Saving money Budget Tips


We have a problem in our lives we do not have enough money we works really hard for very little pay and with everything else increasing accept our money how can we keep up with the cost of living? Many say that there is nothing we can do about it but there are a few people out there who have learned to improvise and restructure your money so he can last longer or so that they can get a few more things. I want other people to notice how easy and useful budgeting saving money can be.

“Stop buying name brand stuff”
wouldn’t a few things that have always irritated me and pssed me all is the fact that people will pay so much money for a items that they could buy at a cheaper price like iPhone – the iPhone six is $849 without a contract I don’t know about you people but that $849 rent money you can easily get an android phone for $80 to $150 and still have a do half the same thing that iPhone . Jordans they range from $125-$300 as soon a lot of people we outline by the speakers for an outrageous amount of money some only to be chomp robbed or killed for them why would you spend so much money on the speakers when Michael Jordan himself has stated he doesn’t care is anybody dies from the sneakers he is only in it for the money. There are perfectly good speakers and other places for 30 to 60 and even 80 bucks the point is will save them a more money if he cannot buy a lot of name brand that the are also name brand items such as Nike’s,Adidas and sketcher that do not cost much and still would do the same things that the Jordans would do. Plus there bunch of freaking sneakers they are bound to get messed up anyway.

Food shopping – going grocery shopping will cost an arm and the leg there are now eight of discount stores and $.99 stores that sell food at a discounted price, Cracker Barrel cheese is seven dollars and change in New York City at these discount places I bought it for two dollars I have even bought a two bottles Trop 50 orange juice which I have seen some supermarkets about $6-$7 I bought mine for $1.79 discount places have junk food anything that you’re into war less money anything is that you might have to walk on your way and some people value convenience more than anything though they don’t care how much they pay have a few friends that come to me at the end amount asking for money so that they can buy food and I turned him down constantly because the fact that I’ve taken them to these places and I show them how and where they can save money and yet they refuse to listen to want to hit a for others up for money and barrow money and I am not position to lend money especially when I will live on $600 a month in New York City.

Power Saving
– if you live in the area where you have to pay for electricity or power than these few ideas may help you out a lot such for company that all for electricity and power also also make sure to buy energy-efficient low energy usage appliances Best Buy and have a program for that. I’m all for home plug any of you electrical item and even have LED lights and candles that you can use in your.

Activity– we all enjoy going out when our friend and having fun do not always have the money for that form here to tell you then not refund the cost a lot of money if you look online there are tons of free events guys go to so the only thing that you have to worry about this transportation and order food. Or if you’d rather set up the game night at your home you can come like between $5-$10 from everybody spend money to buy food and snack items for the house if you’re providing the please to enjoy the should be providing the money for the food and drinks and snacks,

Gifts n Presents – there are times when we get roped into a birthday party or some other type of celebration when we had to give a gift which can take up money that we don’t have so a very easy very low costs just to give would be a scented candle with shower gel and a small towel wrapped same small. Four-man it can be a regular T-shirt or a small pocket or in a set of pens things that are not too expensive to give up, or you can buy jars and put things in their yourself.

Triple play– we’ll get roped into contracts with cable company and they claim that the more packages we get the more we see why would I need to get a home phone is coming we using my cell phone Estes extra piece and extra money at the shop for something I don’t use. And what is your person was at work all day there is no need for cable either the best thing to do just to have Internet access and get Netflix hulu plus and anything else that they don’t have you can watch for free, and that is one the team that you would take off your back,
movies- we all enjoyed the cinema due to the $15.50 price for movie ticket and their price for the Nasty food and My suggestion is for you to pack their own snacks and wake up early to get to matinee it’s about $9.00 early To move the movies you like to and shhhh, you didn’t hear that from me 😉 but you can buy one of their six drink cups at the movies to see you get unlimited refills from that, and you can Eliminate a cable and phone bill completely but buying Smart multimedia players all you need is Wifi they have every netflicks and hulu has plus tv channels and movies when you have time look them up.

Cellphone This is something else that bothers me people with cell phones paying $100 to $150 dollars a month for cell phone service everything unlimited and international and some places u have to pay extra for that so we are looking at a lot more, so here is an idea find 4 or 5 friends who are responsible , reliable and who have some type of income then go to cricket Mobil or metro pcs and get a family plan Cricket has there family plan for 5 people $100 bucks a month and metro has the same with 4 people just make sure everyone pays if not start collecting from he people a week or two before then and you pay it, if you think about it each of you would pay between $20 to $25 dollars why wouldn’t you want to pay less.

Clothe shopping– we often spend a lot of money on clothing that are going to get destroyed ripped in old really fast the few places that I think you guys will enjoy Burlington Coat Factory sells a lot of clothing for men women and children average price, target, Kmart, Walmart, VIM, or all soul inexpensive places to buy I’m also going to give you a few online stores to check out these sites are for both men and women to enjoy and shop for less, we use to have this store in america called Steve and Barry’s everything was $7 in that store I wish it would make a come back hell I’d even pay $10 for everything.

Eating out– need now is something that we do alot and can be very close to time to say a eating out budget for those of us have a budget we can make things at home putting a container and take them with us on the go and no matter where we go bottle of water with refine the fountain refill it. Your other options for eating out is looking for places that have dollar menu.
Cell phone provider- this is something that makes you laugh my asa off people pay $80 to $150 for everything unlimited on their cell phone bills when they are companies that offer it $40 dollars and if you can find some trustworthy responsible friends or family members you can do a family plan and it will cost you even less example cricket mobile which is owned by T-Mobile are offering me family plan or five people $100 a month if you do the mass that is $20 per person and may be you know next aside the time of tax, so why would a more people do this save money?

Making extra money– there are so many things we can do to make a lot of extra money joining task rabbit or fiverr .com online services people would do our jobs for extra money. Or you can sell things on eBay or Amazon. You can even offer to pick up elderly people in your neighborhood prescriptions for a small fee or offer to babysit someone’s kid for some money or their pet. Online businesses that don’t know how secure that it, if you are a creative person and have time to keep custom-built things such as candle bracelets and other things at home and sullenness of, or if you a card game player custom build deck and sell those, and also focus groups and research studies that you can apply for for extra money. Try them all and see which one fits you the best in other ways recycle cans and bottles newspapers and magazine there is a lot of money that since it requires hard work and to get dirty most people will overlook it

Saving– if you can find one of those big water jug and keep him in the corner keep loading it would change there are people that don’t like camping change with them so well for the take those off their hands and put them in your blue jug in a few months time once it is felt you can go to the bank with the change and get dollars for them.

Sales– many places have sales discounts and clearances try shopping at these places see how much money you will see a few years ago a shopping expert said that it takes 42 days for an item to go on sale I’m not sure that is true but it could be helpful to the research.

Hey people I’m not a professional I just know a lot of things and I walk around a lot so I found a lot of deals and specials and since I live on the real tight budget I have two goal find these things and I do not mind sharing what I know with others I’m just hoping that whatever I share with you can help you as much as it helped me always take care of yourself. if any of you know other things that can help please let us know,