I am very amazed and extremely pissed off that Activision is able to take two very well love and fun games and fuck them up completely NO one should ever buy this bundle and shame on activision to even dare charge $65 dollars for this BULLSHIT They do not deliver what they promised at all and theirs a lot of content missing and the dlc which was suppose to come with the first game doesn’t and in now way is are any of the 2 games are re masted its just a cash grab for 2 games that are 10 years old to sell them for $40 bucks each or $65 dollars all together Fuck you guys I love this game and I have been wanting a MUA 3 read my other article to see what fans want.
I was very happy when I heard Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle was coming out, I have fond memories playing this game and making new friends, So I thought that this bundle was going to be in stores and it wast so im disappointed about that, then going to a friends house to check it out, I see what a travesty this game is, the resolution setting is crazing and doesn’t work well and doesn’t even go down to 1080p and graphics has no presets for that, the controls are crazy and when we think of remaster we normally see better cut-scenes but we do not get that the cut scenes looks like someone used a video camera to record a to show or a bootleg movie ,Audio is out of sync and does not match the mouth moving and all the glitches from the games are still their Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 doesn’t NOT come with any of their dlc, and but part 2 has the dlc No real improvements super over priced Activation just used this title to fuck you in the ass with no lube and the worse part this is only a digital bundle not a disc one they need to stop doing this bull shit so you can’t even get back part of your money, by the way the discribtion in the game say we can play as the hulk and he isnt even in the game,
What Should Have Been Done,
By Releasing a psychical blueray copy of the game with all the dlc for both games you could have sold it for $65 bucks if any only if you added all the dlc for both games and did a real remater and graphics and cut scence and even added some levels that were taken away before the final version of the game added some new items and even been able to use the console exclusive characters like Jean Grey, Ronin, Captin Marvel, Black widow and Vision if people where to pre order this, not only would you have sold more copies but you would have gotten better word of mouth and praises, not to mention more people asking for a MUA 3 which is something I want myself but i want to be the ones helping you guys make it, but I cant in good faith tell people to by this abominable game as it is fix it, and for those of u reading this if you want to buy this i would wait for a sale, 

here are two videos that also have a lot of complaint about this,

Things I want in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
with the remake of Marvel ultimate alliance one into coming out soon a lot people have been talking about wanting a Marvel ultimate alliance 3 for this current Genesis Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 I remember having fun with these games when they first came out and I like part MUA1 better than MUA2 while everybody is ‘s talking about which characters they want to see and play with in MUA3 I figured I would make my own list as well as writing down some ideas for some new things I would like to see and do the game.
Multiplayer– I would love to be able to team up with friends all around the world to get through the missions and play through the story and other online thing i would love to have a 4 v.s 4 multiplayer were one team can battle an other team to see who is the best, 
Costumes – lets start off with costume over many years of comic book history superheroes and bad guys alike change and modify the costumes over the year so I think each character should have between 6 to 12 different costumes which can help increase a couple of different stats during the game. 
Powers– so in the game when you play with heroes and villains they would have special moves or fusion attack which is pretty good and amazingly done to the fact where I would like to bring those back but this time I would like for the character to have very different special moves that you can trade before any battle i would also love some more fusion movies with the characters,
Story lines– story line is hard to come up with because there are so many great stories that marvel has told over the years but I would like to see something close to what they did in the first Marvel ultimate Alliance they told a story while adding story lines from the comic books but this time I want to see an original story line that is mixed with things from the cartoon, comic books, or something where the Surviving Multiverse versions of Dr, Doom, Ultron, Apocalypse, Thanos, Black Swan, Dark Phoenix, Start to share one of the Infinity Gems and steal powers that belong to the beyonders so they can try to remake different multiverses in which each one of them can rule over, while punishing the heroes in the 616 universe for not being able to stop the destruction of all the other Multiverse which is something they wanted to do themselves or just rule over it, now the heroes and a few Villains have to band together in order to be able to battle and defeat these even more powerful villains, This will bring new people in to reading more comic books and also have people look up characters they have never paid attention to before.

Heroes or villain creation Creation,

Depending on what you want to create you can make 2 villains or heroes and depending n what type build you have, bruiser, Agile, blaster, Elimental you can selected powers from those types to add to your creative character and each class will ave 3 super movies or fusion moves they can do with other people and pretty much create a costume and body type. lets say you have beaten the game and made a villain so now we are doing a new game plus  now your a hero while fighting through the story mode you can see and fight your villain when the A.I takes over to control the during the game play or when you choose your team you can see your previous characters in the line up,  and the same thing with  your hero I think this is will a great new innovated way to play MUA3 with all your favorite bad guys and hereos while making your own to contribute to your play style, 
DLC- the 2nd most important part is the down loadable content I would love for Marvel ultimate alliance 3 to take a page out of mass effect 3 dlc model where new characters were free but story lines and weapons and new gear were paid for I think something like that would bring a guest balance to both the fans and the creators of the game. or the can do a dlc themed package, Avengers, we get 4 avengers heroes, 3 avengers Villains and a story line or missions, then do an X-men version, an Inhuman, version a Guardians of the galaxy, and a Marvel knights witch is for heroes with No teams, and also some more villains dlc as well,
Playable Characters- this is the most important part of the game the characters so im thinking between heroes and villains we can have 100 to 150 characters to pick from between unlockable, already selected and dlc, plus their are a lot of new characters in to the Marvel universe so it will be cool to see how they act and play.
Characters Already playber in MUA 1 &2
Captain America, Deadpool, Elektra, Human Torch, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Storm, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thing, Thor, Wolverine, Black Panther, Blade, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer,Colossus, Moon Knight, Black Widow,Hawkeye, Ronin, Hulk Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, Magneto Sabretooth, Venom, Jean Grey, Namor Vision, Gambit, Green Goblin, Phoenix, Nanite Nick Fury, Penance, Songbird,Iron fist, Cable, Carnage, Juggernaut, Sentry , She hulk, Between both games we have 50 playable characters all together if we take away the one nick fury and one jean grey we have 48 all together
here are some character that I would like to only the game or one who I think work better and also to get some new lifeblood to the franchise and character roster, Penance is a villain that you can play with in MUA 2 I never played with him and I don’t know anybody play with them either, so I would replace ho, with Hyperion, Jean Grey  I would replace her with Hope Summers I have the combination of hopes powers in the Phoenix of powers, I would also see rid of Nanite Nick fury and replace him with Abigail Brand the leader of S.w.o.r.d I will also replace this Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel with Kamala Khan. I would also replace Venom with Agent Venom,
Characters I like to play as, I got together with a few friends and asked them what characters they wanted to play with that wasn’t already in the first 2 marvel ultimate alliance games we have a pretty cool list, I am trying my best to make a lit of well known most favorable heroes and villains and some low tier characters that are likable and some people should read about them,
Heroes– Black Bolt,Crystal, Madusa,Inferno, It is time we get some inhumans in this game to play as, next we need some Guardians, Gamora, Starlord, Draxx, Groot, Rocket Racoon, White Tiger, X-23, Angela, BlackCat, Dagger, Singularity, Scarletwitch, Havok, Wasp, Winter Soldier. Nova, Punisher, Gladiator, Warbird, Fantomex, Archangel, Magic, Banshee, Hercules, Black knight, Quake, Sunspot, Nighthawk, phil coulson, Falcon, Tigra, Bishop, Cloak,

Villians– Moonstone, Enchantress, Lady DeathStrike, Mystique, Spiral, Kamura, Sin SuperSkrull, Ronan, Ultron, Loki, Mr.Sinister, Dr.Octopus, Taskmasster, Black Swan, Thanos

Guest Characters, I have a wish list for 2 guest characters these is from a franchise marvel published but doesn’t not own and i was hoping during the reboot marvel would consider bringing them to the Marvel comics Universe , Kickass and Hit-girl for the heroes and Red Mist and Mother Russia for the Villains.
Message. If you count everyone i mentioned between characters i would love to play with and characters already in the game we get 104 characters I would love to hear and see what characters villains and heroes you guys would love to see in the game or what kind of story line you come up with, and Disney , Marvel and what ever game company is making the game us fans who have written some stuff has already done half the work for you,

Don’t Buy PS4 Slim

s-l300A lot of people I know and then I freelance for Austin say that I’m too harsh when I’m giving a movie, Game or product review and they often saw me to hold back a alot which makes me very angry because a lot of the pieces telling me this have more money than I do they can afford to waste your money on stupid shit I have always given an honest and thoughtful review on products or services so I’m going to tie you why you should not buy the PlayStation 4 slim. I love PlayStation I grew up on it and I have played sold many RPG games as a help me create my own stories and characters and books so I’m pretty much thankful to Sony on that part, but I cannot in good conscience let anyone bend their hard-earned money on what is much the same crap as the original.

PlayStation 4 silm is quieter than the big brother when you are clean disk-based games or watching a Blu-ray movie. It is smaller and has rounded edges that blends in with the console to make it look more like a Blu-ray player or small cable box has a physical power and eject button and the USB drives has been moved further away from each other, did you dual shock for control how is a little like strip on the touchpad that is the same color as the light on the bottom part of the control and to be honest I’m not sure how good your bad or important that partis anyway I am told that this new controller has better battery life so I guess doesn’t get the. Under the last good feature is that the Wi-Fi is a lot better on this than the original one it will support up to 5GH of wifi. The only other good thing is can say and to be honest this is me being nice the slim games with a full disk game,

Get ready to be disappointed for the Price of $300 plus tax are pretty much getting the same thing you already own with very few changes, when we think about a new model system most of us want better performing console is more hard drive space this land has the same performance and graphics power as the normal PlayStation 4 in terms of cooling it does pretty much what is predecessor does right now. A very upsetting change is the removal of the audio output from the back of the system which I know most people love so that they can use their Pro gaming headset at night time without bothering anybody, whoever dumb ass idea was it to take out is to be suspended companies from Tritan to Astro are gonna lose out on money . Another horrible thing about the slims is that they are still making 500 gig new consul most people complain is that that is not enough. to make things even worse theirs a Final fantasy ps 4Silm themed coming out with 1TB on a consul that pretty much sucks ass why spend they money, wait for the Pro.
as much as I love PlayStation they have all the RPG games I love however this system sucks it’s Fucking ripoff you are pretty much paying for everything you have now there is no real need to buy this, I suggest you all save your money for the PlayStation 4 Pro there’s a release date for fax is November 11, 2016 soul holdout for that date or for Black Friday if the Pro isn’t $40 cheaper I’m pretty sure you’ll get a free game or an extra controller for buying it. Sony you people can do way better than this shame on you for trying to push this crap on us,

Power Rangers Reboot Fucking up already



We all have grown up and loved the Power Rangers franchise while some of us has grown up and moved on many fans has stayed extremely loyal for the past 21 years even buying the newer toys and dvds when they have come out and some fans are so loyal that every 2 years they go to the Power ranger convention for 3 days to show their love support and to be able to meet their child hood heroes and Heroines it is a very fun and special three days you people should check it out when n you can if you cant go you can look it up on you tube.

When the Announcement was made for a Might Morphin Power Rangers movie reboot older fans went crazy with excitement for the news and a lot of us fans said I wonder what they will have the original MMPR cast cameo as?, SO I am very Upset and very disappointment to say that Neo Saban and Lionsgate have said that NO Cameos from any of the rangers or Villains which pissed off a lot of fans cuz we all know how they were miss treated back in the day and its also a slap to the face of the actors and actress who made the characters we all know & love even 21 years later so before the movie is finished I want Saban and Lions gate to know how important it is to give the Power rangers actors roles and cameos in the films In a power ranger related online group which has 50,000 members 20,456 said they will not see this movie just because LG and NS refuse to show any respect for the people who made the power rangers what they were that is shameful and if they are having trouble figuring out roles for the Original Rangers its simple some of us fans has already done the work for you all you need to do is read and follow instructions, 

Roles/ Cameos Ideas for the Original Actors

Astin st. John, – He can be a a Physical coach at the youth center who helps plans events since the show always had the rangers so events.
Walter Jones.- He can be a street dancer that is responsible for teaching Zack how to combine his dancing and Martial arts to create Hiphop kido.
Amy Jo Johnson,- A.J can Be Kimberly’s Gymnastics coach and advisor when she has some things to talk about
David Yost, I think it be nice that he plays Mr. Caplan in the show he was the Principle on the show.
Karen Ashly, can play a mom with her kids while the final battle is happening.
Steve Cardenas,– can play the new Lieutenant Stone I know he didnt show up until Zeo how ever with all the destruction i think it be good to see cops we know.
Johnny Young Bosch, Can play the Martial arts teacher at the youth center.
Catherine Southerland, – can be the new Ms. Applebee the power rangers most dedicated teacher .
Jason David Frank, Can play Alien warrior who is friends with Zordon and has help him made the power coins and morphers.
Thuy Trang {Sadly Thuy has passed away she will be missed and forever loved by pr fans & people who knew her maybe the movie can honor her by having the new rangers hangout at Trang park}
Jason Narvy, He can play a random man who is running for his life but save a kid during the battle.
Paul L. Schrier II, can play the new Earnie owner of the juice bar.
Barbara Goodson. we all love & have been scared by this women when can have a few scenes where Rita gets really angry and Barbra can step in and do the voice.
Robert Axelrod– He can do the lord zedd laugh when rita is doing her spells,

OK people so I did I came up with roles for for everyone who made power rangers what it was and it wasn’t a hard thing to do, i mean the company is going to higher extras any ways so why not shift that money to the former rangers and pay them and remember fans be vocal about this and demand Neo saban and Lions gate to add these people to the movie we have the power to make it good or bad by going to see it or not going to see it, let’s get work done and may the Power Protect you all,

Real News Sources

realHey people we need to have a serious talk I see a lot of news on t.v and a lot of news papers covering up or not even talking about real things happening around the world CNN, Fox, the Times and Daily News, Twitter, Facebook are lying to us and hiding the facts and spreading miss information all over the world these people cannot be trusted and im sick and tired of my friends who live in new Zealand and Philippines & Paris suffering and yet the media hiding the truth and mot mention what they problem really is The Establishment wants to keep us stupid and want us to follow every single word they say if not we are the bad guys.

They Even Protect Hate/ Extremest groups lives Black lives matter. Radical Feminism. Social Justice Warriors, Political correct culture, Islamic Extremest and Pro Illegal immigration and Demonize people who disagree or doesn’t care about these things so why would we turn in to their bullshit  they new is suppose to be Unbias and tell both side but they don’t so I have accompanied a list of Very real Fantastically credible places to get real news so I want to share them with you all and I Hope that you use these sites to know what they truth is, and look at all the horrible things they are saying about trump not everything they say about him is is true,

Everyone who works at these 14 wonderful website has pissed off the Government and shadows groups they have been followed, their accounts have been Hacked their lives have been put in danger and all for telling the truth if that doesn’t let you know their is something the establishment doesnt want the public to know then wake up and read all of these things,                                                                                                                                                           


People please wake up and get real news and intel from whistle blowers people like Edward Snowden who told the  world that the NSA is using your phones. smart t.vs laptops and all cameras to spy on us and everyone all over the world, I will tell you these people are not conspiracy theorist they are Conspiracy truthers and fact take a conspiracy theory you heard a long time ago and look it up on these sites and main stream and you will see how a lot of it is true, for those of you who think im crazy or full of shit look up reporters who have turned up dead and read what they were reporting on and the chances of what they were trying to get to the public was bad or good, People Around the world 95% of all Government news media around the world is corrupt and lie to us every seconds how long will you keep taking in these false information how long will you swallow the shit they try to feed you ? we have to remember that we who read these real news and know the infomation and lies its important to get the word out their no matter how many times we get censored we have to come back and warn other people and keep making more sites like these were the truth is the main goal, Spread the word and fight the good battle,

Heroes of Free Speech

4060ab0507fc9bfb90c49156da0d7752I’ve been hoping and praying that I would not have to write anything about the subject matter however when I see the tremendous amount of anger and violence hatred and the censorship of the truthful speech and the trading of ideas it pisses me the fuck off we can’t afford to sit in the shadows do nothing about what is going on now I know from you do not like politics neither do I how ever within the past year there have been a constant vicious attacks on everything that has to do with free speech, creativity such as music movies, video, books, art it is gotten so bad that you have groups like radical feminist political correctness but unlike lives matter social justice warriors radical Islam and even our own US government who pays these hate groups all over the world yes they are  all working together to keep us quiet and make us the bad guys also fighting wars between ourselves to shut down our creative nature. But yet all of these groups are allowed to attack us insight hatred and also pull relief and sensor what we do and say on twitter Facebook and YouTube and for those of us who disagree with these groups are pulse get deleted our videos can’t shut down or we get banned for writing things that people do not agree with on a video game or movie review for those of you think I am fully set I encourage you to look all this up online these things are being taken away from us slowly and most of us are either too stupid or too lazy to do anything about it so I am pleading with those of you don’t care or just sit on the sideline to come and help us because this will affect you to. I am going to share with you if you videos of people who are fighting against our oppressors and who has their foot on our throats we need to take a little break from what we are doing to help combat or these problem and I really hate to say this one of those things is voting for Donald Trump yes he’s a psychopath he has also said some peaceful things in the past that is where does need to be in the past he is trying to help all of us in America not live in poverty during job back make a fair trade deal lower taxes deporting illegal immigrants and having them vetted and heck for any illiness so we do not contract them. And a bunch of other things that I cannot remember at the moment but the point is that he is trying to help. The videos I am about to share with you are of the few and talented individual who knows about the true and can see where all of these bad things will be to I would love for you to take time and watch these videos before commenting or call me whatever you going to call me it is important that we fight to keep our freedom of speech and creativity I am a person who likes to write stories how do you feel if these hate groups who are in control of everything keeps turning you down every time you try to publish a book because they do not like a description of the character that you create and that they would intend him to keep you down and make you an asshole and if you say anything or disagree with their establishment and make it public and number 1.

Milo Yiannopoulos – He has two nicknames one of them is the most dangerous faggot and the other the most fabulous super villain on the Internet on the groups I mentioned this guy be even banned him from Twitter for like even after he has bought tens of millions of subscriber to that website. He is also the editor at Breitbart and a few of the publications.

Pamela Geller- on what I know this woman she has given and protested against Islamic ideology as you travel to different parts of the world to see the deadly effects of this so-called religion in many parts of the world she has witnessed Islamic beliefs invading other countries in setting up a sharia law she have been protested against & sued for speaking the truth and trying to stop this is a very sick and twisted Laws from being invaded and placed here. US makes me worried for her safety but she is putting up the good fight we have to make sure we support her and her mission. For those of us who go to any trade show cars hows and convention or the beach we cant see scantily clad women under Sharia low they will all dressed in their ninjas outfits being covered from head to toe, all I’m sorry those are not ninja outfits they are called burqa.

Stefan Molyneux -he used the host of free domain radio he also cover a wide range of social issues from all around the world just dude is very intellectual and you can tell he reads a lot and I enjoyed listening to her because he quotes a lot of good things from books that people don’t really read anymore. And like the other people I have mentioned He Has Also Received death threats and hateful comments speaking the truth on the many problems around the world a few times also have been censored. If you like what you hear from this guy describe the watch all of his videos on his YouTube channel.

Alex Jones– as a kid this guy terrified me always talk about or the scary and crazy government things and it wasn’t so I got older that I notice a lot of the things that he has mentioned has come true a lot of people demonize this man: the conspiracy theory but when you look at the facts and history since he first started on mainstream media you can look at everything he said and see how much of it became true so go to and read about a lot of the things that is happening today even though Alex has a target on his head he is still fighting for freedom which is what more of us should be doing.

Christina Hoff Sommers – is an American author, former philosophy professor she currently battles radical feminist and their potential need for speed safe space with their fabricated PTSD every time she goes and give lecture and has debunk several of their claim about rapes on campus and how women get paid less in the work and many more subjects she continues her great work battling these radical Controlling harpies.

Donald Trump– so we don’t know who this man is a lot of people hate this man and a lot of people loved him, but did you notice who are the people that hate who want to people who like, most of his haters are globalists elite high business people that get tax breaks all over the place the illegal immigrants and some of us lazy ass American that rather live off the government’s but here’s the thing it’s not the government that gives you money to the people that work 40 hours a week 80 hours a week hundred and 120 hours a week we get rapped off our taxes to support those people who are sick or disabled or elderly you do not count in this conversation, now the people who love Trump are mostly hard-working business minded love democracy and freedom of speech and expression and are really pissed off that other so-called American would even for the same policies that hasn’t worked that will work, so I want you to listen to his speech and really see what is going on and what he is trying to change we get a change would Obama but I’m sure would trump we will .


we need to support and show our love for these people and their work and support them whenever did giving a lecture share their videos and website with everybody at this time that those of us who love free speech democracy and freedom join together and give finger to those that try to take our rights away from us we went allow these people to ruin the entertainment and art music and games that we love and if this censoring and deleting bullshit does not stop on Facebook, Twitter & youtube then I call for my brothers and sisters who are great at building website to contact me build our own place so we can talk about everything without being censored and keep the opposing people out with thanks to twitter we no longer have to worry about any legal ramifications that showed the world that it is okay for them to discriminate against someone they do not like or agree with, seriously guys please take a look at what is going on and do stuff about it only together can we went and keep our right and started to make a real change, Mr. Trump if you are reading this I do not to make America great again I want to make it better than it was before so let’s go for that. The way those people win if we stand down and we stay silent if we apologize to them say what you need to say and no matter how much of a bigot they call you or a misogamist or a homo or Islamic fob you are tell them to go fuck themselves you said what you said they need to get over it if not then tell them to picture their safe space in a volcano and jump in to it as the fuck themselves with a razor dildo, now they like to take your personal information and post it online but you can get over that by suing them for putting you and your family in harms way and make sure part of your settlement is paid for by them. and never get angry or fight people its what they want you do to and if you all for it you look bad cuz they start the problems then play the victims.



 To be honest I am much more of a Digimon fan than I am a
pokemon fan After being harassed by everyone I know to play this game i have a lot to say about it we all have been waiting for something like this for a very long time to be honest I thought that Yougioh would have been the franchise to do it,  

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. It was initially released in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices is based on the Very popular & Successful Anime Pokemon. players of this game capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices. Although the game is free-to-play, it supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items. An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokémon are nearby so they can catch and make the pokemon more powerful, 

THINGS I DO NOT LIKE, – The game starts you off without any instruction on how to manage your items or give you a  description of what they are for or how to use them another frustrating aspect of Pokemon go is that there is a lag when you walk and a lot of the times the game freezes making people lose all the hard work that they have put into, and often times their are server problems all these things I hope the creators of this game will work on,the other thing i see and hear most people talking about is there combat system most said that  Niantic the developers of this game should have partnered with Nintendo for the combat system with  time a lot of us hope that these problems will be fixed, 

Things we love.  The game is Extremely fun and addictive it has also brought a lot of different people together yesterday i seen a group of 200 Pokemon fans in the park walking a round forming groups and having fun outside something we do not see anymore, this game has also gotten lazy fat asses who do nothing all day to get out of the house and walk around getting their cardio on and a really cool thing i saw people helping each other to get more pokemon and how to make them more powerful with all of the crazy things happening in real life i was very content with this2 hours i spent with people i never knew before just having fun, try the game u will love it. 

Warning, No not meet people you do not know alone while playing this game some people has gotten their phones stolen while trying to battle and level up their pokemon Please keep aware of your surroundings you do not want to be hit by a car while trying to have fun, and most importantly try not to trespass on private property it is not illegal to shoot trespasser so stay safe, and always bring a portable charger with you has this game drains your battery life super fast, bring  a water bottle with you if keep youself hydraieded 

Tips & Tricks,  Pikachu as a starting pokemon once you are standing  next to Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander if you walk away from them about 5 times when they respawn a Pikachu will show up next to them. Fast lvl up save all your candy for an Evolution of a pokemon once you have all the candy you need use a Lucky Egg before starting the Evolution once you use the Lucky Egg then Evolve the pokemon instead of getting 1000Exp you will get 2000 Exp  in some case a bit more, PokeBall Retrieval we have very limited pokeballs and this can be useful when we get master and ultra balls if you through a pokeball and it misses the Pokemon you have to tap on the ball a few times in order to get it back and it won’t be wasted, EGG Hatching lets say you but a 10KM egg in to a Incubator one you see 8.5 Km or something like that put your phone in your pocket and keep walking do not fight pokemon or go to any stops cuz if the game freezes or crashes then your eggs will vanish wich means you did that hard work for nothing, Pink Areas. if you need a break from walking all day make sure you rest a pink area a lot of different Pokemon will show up there by using an incense it will increase the pink areas chances for more different Pokemon to show up. Strong Pokemon the high lvl you are the more stronger wild Pokemon you will find 

Suggestions,  During updates I would like the less crashing and freezing pvp battles Events for Legendary Pokemon and more avatar clothing and hair colors and something to edit them with and finally better gps movement, EXTREMELY Powerful Pokemon. This is going to be a huge pain in the ass cuz of the amount of time you will have to put in focus on leveling you avatar to the maxx lvl so that every wild Pokemon you battle is super powerful then you can transfer and trade and evolve them to be some of the strongest around, InPenitrable GYM using the method I just gave you for the Omega powerful Pokemon get together with friends to make a super powerful gym by having the most powerful of different types of Pokemon defending it avoid having 2 or 3 of the same types pokemon defending the gym this will  force others to go out to get pokemon to combat your various types this is will take them some time but by thing this you will continue to get your defender bonus remember the more team member so have defending the gym the better it is for you, just make sure you and some friends take a gym and work together 

SO I hope these things will help u and please let me know how u are doing,  

 I am team Mystic