I am borrowing this idea from my best friends blog https://royaloverdose.wordpress.com/ has a whole section dedicated to Quotes I’m not stealing she has a whole page I just have a small section, Quotes have a variety of meanings to a lot of different people I have a few I would like to share. I will be adding a few more as time goes by,

With great Powers Comes great Responsibilities.

Friends are family who you choose for yourselves.

Never underestimate the power of the Human Spirit.

I’t isn’t always a happy Ending.

Don’t cry over what is gone Smile on what Remains,

True Power comes within.

Those who fight and runaway lives to runaway an other day.

Without faith & Believes there is no room for Enlightenment.

People who live in glass house should always keep their clothes on.

Loss is when something inside you dies while your still alive.

Our greatest weakness is giving up.

Only someone like you would have a face that matches your heart,

Try to be the Rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

I don’t care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.

But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.

To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed

Life goes on… with or without you.

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.

Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.

If you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours

Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.

Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness its poison.

Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.

Sorrow is one of the vibrations that prove the fact of living

Never let an old flame burn you twice.

You can never love people as much as you can miss them.

Never run back to whatever broke you

If you don’t let your past die, your past won’t let you live.

The longer you dance with the devil, the longer you stay in hell.

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe.

There ‘s daggers in men’s smiles.

Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.

Stop letting people who do so little for you, control so much of your mind, feelings, & emotions.

Know this, old man…you had best be right. In my world, failure equals death.

They are less than worms, those humans. I have judged them and found them wanting.

I know more of this world that you can ever dream that is why I Must Destroy it.

Join me and I will let you see Oblivion eternal Bliss.

If you wont be my Knight then I’ll force you to be my pawn.

I want you to see your world bow before me only then I will grant you deaths’s sweet release.

I am many Vile & evil things but here I am GOD,

Shadows conceal our light,

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

Procrastination is the Assassin of Opportunity 

SCAM Still, Confused, About, Money 

The Only Person you are Destined to become is the person you                   Decide to be,


Events 2015


After hearing a lot of people complain and whine about their is nothing to do in New York City I have decided to post a few Events coming up that I think a lot of people would like I will be updating this list with more events soon so keep an eye on this, but for now take a look at what I have now, and hopefully you will enjoy them.

EVOLVE LUNCH PARTY Wensday February 10 ,7:00pm – 11:00pm – Bowlmor lane Times SquareW 44th St, New York, New York 10036
volve is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, pitting four player-controlled Hunters against an alien Monster, controlled by a fifth player. Both Hunters and Monsters can use unique abilities during the game.[4] The Monster player can kill other smaller creatures to evolve and become stronger by entering a cocoon stage, leaving itself vulnerable for a short duration. The game will feature a variety of maps, one of which being a large jungle, with some industrial elements where players can take shelter. There are various power-ups that both Hunters and Monsters can obtain by killing the local wildlife. The Hunters are tasked with killing the Monster; while the Monster must either kill all four Hunters, or complete a secondary objective such as destroying a human base or power plant. The Hunters’ team is always made up of four classes: a trapper, a support, a medic, and an assault class. Each class will contain a variety of different Hunters with different abilities and play-styles. The Monster player will also be able to choose from a variety of monsters; so far, only four of these monsters have been revealed, including “Goliath”, “Kraken” “Wraith and “Behemoth” you can play the game at the party and have some drinks and win prizes, for tickets and more information visit

GAMES FOR CHANGE FESTIVAL. APRIL 21-23-25 2015 The Largest gaming event in NYC come meeting video game designers, programmers play games listen to speakers and enjoy much much more, Also attend the game and media summit * Speed Networking * Meet the Experts * Social Events and Parties if your working on a game you can also get a spot and show it off, for more information & Tickets please visit, http://gamesforchange.org/festival/ 

Bacon and Beer April 25th  When you enter the legendary home of the New York Mets, Citi Field Ballpark, you will explore the stadiums concourse all while sipping hundreds of craft brew samples and enjoying mouth-watering bacon-inspired tastes local NYC restaurants have cooked up exclusively for the event. While you’re enjoying the sips and tastes of the event, you’ll enjoy great music, play interactive games that will bring out your inner kid, as well as participate in cooking demos and beer schools whether you’re an expert or a novice – you’ll leave knowing a thing or two more. location Citi field for more info please visit this link – http://www.baconandbeerclassic.com/

Marvel’s AVENGERS Double Feature April 30 4:00 pm. AMC and Regal Movie theaters are having a Avengers double features they will show the First Avengers movie then a 30 minute break and then they will show Avengers 2 Age of Ultron movie, for more Information or tickets  https://www.amctheatres.com/avengers

Marvel Avengers Movie Marathon April 29-  AMC and Regal Cinemas announced a 29-hour Ultimate Marvel Marathon, a super test of stamina that’ll end with some of the first screenings of the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”The marathon will begin at select theaters — some of which haven’t been announced — at 6 p.m. on April 29, and run through all 11 Marvel movies  The cinematic binge will cost $65, which comes out to just under $6 a movie, and give fans early access to the Avengers sequel that has received a lot of hype. and you also get an avengers metal for this event good luck, http://www.regmovies.com/~/link.aspx?_id=49823D01E8A94A7F9C5345DC37118555&_z=z

The International Restaurant & Food service Show. March 8-10 2015 This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the restaurant, food service or hospitality industry. Don’t miss your chance to network with Independent Restaurant Owners, QSR and Quick Serve Establishment Operators, Caterers, Bakers, Chefs, and other from across all segments and concepts, plus bars, nightclubs, hospitals, hotels and commercial food service operations.Best of all, your admission fee of $65 grants you 3-day access to: The Exhibit Hall, featuring more than 550 leading vendors Live Culinary Demonstrations and Competitions Ferdinand Metz Food service Forum education sessions Special features including: Pride of New York, Japan Pavilion, Dessert & Coffee Pavilion Idea generating events such as: The US Pastry Competition, Ultimate Barista Challenge, NEW Education Station and the Women’s Entrepreneurs Circle for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.internationalrestaurantny.com/Content/16.htm

Becon Fest march 15 2015 At its core, our festivals are fun-filled walk-around tasting events featuring creative bacon dishes from the best chefs in the country. On the festival floor, the hottest chefs from the finest local restaurants prepare and serve small plates starring bacon. The best mixologists and brewers quench thirst with refreshing bacon-based and bacon-inspired cocktails and brews. Luxury brands, artisan bacon-makers, and bacon trepreneurs display, sample, and sell a multitude of local craft bacons and bacon-related products. for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.libaconfest.com/

Coffee & Teas festival March 21-22 2015 “A delicious and fun festival – it is a coffee and tea lovers heaven” Join more than 60 exhibitors from around the globe as they pour tastings of their finest coffees and teas and introduce you to new and award-winning products – the 2015 lineup will surpass all years past and include more coffee, as requested! This international extravaganza celebrating all things coffee and tea will offer two days of programs from well-known industry pros and pioneers, pairings, tastings, and more! The 28,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall will also feature some of the most delectable sweet and savory foods to compliment the spectacular collection of coffees and teas. Bring your family, bring your friends – make it an inexpensive and delicious day out! Selected as one of the “10 Best New York Events,” come join us for a cup! 8,000 people can’t be wrong… get your ticket today to saunter the festival tasting all the coffee and tea to your heart’s delight! Come for an hour or stay the whole day drink, eat, learn for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.coffeeandteafestival.com/nyc/tickets.html

Think Coffee Monthly FREE Boardgame Night. NerdNYC sponsors a monthly FREE Boardgame Night at Think Coffee featuring groundbreaking and award-winning games that will sink that battleship every time. Play exciting board and card games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Pandemic, Castle Raven loft, Agricola, Battlestar Galactica and many more. Have games you want to play? Bring them with you! We like having lots of options. Don’t have a game? Come by anyway and play with us! You’ll probably see some games you’ve never heard of before. Never played ‘em? No problem! Just show up and we’ll teach you the rules. Boardgame Nights are a great way to meet new folks, play cool games, enjoy great coffee, food, and drinks and get your weekend off to a super start for more information & Tickets please visit, http://nerdnyc.com/wordpress/

International Auto Show April 3rd-12th 2015 – This show has been a round for many years and it keeps growing. New York City has a media spotlight like no other and it’s the automakers last chance to release a new model at the season’s final show. There’s more than enough on display at this show to please even the biggest car fanatic.for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.autoshowny.com/tickets/

Asian Film Festival (New York Asian Film Festival, is America’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the exhibition and appreciation of Asian popular film culture in all its forms, with year-round festivals and programs, and a view to building bridges between Asia and the West. Asiang Kung fu – horror – Comedy – Slice of life – and much more for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.subwaycinema.com/ 

AC*BC Atlantic City Boardwalk Con May 14-17- This is the first year a convention for Anime , games , comic books Manga and cosplay is taking place so their is not much to say about it all I know that it is in Atlantic city for more information and tickets please visit,  http://www.doacbc.com/

Shakespeare in the Park (May 27–July 5 -July 27–August 23). Hear, hear! The Public Theater just announced its feature shows for the 53rd annual Shakespeare in the Park! Are ye excited? We say, yae! The absolutely free tradition continues at the Delacorte in Central Park with The Tempest (May 27–July 5) and Cymbeline (July 27–August 23). Also in tune with NYC tradition is a big-name New Yorker headlining the production. This year, that special someone is the lovable Sam Waterston of The Newsroom, set to play the lead role of Prospero in The Tempest. Award-winning director of last year’s King Lear, Daniel Sullivan, returns for Cymbeline while Tony-nominee Michael Greif directs The Tempest. In case you forgot, Shakespeare in the Park is totally free to you, your friends and everyone you know. But since it’s free, we recommend you mark your calendars now and be the first to arrive come May 27th. Maybe you’ll cop a coveted seat. Wethinks you can for more information & Tickets please visit,

Big Apple Convention March 7, 2015 Over the course of its history, the convention has been known as the Big Apple Convention, the Big Apple Comic Book Art, and Toy Show, and the Big Apple Comic Book, Art, Toy & Sci-Fi Expo; with the November shows known as the National Comic Book, Art, Toy, and Sci-Fi Expo, the National Comic Book, Art, and Sci-Fi Expo, and the National Comic Book, Comic Art, and Fantasy Convention. After the show’s acquisition by Wizard Entertainment, the convention was known as the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con, and as the Wizard World New York City Experience. In 2014 the name “Big Apple Convention” for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.nycbm.com/

EMCon Anime and Gaming Convention May 16th- 17, 2015 With over 4,000 people in 2014, EMCon is one of the fastest growing family friendly conventions in Long Island, Nassau Area. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, and Video Games come together to celebrate their passion by costuming, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows and games, and much much more over this 2 day event. for more information & Tickets please visit, http://emconanimefest.com/

Sakura Matsuri April 25-26 2015 A weekend celebrating traditional and contemporary Japanese culture Taiko Drumming • Cosplay Fashion Show • Tea Ceremonies • Kabuki Dance • Samurai Sword Fighting • Manga Drawing • Vintage Kimonos • Bonsai • Kids’ Workshops • Wagashi Sweets • BBG Parasol Society , Cosplay and More! for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.bbg.org/visit/event/sakura_matsuri_2015

New York Comic Con October 8 – 11, 2015 The New York Comic Con is an annual New York City fan convention dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. plenty of people attend this event and it is often sold out extremely fast so please try and buy your passe sin advance and avoid scalpers who sell these passes for 4 times the amount, for more information & Tickets please visit, http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/

My Top 6 Favorite Pod & Video Cast.

We all spend a lot of time on the internet watching video playing games or making extra Income but I will like to talk about Podcast I find are interesting, funny and entertaining or very informative I always have a great time listening to them when I have nothing else to do or when I am trying to write it helps me focus,


6. The Atomic PodCast
The Atomic PodCast is Hosted by my good friend Efren Guzman & his Co-host Yves The Cannon Sanon These guys are new to pod-casting however do not hold that against them they are also very informative and Knowledgeable about their subjects such as Movies, Interviews with voice actors and old school wrestlers and at times cross pod caster with other pod caster witch is pretty cool, Do not let the fact that they are still new fool you they have plenty of room to grow & get a lot better. In the future I see them going to Conventions and events and I will be willing to help them and keep listening to them If you would like to check them out please click on the link to their sound cloud page. https://soundcloud.com/theatomicpodcast

5.Rage Select <a

I use to watch Jason and Jeff gaming walk troughs. reviews when they use to be on a website called spill.com which is sadly no longer around both men started a you tube, face book and their own website called rage select were they do the same thing they did before but too much greater details I always love their banters and how much fun they make at a Game or characters I like passing some time watching or listening to them play games I know I’m never going to play, I just wish that at the end of the year they take the games they likes the best and do some of the DLC for a game, and let the public know if its worth it or not,

4.Dan’s Touku Rants
DTR is a Podcast that covers everything Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, such as Kamen Rider and super sentai there are 8 members, to this podcast everything Power rangers related and many Japanese they go in to details and depth with story, character arcs, plot line, directors acting and and a lot of back round things plus they also give their thoughts on how things could bee better, or what things should have been left out there is even talks about the fandom conventions and what the former rangers are doing now, any fan of power rangers or toku would love this Podcast. http://danstokurants.rangercentral.com

3. Entrepreneur On Fire
This Pod cast is hosted by John Lee Dumas he Interviews a variety of successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs so that any one who is looking to start or better their own business not only their their are also some podcast of people who talk about their failures and how we can learn from our own let’s face it we all need some help to better our business Entrepreneurs on fire has helped many people succeed in building and running a business so for those of you looking for the same thing please check them out, you will be happy about all the tools advice and inspiration to achieve your dreams, http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com

2. Anime Addicts Anonymous or AAA Pod Cast
I am a huge fan of Japanese Anime so I listen to this podcast it is a place where all anime fans can gather, belong, and talk about the best thing in their lives: Anime. What came to pass in the years to come was one of the most fun things they ever decided to do in their lives. you can also download videos and chat with other Anime fans all over the world, there is a small part in their website that claims, we are Making your anime addiction worse it is very funny. all the depending on which anime it is some pod cast can be really good or slow but all and all still good, so I recommend this to any other sites. http://www.aaapodcast.com

1. Double Toasted
I like to telly you all why Double Toasted is my number 1 because of History I have with this Host of the shows Korey Coleman and Martin Tomas I been a fan of threes since they had a public access tv show about movie reviews then they moved on to pod casting on spill.com when spill went down they created Double Toasted well in the Past 10 years of listening to them they have continued bringing the same amount of comedy, Entertainment Caring to their shows and their followers myself like so many others who called have expressed how much of a great time Listening to their pod cast and their movie reviews mean a lot to us, not only are Korey, Martin & Tommy do a show but they take the time to listen to others peoples problems & try to help them out while making fun of them it is a very rare thing in a public figures to do and if you have some talent or something to promote they will allow you to do so on their show, One day I plan on going to Texas to meet up with them one day, you can listen for free on sound cloud but if you want to get the best and most greatest experience out of the podcast try the video cast on they website for a monthly cost of $7 dollars you also can sign up for a free trail that last a week. you can also take part in the chat as they do their show and leave comments and jokes they will read someone them on the air, trust me on this you will have a lot of fun with them I have a lot of love and respect for these 3 Host, im sure you will too, i have been through so many horrible experiences in my life and still going through them now but for 2 or 3 hours when I listen to their podcast it makes all my troubles seen like bullshit not important through listening to these people I learned it is a great thing to take a break from your troubles so that you can come back with a clear head and know how to handle the situation a little better Korey, Martin and Tommy, are like true friends that you will do any thing for, go listen or watch a show you will not be disappointed or sorry you did at all,
and from the bottom of my heart if you guys see this thank you for all these years of entertainment, and help. wwww.doubletoasted.com

These are my top 6 selections for my favorite Podcast i hope that you will take the time to listen to them yourselves and hopefully you can benefit from them.