Words & Phrases


I was thinking about coming up with some words and Phrases for my story nothing to complicated or fancy just 26 different words all listed and alphabet order so here we go I hope this doesn’t make the story more complicated. I may not use all these words but it is good to have a list just in case, 

1. Aethyia –  Hello- hi or greetings, whats up. 

2. Bon Wi – Good Night. 

3. Charkra – a form of powers people are born with. 

4. Daggerra- Danger, or Dangerous, 

5. Elora – Medicine. 

6. Folgore- Sick, Insane, or mad. 

7.Glorthor – Fuck go fuck yourself or to fuck.

8.Helios –  Skies.

9. Infershia- Demon army.                      

10. Javiera -Please. 

11. KII- A  form a power that is form combining Chakra & Mana. 

12. Leanbow-  Weapons     

13. Mana – a form of power that people get in their Teens. 

14.  Netuivia –  Eat or Dig in or supper time. 

15. Oronyth – Take this or A gift. 

16. Picco – Cool , Awesome or Kick ass. 

17. Qeorith –  VICTORY. 

18. Reever – Be careful or Watch out. 

19. Salamat- Thank you. 

20. Tethe’alla – To Change, Transform or Morph. 

21. Utron –  Strange or wired. 

22. Varhmiel –  to kill, murder or harm. 

23. Wo Ai Ni- I love you. 

24.  Xuetruen – name of a drugs. 

25. Yunalesca – Defender of the weak or Guardian of all. 

26. Zotor – Son of a Bitch or Bastard .




Hello I haven’t wrote anything in a while i been having writers block So I been spending the time reading watching anime cartoons and movies and playing video games for ideas so I can be unblocked not only this but I been Helping this a friend of mines Jamie from the Philippines she can write but she also has been stuck when it comes to writing and creating so I fond a few ways to help both of us at the same time some of the things I just mentioned plus music it Example if your going to write a battle scene then listen to music that pumps you up and make you want to punch someone in the face and try acting out parts of your story so that you can feel and see if it sounds good or the way you want it to be and Please do not be Discouraged or upset if it doesn’t seem to be good to be honest 80% of our writing will come out shitty and bad its why we do editing and ask people for help. I Send Jamie a creation Template I made when I was 11 and I still use it today now that i am 28 but now its much more categories and in depth I seen others create a similar system but with 200 to 700 categories while it is a wonderful idea to have as much info as you can  this is a little excessive you’ll spend more time on this than actually creating all you really need is a good  20 to 50 categories or questions so when you create a character or world you already have a plan structure on how you will build things. You are more than welcomed to use any of these methods while creating just message me and let me see what you have written so maybe I can share some ideas with all of you,  BTW I’m not going to fill this out so that it can be easier for people to copy and use,

Creation Template

  •  Real Name:  
  • Alias:  
  •  Hero or Villain Identity:  
  •  Age:  
  •  Date & Place of Birth: 
  • Home Town
  •  Race: 
  •  Affiliation:  
  •  Sex:  
  •  Orientation:  
  •  Height:  
  •  Weight:  
  •  Hair color & Style:   
  • Eyes Colors: 
  • Dislikes:  
  • Likes:  
  • Enemies:  
  • Friends:  
  • Skills:  
  • Appearance:
  • Symbol:  
  •  Zodiac:  
  • Motivation:  
  • Accomplishments:  
  • Failures:  
  • Wishes:  
  • Regrets:  
  • IQ:  
  • Known Languages:  
  • Hobbies:   
  • Favorite Animals: 
  •  Religion:  
  •  Superstitions:
  • Weakness:
  • Strength  
  •  Relationship:
  • Command Center:   
  • Talent:  
  • Element of Power:  
  • Transformation:  
  •  Alternate Forms  
  •  Fashion Sense 
  • Costume:  
  •  Weapons:  
  • Powers: 
  • Personality:  
  • History:  

This is pretty much all the important questions I use when I am creating but  you guys can add or subtract anything you find not useful however use this version first to see how much you can create in a short time, good luck and I look forward to see what kinds of characters  you create,