Black Eyed Children


paranormal-activity-the-marked-ones_5092880The Black Eyed Children Phenomenon has said to have started in the early to mid 1990’s when the internet was still a baby most people think and fee like this is an urban Legend and some people have also said that kids are wearing  the new all black contact that covers their entire eyes which is a  good thing to think about while listening to people who who have encounter these Black Eyed kids, If this was a real urban Legend then why are their reports spanning before the internet. ? with 7.3 Billion people on the planet how can they all be making this up especially when more and more people coming out saying they been abducted by aliens been possessed by demons have been to heaven and hell or have seen big foot so lets try to keep an opened mind, 

So the Story goes that a person is home a lone its late at night suddenly their is a strange knocking on the door and when they home owner or care taker answers the  door they either see two young boys or girls between the ages of 6 and 14 years old a with a tattered wearing old shirt or hoodie with Pale Ashe skin and Black eyes and when they are asked what do they want from the house owner in a Monotone or  robotic sounding the kids ask “please let us in with all the fear running though the person and their airiness of the environment they kids say please let us in we need t use the phone to call our parents its cold out here let us in let us in NOW ” filled with terror the people deny these kids then they often say the the kids will keep demanding to be let in or they start to hear growls like animals or  beast along with yelling after a while of people yelling at them to go away and the kids fighting to be let then they go away for hopefully to their new target no sure if they have ever came back to the same person more than once, a lot of people said they have  felt like they are being hypnotized or mind control a lot of people have said the same thing when they talk it sounds like a scripted recording.  Other have said to have seen them run away only to be greeted by a tall slender figured then they go away

here are some Questions what they Hell are these Black eyed children most of the stories make them sound like Vampires cuz they keep trying to get us to invite them to their house, are the Demons or Aliens cuz they seem to vanish with out a trace or some kind of Government experiments I do not know what they are but most of the people who have encounters and said no to them tell the same stories or what if they are interdenominational beings coming to our dimension or maybe they are a manifestation of all of our Anger, hate Frustration and all our negativity??? All i know is that all the People who say they seen this black eye children their lives have changed a lot after a lot of trauma  my suggesting is if u have holy water and faith in the Lord and Savorier Jesus Christ ask him for help. or through the holy water on the Black eye kids and see what happens. 

Now What about people who have let these Black eye Child in the house well I do not really know their hasn’t been a person that we know of who have let them in to their house, a women went to a store and when she got in her car she saw her son and a pair a black eyes next to him the women was so scared she went stopped the car took her son and ran back in to the store yelling and screaming in  fear they store worker called her husband and her husband told her to take his care home and he will take her they women got home but her husband got in to a car accident he wasn’t killed but it makes you wonder what happened did the black eye kids do this or or  did they save the women and her son no one knows, if you think this is new look online theirs been reports since the 1950 about this black eye kids, 

No matter what these Black eye Children are Aliens, Demons, Extra Dimensional beings or a Experiment all the stories being similar is a Odd thing .If anyone knows more about this please let me know,