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downloadI wanted to get into my creative side today I been busy with my business and haven’t had time to write in a while a few days ago a friend of mines Racheal who is a fantastic writer told me she wanted to write something but had No Idea what do where to start and she asked if I can come up with a concept for her to use and that she will take it from there I began to think how strange but Interesting this request was so I got to work think about all the things Racheal Loves and likes I wrote down some things for her to use based on Lolitas, Vampires, Animals, Fashion and Cosplay so with the things I gave her she sent me a first draft of some notes she wrote down, In a world where monster  battle each other to be the best at everything from cooking to fighting a small band of monsters put their differences aside and  start working together to try and make people get along as they focus on building their Fashion Business which will now include different Cosplay. now that is all I can say for now without out spoiling the story However that request gave me an idea to try and help out some people who are stuck or have writer’s block come up with something new, So I am going to write a small concept with some Characters after I am done Hopefully someone will take it and run with it I hope someone does and writes something great to read. ^_^

Worlds – Disney -Pixar- Marvel-Starwars  I picked the Disney world and things they own and since these things are connected now I think it be great to have someone write something or make a better video game to connect them,

Characters- I pick 20 good guys and 20 bads guys i even them up from male and female in order to have a well-rounded & diverse set of characters I can’t wait to see how these people get along or don’t get along with each other I hope the story has an even amount of humor, character development and action,  I also have place characters the connected with each other and some Characters who have nothing to do with each other at all and two original characters .

Heroes- 1. Elsa,{Frozen}  2. Mulan,{mulan} 3. Merida,{brave} 4. Kim Possible,{Kim Possible}  5. Violet,{The Incredibles} 6. Kairi,{Kingdom Hearts} 7. Alex Russo,{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Tinkerbell.{PeterPan} 9. Rey,{Star Wars} 10. X-23{All New X-men} 11. Aladdin, {Aladdin} 12. Ralph,{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Simba,{Lion King} 14. Hurcules,{Hurcules} 15. Stitch,{Leroy&Stitch} 16. Jack Skellington,{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Ironman,{Avenegrs} 18. Baymax.{Big Hero 6} 19. Goliath, {Gargoyles}  20. Mickey,{Disney}

Villians- 1. Yzma.{Emporor’s new groove} 2. Mother Gothel.{Tangled}
3. Ursula.{Little Mermaid}  4. Shego.{Kim Possible} 5. Mezmerella.{The Incredibles}  6. Maleficent.{Sleeping Beauty} 7. Stevie Nichols.{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Queen Liliana{American Dragon Jakelong} 9. Demona.{Gargoyles} 10. Kimura { Marvel} 11. Jafar.{Aladdin} 12. Turbo.{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Xehanort.{Kingdomhearts} 14. Hades.{Hercules} 15. Leroy.{Leroy & Stitch} 16. Oogie boogie.{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Justin Hammer.{marvel} 18. Yokai.{Big hero 6} 19. Darth Vader. {Starwars}
20. Shadow Blot.{ Epic Micky} 

Original -Terminus, is an Evil entity who is breaking seals between 4 different worlds that are connected with each other in a way he can feed off all the evil to power himself up and even upgrade villains with more powers he is upsetting the balance of good and evil with is weaking his Foe Valeria who keeps him in check. Valeria, Is an Entity of light who keeps Terminus in check they balance each other out while she is growing weaker she selects heroes from the 4 worlds her enemy is messing with to help her battle him and his new army,

Concept.- An Evil being Know Terminus is breaking the seal on to 4 different worlds that have a few similarities and connections to each other Micky Mouse, along with a powerful Wizard Alex Russo and a key blade master Kairi are Attempting to close and seal the Breaches before anything worse can happen however this Evil being is too powerful for them he has already gathered a Numerous Amount of villains to serve and Aid him he can also grow his power by feeding off of evil energy and also give villains extra powers, Out match and out Numbered Micky, Alex and Kairi failed to Close the portals leaving terminus to win this fight before they can be destroyed they were saved by a person they have never seen before, her Name is Valeria she tells the Trio she is the only one who can Keep Terminus in check but do to him secretly seeking out more power he has upset their balance she for now she can’t take him down however she has selected a few heroes that can help them in their adventure to help her battle terminus Valeria Explains that she has made an outpost outside of time and space so they can work and remain hidden while they prepare for battle, she says their first quest is to help free four heroes that have been captured and locked away, Hercules, Elsa, Stitch & X-23 while the trio sets off to gather help to free these heroes terminus is busy conquering places and adding More bad guys to his Amy,

Message- For those of you who love to write fan-fiction or just bored and have nothing to do this might be something fun to work with I will enjoy to see what things you will write or do with this if I could I would make something like this to a video game RGP/Kingdom hearts style and 4 players and all the characters will have special attacks they can unlock but for now lets see what you do with this and take a not this is not something for sale it is for fun,


Artiest Needed


What i need help with.

Hello Everyone how are you doing, Would Like to take some time to ask and to offer help I am writing a story which i am going to keep adding to here on this blog however sadly I do not have any drawing talent or skills i am looking for any one who can draw original style anime style comic books style and back grounds cities and towns. I have seen so many talent people on face book and Deviant art that I have reached out to after reading some post about not having work or ideas to draw with but they all turn me down so Please reach out to me and we can talk about what I need and how I need it,  what ever Artiest that messages me i will allow them to choice which characters they will like to draw for this project, in the end with the story i would like to have enough pictures to make a art book online, You have free reign after we speak about what I would  like to draw these characters or cities and towns the way you would like them to be,

 What I can Offer.  

I cannot pay you but I kick ass when it comes to promoting and advertising so i will use my skills to be able to get you more followers and some commission work form other people i have 15 social media account that I can and will use to be able to let  everyone I know about your talents and work when we start working together please allow a month or so in order for this to take full effect. i will also agree to let you use what ever you create for me to be apart of your art portfolio and any other help you might need please let me know,

I have post 5 Examples of what i am looking for I do not know who these artiest are buy if you do please let me know so I can but their names and give them the credit for their art,

A back ground which I think its very nice,
A back ground which I think its very nice,


Kick ass anime style drawing.
Kick ass anime style drawing.
this is for anyone who can draw comic book style.
this is for anyone who can draw comic book style.
this is a cool pic I found online,
this is a cool pic I found online,
A Beautiful Piece of artwork that I would love to have someone who can draw like this helping me,
A Beautiful Piece of artwork that I would love to have someone who can draw like this helping me,

Words & Phrases


I was thinking about coming up with some words and Phrases for my story nothing to complicated or fancy just 26 different words all listed and alphabet order so here we go I hope this doesn’t make the story more complicated. I may not use all these words but it is good to have a list just in case, 

1. Aethyia –  Hello- hi or greetings, whats up. 

2. Bon Wi – Good Night. 

3. Charkra – a form of powers people are born with. 

4. Daggerra- Danger, or Dangerous, 

5. Elora – Medicine. 

6. Folgore- Sick, Insane, or mad. 

7.Glorthor – Fuck go fuck yourself or to fuck.

8.Helios –  Skies.

9. Infershia- Demon army.                      

10. Javiera -Please. 

11. KII- A  form a power that is form combining Chakra & Mana. 

12. Leanbow-  Weapons     

13. Mana – a form of power that people get in their Teens. 

14.  Netuivia –  Eat or Dig in or supper time. 

15. Oronyth – Take this or A gift. 

16. Picco – Cool , Awesome or Kick ass. 

17. Qeorith –  VICTORY. 

18. Reever – Be careful or Watch out. 

19. Salamat- Thank you. 

20. Tethe’alla – To Change, Transform or Morph. 

21. Utron –  Strange or wired. 

22. Varhmiel –  to kill, murder or harm. 

23. Wo Ai Ni- I love you. 

24.  Xuetruen – name of a drugs. 

25. Yunalesca – Defender of the weak or Guardian of all. 

26. Zotor – Son of a Bitch or Bastard .



Hello I haven’t wrote anything in a while i been having writers block So I been spending the time reading watching anime cartoons and movies and playing video games for ideas so I can be unblocked not only this but I been Helping this a friend of mines Jamie from the Philippines she can write but she also has been stuck when it comes to writing and creating so I fond a few ways to help both of us at the same time some of the things I just mentioned plus music it Example if your going to write a battle scene then listen to music that pumps you up and make you want to punch someone in the face and try acting out parts of your story so that you can feel and see if it sounds good or the way you want it to be and Please do not be Discouraged or upset if it doesn’t seem to be good to be honest 80% of our writing will come out shitty and bad its why we do editing and ask people for help. I Send Jamie a creation Template I made when I was 11 and I still use it today now that i am 28 but now its much more categories and in depth I seen others create a similar system but with 200 to 700 categories while it is a wonderful idea to have as much info as you can  this is a little excessive you’ll spend more time on this than actually creating all you really need is a good  20 to 50 categories or questions so when you create a character or world you already have a plan structure on how you will build things. You are more than welcomed to use any of these methods while creating just message me and let me see what you have written so maybe I can share some ideas with all of you,  BTW I’m not going to fill this out so that it can be easier for people to copy and use,

Creation Template

  •  Real Name:  
  • Alias:  
  •  Hero or Villain Identity:  
  •  Age:  
  •  Date & Place of Birth: 
  • Home Town
  •  Race: 
  •  Affiliation:  
  •  Sex:  
  •  Orientation:  
  •  Height:  
  •  Weight:  
  •  Hair color & Style:   
  • Eyes Colors: 
  • Dislikes:  
  • Likes:  
  • Enemies:  
  • Friends:  
  • Skills:  
  • Appearance:
  • Symbol:  
  •  Zodiac:  
  • Motivation:  
  • Accomplishments:  
  • Failures:  
  • Wishes:  
  • Regrets:  
  • IQ:  
  • Known Languages:  
  • Hobbies:   
  • Favorite Animals: 
  •  Religion:  
  •  Superstitions:
  • Weakness:
  • Strength  
  •  Relationship:
  • Command Center:   
  • Talent:  
  • Element of Power:  
  • Transformation:  
  •  Alternate Forms  
  •  Fashion Sense 
  • Costume:  
  •  Weapons:  
  • Powers: 
  • Personality:  
  • History:  

This is pretty much all the important questions I use when I am creating but  you guys can add or subtract anything you find not useful however use this version first to see how much you can create in a short time, good luck and I look forward to see what kinds of characters  you create,

Races & Species

mass-effect-trilogyThis is the last entery before I start the story Which I am still trying to come up with a title for it. What is the use of writing a story and not having characters who are not human? so I have created 28 different Races and Species that can be found all over Shelendria I am using short details so not to spoil the story so let’s get started I used this mass effect picture cuz its one thing I know with a range of other races .  

Fear Kats – are a race of cat like creatures most who are lazy and would rather sleep some are warrior and fight as hard as they can.

Humans – Most humans believes that they are superior than other races and have tried to take control of them and some humans rather live together with other species.

 Night Elfs – Are a race of warriors with dark pink or purple skin with pointy ears some of these Night Elfs have both purple and Dark Pink skin.

Golems–  Stone Creatures with the powers of earth most live on an island and attack others who try to come to the island and some are kind,

Angels- live in Celestia and serve the Goddess Kuventia some times they interact with others, Angels constantly battles demons.

Demis –  Are people or creatures who are half breeds or mixes they do not not get treated well by many others which makes them a bit aggressive to most.

Orcs- Orcs are fat creatures who are loves to kill and eat others they also love to destroy and ransack villages. it normally takes a small army to kill or defeat just one orc.

Demons- Vile creatures that are loyal to the demon lord and will do anything to please him they love to inflict fear , hate and havok to anyone,

Pixies- are very tiny butterfly looking creatures that loves to play they are shy so they stay hidden a lot and will heal those who are injured.

Zagait- Are human like race with 3 eyes they 3rd eye can be fond anywhere on their body their is definite spot for the 3rd eye.

Inuwashi- Bird like creature with wings that live in a city in the sky they are also warriors they are loyal to each other and never leave someone behind with out good reason.

Starlings- Blue Aliens that come from one of the moons of Shelendria Starlings are very friendly and easy scared they love to observe others.

Mutates/Nephilim– Are monster or creatures created by the Genetic experiments of Dr. Ethics some people who have been deformed and mutated to horrifying beast,

Gods/Goddess- Responsible for creating some parts of the world they also take care of living people animals and create or destroy at will.

Vmpires-  Undead creatures of the night all vampires on this world have a taste for specific types of blood they are often feared by others.

Lavos-  Molten creatures that are really hot and are make from fire they live in a vulcano and are hostile they are at war with a race make of ice,

Spirytes- Tiny spirit creates that glow in different colors and often help people trap in their and they some times escape to the normal world to help others.

Gigantos-  15 feet tall giants that are normally in fighting with each other some rampage a round the world some are friendly and most love to build things,

Inscetiods- These insects hate humanity and are always killing or eating them they are also very formidable in a fight and attack in groups,

TeitaNytes- Summoning spirits of creatures warriors and others that has not fulfilled something important in life they choice a person to help them in turn new powers will be granted to that individual.

Chim Chims- Monkey like race with tails and fur they live on tops of trees and are very defensive about who they interact with or make friends with,

Gliches- Cyborgs & robots said to have been left behind to help advance the inhibitors of Shelendria however due to a break down they are confined to their location,

Frosties- they are make from ice mostly friendly to others except for the lavos which they are at war with Frosties live in the coldest parts.

Dwarfs- they live underground and mine for rare ores and metals they are also said to be the best in crafting weapons and armor, they also have foul mouths

 Centuar- half horse half man these creatures are built for war and battle they are all men and some times forget how to act in front of women and girls.  

 Luminas- Are a race of women that are mixed from other races the Luminas is a Fighters and some of the strongest women in the land,

 Zenyaks –  are reptail like creatures they live in swamps and are attacking any one who gets near their home they also want to enslave others and be number one race,

Troblins- are a mix of goblins and trolls that were dying out the remanding survives mates with each other in order to survive they play tricks on people and pranks some times ends us killing people,



HI people how are you, I was talking to a person and sharing ideas for stories & comic books I told her about my story for my blog and she started to tell me about the story she is working on it’s a Crime/Mystery/murder drama it seemed pretty good she told me since I have a list of my characters and powers I should make a new one about the Locations and the Races on the Shelendria so people can have a more clearer idea of this fantasy world I welcome in put suggestions so I considered that she might be right and it’s a kick ass idea so I am going to use it, 


1. Aljoul village – A Village where most people go to get whispers and rumors and some times information about bounties in the Black list book or BLB.

2. Blizarga– is a small town that is in side a huge hard and frozen Glacier its very cold.

3. Cybernetico Grid– this is located in a digital plane that is full of new and strange technologies.

4. Drought Dessert– Hot and humid with a volcano in the center and sand storms.

5. Eclipse village– is a place hidden in the forest that only shows up when a moon is out and no matter where the moon shows this village is under it.

6. Fighters Dome– This is a Colosseum where people live in and others from all over the world come to battle in a tournament form or to challenge each other.

7. Greenie Gardens– Humans are not allowed here but these gardens holds fruit herbs for medicine and veggies

8. Hillside Farms– built to be a alternative to the gardens they carry the same plants lives at the cost real lives this farm also house animals

9. Ishtar – is one of 3 moons that surround Shelendria it has a light gravity and had bio domes so people can live on it and a few places where people can breath

10. Opacha’s food shack– Opacha is a man who loves food and in his shack he serves a verity of food from all over shelendria if you can find this restaurant which for some reason as the ability of Teleportation eat here.

11. Kakari Town – This Megalithic town is made of marble, stone and granite

12. Legaspi lake – village where everyone live on top of the lake and water people live in bungholes it is also a famous village know for its fresh sea food.

13. Magi Palace – This is a Palace where those who have every powerful Mana or Charkra gather to teach others or live but you must past a series of test before settling here,

14. Nightmare Laboratory– Horrible place where people are experimented on ruled by mutates population mix

15. Junempa’s traveling Armory – This Armory can appear in many locations it to has the power to teleport to any where it can find business.

16. Pilburge’s Prison – Home to many dangerous criminals, thugs bandits, and others anyone getting trapped in here better hide or say their prayers.

17. Quantuims Cove– A very lovely beach with many hidden caverns the people who live here are often seen in their swimming wears all day.

18.Resti Ils – are a bunch of small islands 60 miles away from quantum cove people are afraid of most things.

19.Steelin– this is where people will go to collect their bounties and also update the BLB and get more information which also can be sold,

20.Triopaluos Temple– A lot of monks live here and worship the deities or demons its located on the top of some un-named mountain

 21. Uron– is a town located on top of trees their are many bridges connecting them or you can swing on to a new part of uron buy vines,

22. Valentines Dynasty – This kingdom has been rules by one royal family since it has be created at this time their ruler is missing, all the building and house are in the style of Japan,china, and asia

23. Waterfall Riverine– Waterfall if very soothing and relaxing to travelers from all over the world how ever you must be careful on what you say or do here so not to angry those here live here,

24. Xenobia flying city- this city is found in the sky & flies around it is also shaped like a giant Octagon.

25. Yerba swamp– is cold and wet and filled with who knows what. never come here alone.

26. Zeon– is a city that is deep under ground it is used for mining and it is a series of tunnels that no one knows how far they go or the dangers that live their,

27. Inferno– fiery pit of hell where demons live and where the most evil go when they die and a few villains hang out and get their orders,

28. Ceslestia– Heavenly place for those who are good in life and after many angles live here

29. Spirit world– few people have access to this place it can help you achieve enlightenment but some gain madness it depends on your experience.

30. Teita Nova– is a very hidden place where some people receive special powers training or something else

31. Dream Scape– Everyone comes here when they sleep some remember and some do not and some learn to adapt to this place

32. Limbatory– When you die and can not go to the Inferno or Celestia you are here for Eternity or if your granted permission to leave.

33. Kritiya Zeiraru Mega Kingdom– This is the only place in all of Shelendria that has been created by & for the purpose of unity this kingdom very largest city in all of the planet, ruled by variety of mix races population every race on the planet,

Extra Add On’s


I know I said I would post a new segment to my story every month I’m still working on my chapters but I did want to give you some details of a few other things that I have came up with last month. 2 new side characters a explanation on the powers in this world and finally Spirits that can be partnered up & summoned by the main characters I called them Teitanytes. I hope you guys enjoy some of these extras.

Shikamaru – Is a deity of Dreams & Nightmares he rules over the dream scape world he is neither good or evil and is often lazy to do his job their are times when depended on dreams or nightmares he will enlist or trick others to help him do his job for him he doesn’t like getting involved in the conflict between the Demon lord or Goddess but will some times chat with them and try to make them feel bad, Shikamaru will often hang out with his friend an other deity named Taiga.

Taiga – is an other deity know as a soul reaper or Death angel she is the Goddess of Death and Rebirth Taiga has a soft spot for Faiyte and will visit him from time to time she is in charge of sending people who die to where they need to belong she is the ruler of Limbatury she is neither good or evil most people fear the very site of her mostly cuz they think it is their time she some times just like to be around humans eating and drinking, she too will pay a visit to Mephistopheles and Kuventia and lectures them just like her best friend does. 

Illyria The Star Dragon – Saved by the Faiyte N his friends this dragon aids them at dangerous situations she is loyal sweet kind and encourage her saviors She is the Last Dragon in all Of Shelendria and some times is hunted down and constantly has to fight to survive even though Illyeria helps  her group for creature she has made a pack with Callisto her reason is unkown.

Powers – their are three sources of powers in Shelendria The first Source of power is Known as Chakra  some people are born with it, 2nd source of powers  can develop later in life its called Manna and it shows up in most people when they reach the age of 15 Although their are some rare cases  people came in to Mana around the age of 11, the 3rd Source of power is the rarest it is called Kii it is gained when someone who has potential of Chakra & Mana  but never exhibit those forms of power.  their are 8 different elements of powers . Air- Fire- Earth- Spirit- Thunder- Water- Dark- Holy their will also be 4 new types that will be discovered by combining two types however their must be some conditions to be meet before this can even work well, here are the combo powers.                      Water Plus Air = Ice ,,,,,  Holy Plus Spirit = Cosmic                                                  Thunder Plus Earth =Magnetism ,,,,, Fire plus Dark Makes = Void

TeitaNyte Spirits – Teitanytes Are  spirits who have been left on shelendria in order to find partners to merge with they each of a Specific goal to achieve each spirit can be summoned by their partners to help out in a battle, So I will tell you their names and who’s their partner.

Name, Type, Power, Sex,    Partner.
Vanille, Fairy, Holy, Female, Crizia
Ellious, Unicorn, Spirit, Female, Cheojor.
Dracul, Vampire, Dark, Male,  Slaiyne
Hotaru , Warrior, Fire, Female, Elize.
Caff, Bull, Earth,  Male, Quartz.
Merlyn, Wizard, Thunder, Male  Faiyte.
Talon, Falcon, Air, Male, Deon.
Undine, Mermaid, Water, Female, Doriza.                                                    Illyeria – Dragon, Omni, Female-  Callisto  

Outcast – The Outcast is a group of 12 people who have banded together through the connection to Faiyte and his friends. Taiga & Shikamaru recruited these 12 so they can handle situations that the heroes can’t deal with some times the Outcast go to extreme but they do get the job done, some times these 12 break up in to smaller groups of 12 in order to cover more ground,  theses are all 12 members of the outcast.

1. Skye StarOcean Female with the power Cosmic She is an Starling Alien from one of the moons in Shelendria her races is captured by Infershia & an other race of aliens she seeks help.                                                                      2. Mariyeza Chiller Female with the power of Ice she is Frostie & friends with Vanille She has a lot going on but often liked to ignore her problems.   3. Mecha Terrabyte  Female power of Mgnatism she is a Glitche a race of Machines who has evolved in to having feelings and caring for others.       4. Gaiganta Heights female power of Spirit she is a Gigantos who can alter her size she was abducted then freed with some help. she is not a cannibal.  5. Electra Statics is a female human with the power of Thunder One day delivering Potion & chemicals she was struck by lighting witch granted her Electric powers.                                                                                                                6. Jamie Bee, Butterfly is a female Inscetiod with the power of Void Jamie Hates Queen Trakeena for many reasons.                                                                7. Slizard Komodo is a male Zenyak with the power of Earth He was obsessed with killing and offering his Enemies flesh to the Death Goddess until she rejected him and battled to make him change.                                   8. Luisno Bonebane  a male Dwarf  with the power of Air Luisno is a rude dirty mouth little man with a bad attitude & a great passion for mining and building and even reinforcing things.                                                                       9. Aric Ugiko is a male Troblin  with the power of Darkness Aric Explores trying to find out the history of what wiped out the trolls and goblins,          10. Blaze Sulfer is a male Lavos with the power of fire He is inlove and is in a secret relationship with Mariyeza while their to races are at war. –           11. Divinty Specture is a male Spirite  with the power of holy He is one of the spirits who hitched a ride out of the spirit world .                                       12. Hydro Jones  is a male Mutate/ Nephilim with the power of Water this Experiment did not take kindly to being used and abused..     

Here are ally new additions I hope you like them as much as I do. please let me know what you think now that I have everything done I can keep working on my chapters,