Captian America Civil War Review


What can i say about Civil war, Besides I FUCKING LOVED IT damn marvel for like 8 years you been holding out on the world while you build a great universe and story which is something other studios should learn how to set up a great story and pace themselves Greate Job I came into this movie with a lot of reservations cuz i read the civil war 75% of this story from the comics had to be changed for the movie due to many people owning other marvel character rights. AS for who team I was on in the comics I was on Captain America’s side  during the Movie I didn’t know who side to be in and i keep saying well Iron man is right Damn Cap has a point now I’m confused who’s side to join

I’m going to start off by talking about the stuff I had a problem with its  minor problem but it kinda took me out of the movie for a bit and that thing was there is like 20 times in the movie where they repeat themselves like “he is wrong and I am right”  and all this back and Fourth doesn’t really seem to help or fix their conflict, close to the end there is a revelation that seems forced maybe in order to give more of a conflict and more fuel to the fire of Captian America V.s Ironman that part didn’t fit the one of the movie and some people say it didn’t need to be in their others like it i still don’t know about it, and the fact that the movie was long is my normal complaint however Watching civil war didn’t feel long but the first have for me took longer to get through than the 2nd half od this movie,

The Action Especially the airport fight was Epically Amazing and Epically choreographed it was so smooth it had me thinking i need to learn this,  to me its like the best fighting scene ever in any American movie not to mention that it contains all 12 heroes fighting each other and the frame by frame shots during the fight was Fantastic and my most favorite thing about this battle was the movie was able to have some humor in a dark chapter in the Avengers movie history  and not only that we are able to see everyone’s fighting so clearly which is great and not well done like in other movies with so many characters in the battle I was worried about that before seeing the movie, most people agree that this is the best fight in the movie and my other favorite fighting part is something we all saw in the trailers Captian America and Winter Soldier was jumping Ironman into their Gang lol,  All the action in this film had dramatic purpose which brings the movie more to life I think at movies that do not have this element in their movie is just a lazy way of story telling More films should learn from this,   Not only am I happy to have seen such a great movie that help me wash the bad taste of BVS from my mind but the battles here were creative and Extremely imaginative and well flushed out to the point where you can see clearly how everyone uses their powers I can’t wait to see how they battle Thanos, my girlfriend says this was every comic book and superhero nerds dream finally coming to life,

This movie does a Kick ass job in given most of the Avengers time to shiny as well as getting to know them even more on a human level which is enjoyable with a lot of movies we do not get the attachment to the character as a hero and as a person  I am more than satisfied with this things got so personal for me that I felt like I lived with these people or shared an air B&B this was one of the best Immersion in a movie ever. The reason for the fight is that Ironman wants the Avengers to Register under the U.N so that they are controlled and are told when and where to go Tony realizes they have killed a lot of people while trying to help and saved them that kind confused me cuz Tony & Rhody have killed innocent people while fighting in wars or making weapons for war,  Captian America is Against this because the Government is full of shady people and has been infiltrated by bad guys in the past he is also worried what if they Government says they can’t go to the places that they should be going to, how many lives would be destroyed? Steve Also brings Up a good point because he was used by the government and some bad guys he sais the Avengers is safe in their own hands,

Zimo Is one of the main Villians who is working behind the scenes and you do not really know what his plans for or why is doing these things until the end of the movie which makes his plot come together and also makes you sympathetic to him Zimo is a very smart I kinda wish he was recruiting other villains as well to fight the avengers Zimo was weak character and i kinda wish he was fighting the Avengers himself But Marvel has a weakness when it comes to their badguys,

Ant-Man, Spider-man Black Panter, Ant-man Brought some more Comedy & fan boy to the film while he meets Captian America and his team he was really fun in the movie and kind stole the show for a bit Especially when he goes Giant during the fight, Ant-man’s attitude for being a wanted man was so excellent it really fit his character well, Spider-man OMG the best Spidy the one we been wanted for a very long time even though his role is short he is perfect this 16-year-old kid fighting grown men and also being starstruck by these heroes he stole the show from Ant-man by having the shit talking insult joke making Webhead but if you think that was wrong get ready to call the police cuz Black Panter was a bad Mother fucker in this movie and to most people he stole the show from both spider-man and Ant-man, Since they Pissed off Black panther in the beginning of the movie when he comes in he is in Kicking as and taking names then giving those names to more people who’s ass he kicked, it made me ready for more marvel movies, This movie make me so excited to se emore of these characters and as for Black panter it should be called Black Panther “I’m comming for that ass”

Hawkeye & Black Widow as the only 2 human members of the team with a great array of skills who are crafty and can  pretty much handle powered and non powered people it was great to see them fight each other since they are the best of friends they know each other 1000% better than other Avengers will ever know each other even though the movie shows them fighting each other and being a bit reserved and pulling their it’s it was wonderful to see the love and respect they still have for each other it was a small touching part,

Vision & Scarlet Witch, Vision is shown to have feelings for Wanda and watching them fight each other knowing they both had some feelings was a little heartbreaking them being 2 of the most powerful Avengers in the movie, seeing Wanda bring the smackdown on vision it gave me a pinch lie how can you do this,? Wanda in the opening part of the movie was pretty cool and cut, and Vision had me Laughing my ass off when he was dressed like Mr. Rogers,

Ironman and Captian America A lot of people were saying that Tony isn’t his normally self like he is in Ironman and Avengers movies that maybe be true however we have to remember tony by this time is worn out and tired ever since he became Ironman he hasn’t really stopped working his character never stops Evolving you can see how much that all the other events has taken its toll on Tony and how RDJ facial expressions was Phenomenal in detailing the Effects of his life, Steve Rogers Who is normally the American symbol said im not having any of this crap and stuck to his guns just  like a real American hero, he didn’t want to fight his teammates just to protect his best friend but he did what he had to and watching him making 3 of the most difficult choices in his life in one movie was great and had me thinking how would i react to all of this,

War Machine, Winter Soldier & Falcon, I love how the Falcon was using and controlling his red wing drone to back him and the avenger sup with he was fighting and I like the fact he had more fighting scene and that he had some colors to him and I love how when Winter Soldier come sin you and see flacon be a little jealous, Winter Soldier I love the way he fought and i liked what the movie wrote for this character expect i think they should have show bucky struggle a bit more with his memories, it was really interesting to see the relationship with Steve, Same and Bucky and their Semi Homo Erotic love triangle, War Machine he had a few good parts and a couple of funny lines but and his loyalty to Tony was very real and on point just like in the  comics and cartoons so it make the movie more worth wild,

This movie as a lot going on which is normally a bad thing however marvel has  spent many years and time connecting them and building their story and making us understand their pain , hardship, their struggles and they way they have find their courage to go on and fight even with the odds against them and this is how a story should be told especially when you’re trying to expand the franchise or the universe,

I give this movie 13 & a half Captian America shields out of 15 this is a movie you will need to see twice or even three times, this is a well done full price movie.

P.S Marvel Please Do this for Avengers Infinity war have Thanos talking to an old man who is Stan lee on a different planet then after trading insults Thanos attacks Stan but then we find out Stan lee is the Watcher this makes since because he has been in every marvel movie and i think it would shock most people and fans will go wild,





Batman v Superman a movie that Every body and mom have been excited since it’s the announcement how did it do at the Box office and with fans and critics. I can’t tell you that it has made its money and that the movie was not favorable with most critics that I know and hard-core movie and comic book fans even around the net some people have even gone to use the title Batman the Superman Hollywood’s most fascinating failures which I think is a little bit harsh, I have many problems with the movie I enjoyed 30% of the movie I hated the other 30% and a good 40% of the movie was  unnecessary it did not to be in there at all, I was able to find both bad and good things that I like about the movie a lot of other people are one-sided about this movie and I think due to the fact that we are so use to what marvel does everybody was expecting the same time to set up and another factor is also sold us on something that we really didn’t I wanted to love this movie after seeing the shit five times I still feel the same way as in Fuck you why  are you putting me through this.  watching this movie made me feel violated by DC & WB it was like they promised me a good date and instead of taking me out to dinner and going to get to know them they took off their pants and started Jerking off and cumming all over the place yep a violation of comic book nerds soul,

With so much to talk about i am having a hard time where to begin  this Film  trying to be so  many different movies at one time, Man of Steel 2, Batman ,Superman, Wonder Women Trinity, A New Batman Series, Injustice, Justice league, Death of Superman, and partly a Batman v Superman all rolled into one confusing what the fuck travesty as much as i hear most people saying how much they didn’t like the movie i haven’t heard of anyone making suggestions on how to untangle this mess and hopefully fix all of a lot of the things going on, I am hoping that the next few films will be done a lot better and with some more thought The movie seems super random when you tell a Good story you’re suppose to think part C – Girl is Rushed to the hospital cuz in part A she was a party Drinking and part B she Drinking and Driving but instead we get a bunch of random sene it was more like the movie was Bipolar and the cuts that don’t really connect with each other for those of us who have studied film or make them something like that can take us out of the movie,

Batman- Ben Affleck these hard-core comic book nerds owe you an apology it was judging before the movie even came out play one of the moles kick ass Batman’s ever created we have some of the fights that we wanted to see in other them in movies that we never got even got a more brutal more vicious Batman who was tired of sending bad guys to jail for them to come out keep doing the same ship they got arrested for in the first place time like a group a minority Hispanics lol , joking people don’t be offended, there’s going to be a ton of angry comic book nerds bitching and complaining how Batman  doesn’t kill or use guns when in fact in the Golden age of comics Batman used guns and has killed people even though he prefers not to I also think this batman is a Hypocrite he’s mad at superman for killing at lot of people however he is killing left and right I understand why I hope you all understand as well,   this is one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne so far so I am happy about it, I love how this is a more well-balanced character than any incarnation of the character and the fact that he’s older and hard-core like in the Frank millers Dark Knight returns  I loved how the movie shows his gadgets work and  how it’s made, and the Bat that Batman was killing people I like that and I can see how many years of being batman could take a toll on a person, This batman was fun and it makes me hype for his solo film as long as it’s not an origin movie,

Superman – I like how Alienated superman was due to the fact that some people hated him and didn’t trust him at all, and I also like that fact that the  movie shows even though this god-like man is here to help he can’t be everywhere at the same time wich brings a little debt to the character but man  henry Cavill  I forgot about him when he wasn’t on Be Honest people he didn’t bring a presence & personality to superman and he wasn’t charismatic I fond him boring and expressionless the only thing he has going for him is that he’s a Handsome Robot i mean man and I didn’t even see No Chemistry with Clark/Superman or Lois Lane it reminded me of the boring ass relationship of Cyclops and jean Grey in the sucky ass X-men movie, I did like when Clark was talking shit to bruce it was kind funny in a smart dude way, now its kinda hard for me to keep saying things about super man when he wasn’t really in the movie much and i would have loved to see him smile or say something inspirational like he is in other  platforms  he was more Emo and Depressed last time I checked I thought that was the reason for having Batman in the first place. When superman died i didn’t feel bad at all cuz the movie didn’t take time to make any history of people loving him or really accepting him yes he had a statue in the park but there was still more people in the movie that didn’t trust and fear him more than loved him and i feel takes away the emotion when he dies unless your a hardcore super fan no matter what you will love him so you will feel for him for those of you who had that feeling I’m jealous and its a sad shame they didn’t give us the superman that has his mentality that I’m going to do this cuz it’s the right thing to do, another thing I didn’t like was superman wasn’t in the movie very much,

Lex Luthor–  Jessie Isenberg – Lex Luthor, or Alexander Luthor Jr. I am on the defense of lex now we have to look at this from both said Jessie, Since there is no animated Verison of Alexander there is no way to tell his personality I had soo much fun watching you made me LMAO and you made the movie for me it was like you took a Meth & coke Addict who was extremely twitching & I love the Grandma’s peach tea joke and did you have to kill mercy she was hot? I am very happy with your acting especial since some of us do not know much Lex Jr. However you if you playing the regular Lex Luthor Brotha I was defending you before the movie came out so I’m kind sad that instead of Lex you were more like a Joker 2.0 or Riddler you were much more Menacing and scary Calculating on the Social network I missed the is Soficatatided, Intelligent, Diabolical, Greedy, vain & Over confident Lex Luthor if the movie explain the Jessie was Regular flex him going crazy was strange but had the explain lex has been exposed to the radiation of kryptonite i would have Except that, theirs still plot holes with Lex story there is no real reason why he wanted to kill both batman and superman and he kind had no real motivation for doing what he did,

Luis Lane- I love the way she started off strong but later she became the useless damsel in distress again but if it wasn’t  for her Batman Could have Impaled superman I have nothing else to say about her except that she was more like a background item and her relationship was boring but it shows how much Luis and Clark cared for each other,

The Fight – The good thing I can say about Zack Snyder is that he knows how to frame action and fight scene so well i thought i was seeing a living comic book as disappointingly short the Fight with batman v.s super man was it so kicked ass and pretty much what most people who follow these two heroes would imagine this fight to be now was great the fight was a lot of people where upset that it was way too short on youtube and movie blogs were saying that should have been 20 minutes long, A great thing that could have been done is Batman Interagating a badguy for infomation after beating up so many and super man show up and grabs batman and “We need to talk now” then we have batman Toss super man aross the room and super man tackles him saying “I heard you were crazy Not Stupid” then Batman through a gas bomb and disapears it could have been done to  pay respect to the animeted cartoon then later one we get the scene were super man destroys batmobile. that i think would have set up a bit man agression in the fight, I loved watching how batman set up and how superman handle the suprises and traps Al thoguh I really hated that it took most of the movie to get to this part.,  Now lets talk about Brolly I mean Doomsday or was it an orc from lords of the rings? in a few shots that is watch doomsday looked like ,in the Comics and Cartoon he is maybe a foot or 2 taller than superman in this movie he is a skyscaper during this fight im thinking the trinity was Fighting Godzilla {For those of you who do noy speak nerd it’s what they called Batman, Wonder Women and Superman when they team up} some of the CG on Doomsday looked bad and out of place like a dumb ass who tries to photoshop himself with a girl and fucks up why the hell did Dooms day have energy wave as if he was  a dragon ball characters, Now lets talk about Wonder women  when she showed up to help fight half the people stood up to give her a standing ovation and im like why what the hell is wrong with you people some dudes yelled out “Sit your punk assess down she aint doing shit” which made some of us laugh, she kinda feels forced but that is only cuz we really do not know much about her cuz she hasn’t had her movies come out yet, but i do like Gal as wonder women and I love her accent I didn’t like her dark her suit looked ,

Bullshit – lets talk about the the time consumeing Unnessarsary Dreams sequences and the force Cameos while I enjoyed the flash and Cyborg it felt super forced  and that the movie is trying to rsuh in to justice leage with out any real set up this leads into a lot of huge plot holes and more bad story telling the other thing I call b.s on is the movie was way to long a lot of the dream and cameo stuff could and should have been left for the other movies they fucked up on this part, The Batman v.s Superman fight isn’t long enough to justify sitting there for 2 and a half hours if you want a better story just watch the Dark Kight Returns Animeted movie much better story telling. Before the movie came out a lot of people and website gave this movie a 99% rating once this movie came out went down tremendously. the reason why this film made soo much money is cuz people seen paid to see this 6 times, Man it is sill so shameful that Dc wanted to make that marvel money without doing the marvel work, set up and  cross over and without telling a good story.

Now a lot of fan boys/girls and people who do not know about movies will have a problem with what I said, i am willing to speak with you about it so long as your civil and calm and theirs a dvd/blue ray versions hat is 3 hours long maybe that version has a few things that might help me like the movie better if your going to see this movie go as a matinee save some money. or 3& 1/2 Batman/superman shield. Now I  know a lot of you are pissed but i think this movie could have been way better I am open to debate and hearing what you have to say as long as you are  civil,  

Hardcore Henry Review


Before I get to the Movie review I want to let you all know that Hardcore henry first started out as an Indi gogo and a Music video that came out back in 2013 it was Directed by one of the band members from Biting Elbows I’m going to post a video link for the Music video Enjoy.


“Don’t worry people I check the Dog wasn’t really hurt at all” 

Hardcore I don;t give a fuck Henry.. WOOW, it’s crazy it’s like they took a 16-year-old teenager who has martial arts training and put him through some MK Ultra brainwashing then gave him Speed , Cocaine & Molly and set him lose on a relentless Bloody & Savage rampage to go his Wife back those of us who truly been in love would have done the same thing. what is very interesting about Hardcore Henry is that the movie is done in first person like a video game with the use of a Go-Pro camera how many much you want ot bet that sale has gone up for Gopro lol.?
About the Movie I feel like this is done mostly for young teens who just want to see all action who doesn’t care about a story if you’re looking for a story they through that right out of the window and only used like 3 pages of a script, Hardcore henry is a stupid but a well made Gimmick and the movie knows it, however since the movie is fast paste it doesn’t really give you a chance to think how stupid it is cuz your already in the next scene yelling “OH shit Did he just do that?” Henry goes through this Insane action game type of thing like batman or Assassins creed in order to fight this Albino Ashey skinned Euro trash dead hair looking X-men Mutant who is who is deranged himself his main Purpose his to be able to take over the U,K and the U.s there is no real mentions on how other than he needs henry for it, other than that Everything and everyone is just their Girls their to look Sex and show Tits, men are there to be killed Buildings, Cars & windows are there to be destroyed with so much destruction going on at one point I thought I was watching transformers or the Hulk Everything was so placed together like Tetris blocks,
The only thing that gives us a bit of a story is a character named Jimmy Who seems to have 99 1ups in this movie and is always responding in strange locations and always looking different he is their to help henry and even though henry is the main focus of the movie Jimmy made the movie for me with his funny antics and English Accent every time Jimmy spoke I keep picture Jason Statum in this movie , the movie keeps you think how the hell he keeps coming back he is the only person in the movie who is flushed out and has any character development to him,
There are some tricks to the action scenes in the movie but it was mostly filmed with a GoPro camera so I have to give it some props for being something new and innovated I asked a dude about he told me that the first person mode should stay in video games, and a girl told me he felt like she should have brought her Xbox one controller, this movie will make you ask 500 questions and by the end only answer 450 of them and i did have 3 major problems 1 was the passing it was so fast and so extreme you never had time to get over it in order to prepare for the next part, 2 I HATE THE SHAKY CAM I am a person who gets motion sickness so I feel when henry was fighting I was about to lose my lunch and it made me dizzy which can take a person out from having fun watching the movie, They Never Explain why the main bad guy can do what he does? I was happy to see a different Scenery cuz it’s filmed in Russia most movies are film either New york, L.A or midwest, the best line was                           “You’re half cyborg Half Pussy”
Now Normally I would give something like this a Matinee but you should check it out as a full prices just because it is a new type of filming and cuz the last fight had combo kills I was expecting to break my high score , lol this movie needs to be watch twice cuz with all the fast paste things you will miss stuff, for those of you who saw this movie? How Kick ass would it be in 3D or in Oculus Rift?

Megaman Rip off Collection

mega-man-legacy-collection-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-1aug15 As much as I love megaman Writing this Review is going to hurt me Capcom has manage to piss me and other hardcore Megaman fans off and disappoint us with this poor excuse for a collection a colelction is suppsoe to have the complete series and this does not,  Mega Man was released in 1987 by Capcom  A man Named Dr. Light has created a Robot called Megaman to saved the world from an Evil mad Scientist Dr. Wily who has taken control of other robots called the robot master each with their own special powers under Wily’s Influences these Robot masters craved the Destruction of human kind & the take over of the world, while in battle Megaman will defeat the bad guys and take their powers in order to fight an other robot each Robot master has a weakness to a specific power. the Megaman has grown in popularity and has gown in to a major franchises with multiply different series that man people have enjoyed for years until capcom cancelled the Blue Bomber back in 2009 .

Cashcam A.K.A Capcom released this so called Megaman Legacy collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows witch his down right very disappointing and complete bull shit the Original Megaman series has 10 games but this collection only brings 6 games yes it has an HD Graphic upgrades which is good but they also added  The player can also practice battles against each boss. An expansive challenge mode with replays and leader boards. and a expansive art gallery to complete. now what is wrong with this it is not a collection it is false adverting on capcom’s part  no one really need a practice battle or leader board or replays for this game this brought a lot of anger and hate with a lot of the gammers that i know and speak to we all agree that the Play station 2 Megaman Anniversary collection is a lot better it had all 8 Megaman games that was out at the time and imported 2 extra games that never game out in the use that was a better collection you can’t tell me that with these new gaming consoles that capcom could not remake the ps 2 version add in the other 6 games keep the leader board and art gallery and do the Hd Grapphics now that is what a collection should be like I bet that people would have paid full gaming price for it and a art book, Capcom you keep fucking up,

ps2_433 so people write to capcom by mail and social media and demand for a real collection and have them take back the legacy one until they make one with all the games  remember if it wasnt for us they would not make  money at all  so have the right to demand what we want out of them and how we spend of money that this is true for any company with out us they wouldn’t make shit .






We all have been waiting for this movie for some time now we are all worried about how Dead Pool is turning out before I get to that I just have to say Congratulations and Thank you 20th Century Fox for not Fucking this movie up like you have done so many others, and Thank You Ryan Reynolds for Fighting your ass off to be able to be dead pool again and for making this movie now theirs some people out their that will try and Crucify me for even saying if I didn’t like anything but they should know nothing is perfect.

DeadPool First Appearance was New Mutants Issue #98 way back in Feb. 1991 you guys should go and  check this out he nothing like the dead pool we all know and love today He was a Much more serious Super villain a few years later he transformed in to the Pain in the ass, Merc with the mouth bad ass Anti Hero who breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience in what ever platform he is in. We were all Excited to see him in X-men Origins Wolverine until Someone in Fox Fucked up and Disrespected both fans and the Creator of DeadPool by making him look like Baraka from Mortal Kombat and sewing his mouth shut one of the few things that fans love him for good going fox take something great and mess it up its pretty much what your known for,

DeadPool Movie worked very hard to get a Rated R Rating with a Budget of $30 $Around $50 million and so far making $142 Million in 4 days I;m going to start with all the positives of this movie, To A lot of people would think why does a sueperhero movie needs this when all it has is Super bloody Violent Fights Disturbing jokes & lot of Sex and Cursing all things that a teenager would love to watch However people if that is your only impressing of this movie you do not get the fucking point or lack the film industry knowledge to see what they were doing use your third eye Deadpool is a fantastically kick ass Satire on Block Buster & superheros Movies  for those of you who cannot see pass the blood and Tits then get the shit off your eyes cuz this movie could have been just been that very same movies we been seeing for the past few years with nothing else going for it which would pleased all the comic book and deadpool nerds out their I feel that this movie came out when the Stabs the Superhero Genera at a pivotal point that it is needed is starting to be Over saturated & the Creativity is starting to lagging Deadpool yells at them hey fans are starting not to care the market is dimming Booster your products up now it is time to grow something that a lot of movies have been needing for years Deadpool does a great job at warning the Industry fans don’t want more of you lame ass shit example theirs one part where deadpool makes fun of the superhero Jump and lands on one knee and the first in the ground that is something that pissed me off cuz everyone does it now Even WWE super star Roman Reigns does it every week, Deedpools says “the superhero jump and & lands why are you doing this it’s so fucking Lame” I love how Self ware this movie is to be honest it was one of my concerns that they wouldn’t even do any of the Fourth wall breaking stuff, the opening credits does a great job with being self away by adding Directed by some AssHat produces by fuckers who want money and my favorite Starring Some British guy this movie is The smartest Satire of not only super hero comic book movies but about the Movie Business in general, Not only is this movie done write with all the jokes story and being super faithful towards the characters, I have to say the Relationship with all the characters seemed very real and very Genuine my favorite was the dynamic relationship with Colossus Since Deadpool is a rated R it was wonderful to see Colossus as more of a Family PG rating guy  Gives Deadpool a speech about being a hero and doing the right thing as he is in the middle of the speech Deadpool is like Nope fuck you I’m rated r so I’m killing people that is the way I can explain it with out spoiling the movie 

 for some of you Comic nerds that complain about why Didn’t they call it weapon X Program you need to be kicked in the nuts with steel toe boots some people told me that they wanted more craziness from deadpool i just tell them this is the first movie theirs more to come,. for all the praises I am giving their movie while I do think they are making changes in block buster movies they also cheat and do the 2 things that all super hero’s movies do so it kinds messed up their message.

As much as I loved this movie here a a few things I can say i small problems with, while making fun of superhero movies and trying to be different they do that weak ass last fight On a super High location the fight was good just the setting bored me it is constantly being used in just about all action films,  Ed Skrein Who plays the Main Villain Ajax is a Handsome dude a good actor Wonderful battle scene but plays the most Boring ass Abysmal bad guy since Dominic Greene – Quantum Of Solac , Dr, Doom Fantastic four, Blackheart – Ghost Rider just to name a few, Maybe if they had Ajax doing more menacing things like showing him do his horrible Experimenting more other subjects & enjoying himself would have Elevated his character to have some development the Same goes for Angel dust who I can say did more than Ajax but she too needed to be flushed out better since the movie didn’t do that it makes me think that he’s a disposable character., Colossus who’s like 8 feet in his metal form gets in a can and never thinks about going in to his human form so that the car can movie this is some thing that didn’t make sense to me, Colossus looks better in Deadpool than any other and he has is Russian Accent, Deadpool Friend Weasle nothing special about him but you can tell he cares about wade which was good, One last small thing i need to say is that this movie was so entertaining and funny i missed out on a few jokes so even though I saw it on Monday I had to see it again on Friday in order to catch what I miss and I never pay to see a movie i have already seen this was worth it.

As much as I love the Movie theirs a few things that I would have loved to seen Deadpool is Psychotic so i thought it be cool for Deadpool to break the fourth wall by maybe taking the camera and doing a few editing like show the camera crew or have deadpool call in a stunt devil and have them die on the spot so he has to step back in, or even start to developed deadpools other voice in his dead but hopefully they will do it in the 2nd movie. Deadpool missed a very good time to break that fourth wall when the Cameo king shows up missed a opportunity to had deadpool say hey stand when are we gonna make deadpool on ice or something stupid like that.

I love how they Broke in to parts Deadpools origin past with what he was doing in the present time a lot of people don’t like things like the but it was well done it looks like Tim Miller who is the Director of the movie has Been watching one of my Favorite series from Japan Kamen Rider Kiva every episode is broken down in to the present time and 18 years in the pass  im happy to see how well the Love story with Wade and his girl friend Vanessa plus all the Deadpool things was combines to work well off each other to the point where you can feel like you’re going through this yourself on an emotional level to feel the hardships and joy that the characters had to go through, that is how most movies should be made,

My Favorite line form the movie is Colossus says “I’m taking you to see the Professor” deadpool’s reply “Are we going to see Stewart or  Mcavoy”



reviews Hey Guys how are you doing.. I’m doing great haven’t been able to write much cuz i been working on my business I just ran in to some old friends a few days ago who were asking me if i plan on writing movie & video review again At first i told them I do not know and that im done with writing those in the past before  I joined WordPress I would write on Hubpages which is a real nice platform to write on especially with their money wining contest however I was tired and upset about always receiving Emails about Uptight Stick in the ass people complaints about my language and me cursing during the reviews and putting something they like down  and for not being professional even after i have stated i am not a professional.

After a why I decided to leave that plat form and said fuck it I’ll write about other things so i came to Word press so I want to say this before anyone gets a stupid idea on how every writer should be Like I will use what ever fucking worlds or statement I see fit at the time All my review will have reason why i hate A Movie, Game, Business, Tv show, Music, Technology or any other thing  i will write about if it offends you then do not read it, and last and most importantly I do not plan on writing a re view for ever single thing cuz i do not have that type of time,

So now that i have said my peace I hope to see and hear what you guys think .

The Great Sony Interview Conspiracy!

We all know about the struggling a hard time in the interview was having to their Movie hacks and threats of attacks from North Korea it is very silly stupid to think that the countries would might have gone to war over stupid movie but before I get into why I think all of this was posted and was a big manipulative ploy in order to get people excited for this movie I want to talk about the movie itself. before I saw this movie I was thinking I can’t believe we almost went to war over something stupid like a movie, after seeing this movie my thoughts were i can;t believe we almost went to war of this Mundane movie, damn our world sucks,

Thoughts on the movie
For the most part I just want to say that this is a matinee type movie or TV or pirated movies I enjoyed the opening scene of the movie between a laugh a bit then nothing else was really important or funny until we see James Franco who plays Dave SkyLark hangs out with Randall Park who plays Kim-Joung-um most of the best parts of this movie was David and Kim’s interaction and a lot of the crazy and funny things I was happening between them everything else was playing stupid boring unnecessary to me it was like somebody taking team America and scrapping out everything that made it great & Shitting all over it in to the most mind-numbing, tedious piece of crap possible it is a shame that the writers of this movie completely obliterated such a great idea. I have a little message is to Seth Rogan that are these things called Jokes try using and writing some of them in your movies next time better, yet stop using movies that you wrote in the sixth and seventh grade or at least edit or have a comedy writer come in and help you, you have people as you can see him disappointed about the movie I’m just happy I didn’t pay for I had to see it at a friends house see it, now I saw this movie twice just in case there was something I missed the first time ordain understand what it upon looking at it the second time I kind of realize where they went wrong and most likely why it failed to deliver , we have Seth Rogen plays Aaron Rapaport the best friend and straight man to Dave Skylark, but here’s the thing Seth Rogen plays a straight man and in real life he’s a comedian, and James Franco who is not a comedian is playing or the silly comedic role may be if it was the first movie would have been much more enjoyable, as pedantic as this movie was I really wanted to love It If anyone else asked me I would talk them in to matinee this movie because I did enjoy or the stuff with Dave and Kim, one more thing about his do not get honey dicked by the reviews from other people when they claim is the best movie of all time it’s really NOT if you pull a 2 hour movie together and only enjoy 15 minutes of it then you know it sucks and their was barely no work put in to it very disappointed, 😦

Sony’s Master Plan,
Sony you guys are a bunch of brilliant , master manipulative, scheming, smart-ass sons of bitches the interview had a release date of Christmas day then we heard that Sony got have yet again not a big deal but this time over the movie and personal private emails from celebrities and directors and producers were leaked out to the public then it was said that North Korea upset about this movie hacked but what if that wasn’t true what if Sony had a master shyster in the ranks this whole time I would if they plan all of this from the beginning only to bring more hype to the movie did they really knew sucked balls and for something they knew would cause so much contravention.
You spent almost an entire month of string and bating people along saying that you might not be able to release this movie due to north Korea and all their threats on our country I was one that was saying release it any way how can we have an other country censor us this is why we have type of fcc for movies, as the days gotten closer the threats gotten more and more and panic was off the wall, but then Last week it was stated that the movie would not come out at all due to trying to avoid a massive 9/11 type of attacks on movie theater chains there were a few theaters I know that were planing to show it anyway Like the Alamo Draft houses. great theaters if you can drop by their when you can. Then magically Sony has gotten Contracted by Google play other streaming websites, Youtube & to some of the same movie theaters chains that were protesting that they would not show it so they can avoid being attacked but then the movie come out on the EXACT same day it was originally supposed to be released Christmas day.

No one can say that is not EXTREMELY SHADY or DEVIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS at all, for those of you seen the movie you might know this term Sony pretty much HoneyDicked the entire world for those of you don’t know what that is basically a honeypot , they got us very nicely I have a very active imagination so I’m managing the whole plan for this one down either two ways one North Korea really did send some threat to someone and they sounded in red emergency alarm with lights and noise all over the place and also many staff gathering your personal items screaming we need to get out all feeling terrorized and one executive said use this to our advantage that’s when will the employees stop in the asked how.The other way I think it could happen is that Sony had to know from the very beginning that making a movie about trying to kill a world dictator would cause some trouble and a lot of controversy but at the same time it gave Sony a chance to implemented Master plan for many years movie studios have been trying to simultaneously release movies in both theaters and for people to watch and comfort of their own home this is something that theater owners been against due to them losing out on money I do have to give Sony props on a perfect execution for something they been trying to do for years while everyone was distracted with the treats Sony been making deals to the release wake up people someone knew what was going on this was way too well planed and not to mentioned the movie had Help by president Obama and his speech maybe he should have stayed out of this, my main point is that their are way too many factors for this to have been done out of the blue so this had to be planed,

Sony is also being Sued by a K-pop star Yoon Mi Rae’s song for using a portion of one of her songs “Pay Day also sung with Tiger JK. I am a fan of asian culture I know who these people are they have good music listen to them when you have a chance & out of retaliation of the movie being released and other hack on Sony has been made showing off Sony Executive Salaries and bonuses, and PSN have been down for a while so have Xbox live but I do not know if those to things are related to the movie or not can someone please let me know, and also what do you think did they had this plan. and if i am missing any details let me know, more importantly what did you did of the movie,