Broken Heartd Song List



With all the valentines day Hype and slavery mentality a group of people i know wanted to have a Broken up or Anti Valentines day party so those who do not have anyone to share the day with will not be alone at the same time i was Selected to put together the music for the event Since I have a Diverse Selection of musical likes so I came up with a play list of 78 Songs from different genera and different time periods a list that started out with 44 song lol I Know these song might not be for everyone but please give them a chance I Hope that you guys end up liking some songs from the list, On my most favorite song I am going to add the You tube link so you can listen to the songs your selves,

This is for all of you people who has had your hearts broken or who has last the one you love or the one you love doesn’t love you the same way it’s ok to feel Angry sad and pain I have compiled some songs that can help you deal with those emotions of being alone Enjoy these songs and soon you will feel better so you can move on. remember a broken heart can be fixed if you let it. 

All around the World – Lisa Stansfield
Angel-Amanda Parez-
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
Baby Come Back-Players- 
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -Green Day
Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis-  
Break your Heart-Taio Cruz & Ludacris-
Broken-Amy Lee & Seether-
Crucify My Love-X Japan
Cry me a River – Justine Timberlake
Death to your Heart- Blood on the Dance Floor
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind -Brian McKnight
Down-Rakim,Ken-y & Nina Sky-
Dub-I-Dub – Me & My
End of the Raod Boyz 2 Men
Every Rose has it’s thorn- Poison
Everybody Hurts, R.E.M.
EveryHeart Boa Kwon-
Everybody’s Got Someone-California Dreams-
Breakeven-Madi Jane-
Flavor of the Week -American -Hi-Fi
Fuck it Don’t want you back -Eamon
Fuck you Right Back – frankee
Far away – Nickleback
Fuck you-Cee Lo Green-  
Friend Zone Your Favorite Martian-  
Goodbye Love Rent-
Given in to Me-Micheal Jackson- 
Goodbye to you – Michelle Branch
Heart Killer – Him
Here with out baby – 3 Doors down
Hate that I love you – Rhiana 
How Am I suppose to live with out you- Micheal Bolton-
I Don’t like you Anyways -The Donnas
I just died in your arms tonight – White snakes
I Don’t Care-JRDN- 
I Hate Everything About You – Three days of Grace
I Miss You – Blink 182
I will always love you-Witney Houstone-
If you where Here -Jennifer
If you’re gone – MatchBox twenty
In the End – Linkin Park
It Hurts to be in love – Gee Pitney-
Last Kiss-Pearl Jam-
Love Hurts – Nazareth
Love the way you Lie-Eminem & Rihana
My Happy Ending Averil Lavigne
My Immortal-Evenescence-
Never Let this Go -Paramore
Need you now-Lady Antebellum-
Never had a Dream Come true – S Club 7
No Way to Love Me-Liz Gillies- 
One More Try-Caribbean Funk-                                                                                       Over And Over Nelly/Tim McGraw- 
Pant it Black – Rolling Stone
Perfect World- Simple Plan-
Picture -Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow-
Please Don’t leave me-Pink-
Poison girl -Him
Stay with me-Stan Smith- 
She’s Not You- California Dreams
Since you been gone -Kelly Clarkson
Someone like You-Adele-
So sick- Ne-yo
Tainted Love-Soft Cell
Tears X-japan-
Tired of being the One – Breez E
This Love -Pantera
The one that got away – Katey Perry
Teardrops On My Guitar-Taylor Swift- 
Tracks of my Tears-Smoky Robinson-
Un Break my Heart- Tony Braxton
When your gonna stop Breaking my Heart- Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina
When I Was Your Man-Bruno Mars-
Without you – Digital Alias
With or Without you-U2- 
Who Am I To Say-Hope-  You give Love a bad name- Bon Jovi-
You don’t mean anything to me- Simple plan
7 Things-Miley Cyrus- 

here are all the songs do not be afraid to cry or enjoy the songs after you let all that out you will be stronger and will be able to do better things and hopefully find someone  better,


Yugioh Yugi’s Legendary Deck Disappointment



Attention All Yugioh fans and Duelist for the Price of $30 dollars you can get Yugi’s Legendary Deck was first announced we all went crazy with joy be cause we was getting 3 different yugi decks all containing 41 cards from the hit Anime series the decks are from Duelist Kingdom , Battle City and Duel with the Pharaoh plus it includes the following extras 3 brand new Secret Rare cards: Electromagnetic Turtle, Dark Renewal, and Black Illusion. 3 Ultra Rare collectible (non-playable) historical cards celebrating the Duelist Kingdom storyline, including Glory of the King’s Hand, Set Sail for The Kingdom, and the Duelist Kingdom itself. 3 Ultra Rare collectible (non-playable) Egyptian God Cards: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and The Winged Dragon of Ra. 1 Ultra Rare “Yugi” Token Card. Now all of this sounds great plus we got Exodia, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. now all of this sounds great and it could have been a really kick ass 15 year Anniversary tribute to a game that has lasted very long but sadly this collection is very Disappointing be cause Konami has left out from the collection a lot of staple cards that yugi himself has used such as Time Seal, Magician’s Valkyria, Breaker, Gearfied The Iron Knight, Obnoxious Celtic Guard, Des Feral Imp, Nutrient Z, Gemini Elf,  Arcana joker knight and much more Im not saying they had to add every card though out the anime series that yugi used but they should have make each deck 50 card set or they card had waited to the new movie comes out and build a deck based on all three movies, so we could have had 4 decks, Im very disappointed with this so called collection  cuz now I have to spend money on getting the cards they didn’t put in maybe we can sue Konami for false advertising who knows lol.  My Friend said I just just modify the decks to make by adding in all the cards that that are missing and try to even the decks out, I do Love the Box and the artwork on it, I was told that if this collection goes well they might make more, so maybe we might get a full toon deck. I’m asking you guys for help we can help each other modify the decks more evenly and more closer to the anime, if any one is done for that please let me know,   this is not worth the 30 to 50 that stores are charging so save your money, until it gets cheaper or if your planing on changing the  decks get the cards you need first, let me know what you think and what would you change. 



Play Station PlayBack 45 Idea


Microsft and Rare released a video of something called Rare Replay at first I thought it was games from XBox. Xbox 360 and Arcade in big collection which would have been cool but I soon found out I was slightly wrong the Rare Replay is a collection of games from the Video game company called rare 30 hit games for $30 which sounds pretty cool. In some of the gaming Community a question was thrown out ask “If you worked for Sony what would you do to Counter the rare replay?” which is a fantastic and hard question but myself and a few friends got together and Brain stormed a Kick ass idea,  we call it the Play Station 45’s Price $60 dollars.  So the idea is to take a total of 45 games titles from all Play Station history  1, 2, 3,  Psp, Ps vita and the Play store,  we spent 3 months deciding on what games to use and the games that made it had a majority of the votes in a group of 15 people we have even picture a few Japanese only games that never made it to the U.S we used 45’s to connect to history when people use to go crazy and connect to old 45’s records that are being collected today so why name name a new collection to pay respect to something that is old and has been collected, 

Play Station 1 Games.                                                                                                 Crash Bandicoot – Megaman 8 -Street Fighter Alpha 3- Mortal Kombat 3- Strider – Metal Slug- Parappa the Rapper – Bust a Groove -Legend of the Dragoon, & Lunar Silver Star story.  

Play Station 2  Games.                                                                                             X-men Legends – Megaman X 8 -Metal Gear- Resident Evil- Odin sphere     Final Fantasy 12- Chaos legion -Devil may Cry- Capcom v.s Snk Chaos -Magna Carta Tears of Blood  

Play Station 3 Games.                                                                                                 Play station All Stars – Catherine – Tales of Vesperia – 

Play Station Portable.                                                                                           .Hack/Link – Dissidia 02 Final Fantasy – Jeanne d’Arc- CastleVainia – Digimon Adventures-  Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes OOO

Play Station Vita.                                                                                                           Ultimate Marvel v.s Capcom 3- Uncharted Golden Abyss- Plants v.s Zombies -Muramasa Rebirth Dragon ball Battle of the Z – Hyperdimention Neptunia Rebirth 

Playstation Network.                                                                                               Scott Pilgrim – Limbo- Dungeon defenders 2 – Bloodrayne: Betrayal- Mighty Flip Champs-  Skull Girls- Shantae- Costume Quest 2- Red Goddess. Alien shooter.

Now that our list is complete  we feel like this can be play stations away to compete with rare replay not only that we even decided to make a collectors edition that comes with  PS45 gold pin, a 100 page art book, a sound track  a Wall scroll and a metal case for the game a sound track  A plusie all for $100  and a mini game ware a cute creature is collecting these games or  protecting these games from people trying to steal it, and the plushie can be based on him or her, Plus we all feel like this can be a real collection of games from different generation of PS History. I strongly Believe that something Like this would sell out. A lot of times us as fans come out with way better things than the companies and sometimes when companies rejects ideas from fans it shows that they do not like money or the fans.. SMH. 


If anyone from Sony is reading this consider making this collection or similar please go ahead this is a good way to compete and do better than the Rare replay.