Cheerios Controversial Commercial

Cheerios a National band name Cereal that most of us have grown up eating and enjoying for a long time have been receiving a lot of negative, hateful and Unnecessary back lash over their latest t.v ad
The Commercial is about a little biracial mixed girl talking to her White Mom about if it’s true that cheerios is good for your heart after her mom tells her yes the little girls puts Cheerios all over her Black fathers heart which is something that is meant to be cute however people lost their minds over this very innocent ad and flooded the Cheerios you tube Channel with thousand negative and hateful comment it got so bad that they had to disabled the comment section of the you tube video, According to AdWeek, the comments devolved into references to Nazis, “troglodytes” and “racial genocide” I have no idea how they got such messages from this Ad but it proves that people only see and hear what they want to or they are using this to get out all their negativity online cuz they think their is no way to track them.

In a age where we have a Black president and Same sex marriage why we still have a lot of racism and hate there are plenty of other things that need our attention, helping the poor, animal cruelty, Child abuse, helping the Sick n Elderly Not attacking a company and people who live like this for an innocent commercial that was telling people how much times have change, {Although having the brother sleeping on the coach during the middle of the day didn’t help them lol that my personal thoughts},

General Mils stated that they are happy with their Commercial and they refuse to pull it down and all the raciest have to deal with it, personally I am happy they are sticking up for themselves and even though they have so many malicious words for them they also have a lot of supporters n people backing them up,

I would like to know how and why these people feel this hate for this ad?
How do you feel about this?

for those of you who might have not seen it I will happily post the link so you will be able to see for yourself.
Cheerios Controversial Commercial