time in jail or be deported, this will bring in more money.

Living Apartments -the rent of  apartments is way to high i am 29 years old right now since i turned 20 I applied for many low income apartments and till haven’t been able to find my own place so Mr. president I am asking that any rich person or bank or corporation when they make brand new building that take us out of our homes and raise everything we can either sue them or they need to have 30% of their band new building for low income or make a law that if they can build all these fancy expensive condos if they do not want to have 30% apartment then they need to build apartments for lower income people alone so they cant build living space for  one group of people and not for an other group,

Marijuana’s – Legalize Marijuana the way it is now but make the age 21 and over like Alcohol and have a limit on how much you  can have on your person this will bring more money in to the economy, and by using marijuana we can make better medicine with little side effects we can use hemp in order to make longer lasting  paper and slow down deforestation and we can make clothing and also Hempcrete Furniture,

Alternative Energy– I think we can use Solar combined with wind and Thorium to replace all lamp post in all parks and schools, collages and Gas station they can also have a battery in their powered by these three things in order to help reduce the strain on our power grids so we never experience a black out and if theirs a new kind of community being built then they too can use this idea, I would also like to use  this in island countries it will benefit us in the  long run,

Health- So topic i know very little about but all medical hospital, clinic and hospus must also be looked in to as well their are way to many over charges for basic care and even  some charges for things that has never been done that is shameful to take advantage of people who are suffering,

Business– I would love to have more programs to help people set up business and learn how to write a proper business proposal this can be a alternative to going to collage  we can have a payment plan or a special Scholarship to learn for free or a discounted rate  from people who own business willing to mentor others, All business who Opening and operate in the u,s should enjoy tax breaks and if you have 1 factory in the u.s and one in the international market and it is upholds the same standard as the u.s factory they can get a little extra intensives, and for those who fire all their employees here and take off to put a factory in a different country they should pay more taxes,    

Homeless- we have a problem with Homeless people a lot of them who has fought for our country and a lot ho have been released from hospitals these people are hungry out on the street and cannot get any help from our government cuz they are  to busy giving everything away to illegal immigrants and Lazy people who do not want to do shit with their lives it really is a shame these people need some more help my suggestions is build a  community for them train them give them jobs or careers so they can in turn help others and put money flowing back in to the economy.

Terrorist Mobs- I seen the videos of Terrorist hiding out in small suburban areas with 6 cops in their training camps teaching how to kill make bombs  fight with knives and those places need to be ransacked and all those people need to be arrested and put in jail please do not forget about our home grown hate/ terrorist mobs like Black Lives Matter, Extreme Feminist, Political Correctness, Radical Islam, Social Justice warriors and Wild transgender moment they are extremely dangerous they police the language force people to obey them attack you if you do not comply and demonize you online then play the victim in a  situation they started and that bull shit needs to stop, and all of these groups are working in together to keep the rest of us fighting each other while the globalist and elite attack you and people like me cuz i do not want to be force to be accepting or think like everyone else, something needs to be done about all of them if it wasn’t for that type of aggressive violent actions i would have no problem with them.

Visa/green card- I would like that the visa / green cards system be a little more  simpler to understand and accomplish I been in a long relationship with a filipina women and we are thinking of going back an d fourth from New York to Philippines so we can know each other better in case we like to get married I  would like this to happen only after we get the Immigration and Welfare stuff under control.

Food & Drinks– we have so much Poisons in our food and drinks needs to be looked in to we have way too much salt or sugar or way to many chemicals in the things we eat and this needs to stop fit people getting stage 3 cancer is crazy please make sure you have someone look in to this and do major regulations,

What I want you to do- For you most important address you should ban the main stream lying media such as CNN Abc, Fox NBC and in their place have the so called alt right media who is kicking their ass in real information and news if you do this a few times then they will be able to simmer down with their lies, and if they claim freedom of press then you mention how in Hilterys  champing they blacked listed infowars, breitebart and a few other press so you have the right to do the same, Now I been reading a lot of Fashion designers and artiest said they will not dress your wife or they want their art work taken down from your home sell their crap back to them and then look for small business or people who will love to have your business and needs the attention your fighting for the small people what better way to send  that message then to refuse the people who are refusing you and your family,

Men Shelter and help- We seem to have a major Problem were men with our evil Penis of death seem to be a bad guy or a rapist thanks to SJW and Feninist  I would like to see Every state have a few shelters for men who been abused battered or who by women. and help with with getting jobs or getting their life on track due to false rape Accusation.

Education-Lets be Honest our Education system is complete utter bullshit their is way too many bad things in the education sector I happen to be a product of the lack of education i got here in new york, If we ever meet I would love to share my horrible experience with you,  we need to get rid of Charter, Public and Private schools and have them all be the same, we also need to get rid of the school zone and get rid of the teachers union and rebuild it so that no teach who is violent, or Sexual or doesn’t teach at all be protected by the rubber room. and we need to also get rid of all the sates mandates on education and have a  full country wide one, by combining normal school with trade, Arts and after school electives we can have a real positive change we will have to extend the  school hours anyone under 16 years old school can be form 9am to 6 pm with a 2 hour break in between and if your older from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and on fridays you get a half day from 9 am to 1:30 pm lower homework and halve the amount of test and exams taken during the year, Lets face it not many are cutt out to attend collage or are good in the field of academia so doing a system like this will educate people and give them real life useful skills that they can make a living with and that is what will make America greater than it was before I have a 12 page list of ideas on Education and I would love it if one of your people or you yourself would sit down with me so we can get this started a better educated country is a much more independent society based on free market trades and ideas and business.

Mr. President I realized these are many things that you might not be able to change but please consider these things write them down to help the next president in 8 more years, I wish you well and please be careful especially in the white house,

thank you and  take care,

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Best Mods so far


Today I am going to talk about my top 6 favorite mods for Skyrim If you like to get mods sign up at I was told that Play station 4 is only allowing 1GB of mods which I do not Think its enough I am not sure about the Xbox but I think both Console should have between 6GB to 10GB for mods, SO please contact sony and ask for more room for mods and to go Bethesda and asked that all mods should be on all platforms,I will be updating this as more Mods come out,

Dovahkiin Keep– Large Castle that can hold a lot or armor and weapons with well over 100 Mannequins, allowing you to create every possible armor combination you can come up with. it is also said this has a basement that connects to all your other homes once your buy own steal them this will help you get through the world faster with out having to leave the towns or cities.

Rich Merchants of Skryim– This is a simple mod that increases the extremely low vanilla merchant gold level to 10,000 gold for every merchant in-game. -This mod should not conflict with any other mod as long as it doesn’t modify merchant gold level also. -This mod can be placed anywhere in a load order. -Please report any bugs that may be found in the comments section.

God Gear – When you simply don’t care about combat realism. Comes with 4 pieces of armor and various weapons with insane enchants this will allow you to run through the game on easy with no trouble but if you like a challenge find out what items are usable and increase the game difficulty.

Ring Of Increased Carry Weight- A simple mod that adds a one ring that gives the wearer 1000 points of extra carry weight per ring, and another that adds 1000000 carry weight. It’s your choice The Rings can be bought form Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun for around 200 gold. I tried to not make it too OP. -Should work with almost every mod. -Only mod it may not work with is ones that change Belethors store inventory

Alternate Start – Live Another Life- Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you’ve been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. You will be given the opportunity to choose your race and then choose a new life for your character to lead. A wide variety of choices will be available. What you choose will have a lasting impact, so choose carefully or the gods may forsake you again! {This is only for Pc and XBox ONE so go to the website and Asked for this MOD its very useful}

Ars Metalica – A simple mod to expand on the crafting system in Skyrim. The crafting system is one of Skyrim’s better features, but for thieves and archers, there’s not much use for the system. Light armor is dead easy to come by in already finished forms, but arrows can sometimes be scarce in the types you may want. Lockpicks have been known to be somewhat scarce too, yet are relatively basic to construct. Ars Metallica aims to fill in some of the basic issues I had with the crafting system by doing the following: For vanilla Skyrim: * Allow archers to forge their own arrows out of the various ore materials, wood, leather strips, and feathers. Indirectly making it somewhat useful to chop wood too. * Allow thieves to make their own lockpicks out of iron or steel. This doesn’t mean you have to be a member of the Thieves Guild. * Provide skill advancement for the use of the smelter to melt down ore. After all, that’s as important as knowing how to shape it once refined. * Provide skill advancement for the use of the tanning rack to make leather. That’s far more important in my mind than the skill advances from using the leather to make stuff. * Provide for a small amount of skill advancement from mining the ore itself out of ore veins. * Provide the ability to melt down existing pieces of armor and some clutter items into ingots so that you can then use those ingots to make missing pieces of a set if you want. * Allow members of factions to forge equipment appropriate to their guild. Thieves can make guild armor. Assassins can make Brotherhood armor. Legionnaires can make Imperial armor, and so on. {THis is only for Pc and XBox ONE so go to the website and Asked for this MOD its very useful}