Things like to see inMarvel V.S Capcom 4?



So lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of talk about If a marvel V.s Capcom 4 will come out and there is also a Petition for Disney, Marvel & Capcom to make another game this is one of my most favorite fighting series and I would love to have another game but i have a few suggestions and Ideas before I get to that for those of you who do Not know MVC series is a fighting game where Comic Book characters from Marvel Like Spider-man, Wolverine & Dr. Doom go on a 3 on 3 battle with Capcom characters such as Jill, Dante, & Strider with a large roster of characters to pick from there is always new teams to be made A lot of people were very Disappointed with MVC 3 it also has less than half the roster in part 2 which made a lot of fans not like it, however it is popular game to play at gaming convention I still play mines a bit cuz i love X-23 Anyways Disney has canceled Disney Infinity games and will no longer be making in-house games, the licences to the marvel characters can be up for sale and believe me with all the recent shit games cash com has been forcing on people they need a new MVC title here are some suggestions.. 

MVC 4 Needs to come out in order to kind save capcom and us fans from their shit storms these past few years, and it needs  120 characters now some people are saying that is too much but  I don’t remember which company it is but there is a Dragon ball game that has 161 fighters to choose from so having 120 Characters in MVC4 will not be too much of a problem. as long as Capcom and marvel and the Fans can Agree on what new characters to add to the game. Ideas for a few changes One is to Increase the fighting time and instead of having 3 on 3 we can change it to a 4 on 4 battle system and as for graphics maybe we should go back to 2d characters and 3d backgrounds maybe 3D Characters and 2D Backgrounds or whatever makes the game look great and run Nicely and i would like a bit more story to the game or have 2 or 3 endings story that connects with each other, since most of the Kick ass marvel bad guys have been used already maybe they we should be able to battle a Character who is fused from Marvel and Capcom also Disney can benefit from this by lending some Kingdome hearts and star wars characters as well,  I also would like to be able to play as the masters from the older games, Apocalypse, Abyss, Galactus and Onslaught and cyber Akuma. 

Current  Marvel  Characters.  1. Blackheart, 2. Cable, 3. Captain America 4. Colossus ,5. Cyclops, 6. Doctor Doom, 7. Gambit, 8. Hulk, 9. Iceman
10. Iron Man, 11. Juggernaut, 12. Magneto, 13. Marrow ,14. Omega Red
15. Psylocke,  16. Rogue, 17. Sabretooth, 18. Sentinel, 19. Shuma-Gorath
20. Silver Samurai, 21. Spider-Man, 22. Spiral, 23. Storm, 24. Thanos
25. Venom, 26. War Machine, 27. Wolverine, 28. Deadpool 29. Dormammu  30. Modok, 31. Phoenix, 32.She-Hulk 33. X-23 34.Super Skrull, 35.Thor, 36.Taskmaster 37.Doctor Strange, 38.Ghost Rider, 39.Hawkeye, 40.Nova 41.Iron Fist 42. Rocket Raccoon

Current  Capcom  Characters.  43 Akuma, 44. Amingo,  45. Anakaris,
46. B.B. Hood, 47. Cammy, 48. Captain Commando, 49. Charlie,
50. Chun-Li, 51. Dan, 52. Dhalsim, 53. Felicia, 54. Guile, 55. Hayato,
56. Jill Valentine, 57. Jin, 58. Ken, 59. M. Bison, 60. Mega Man
61. Morrigan, 62. Roll, 63. Ruby Heart, 64. Ryu, 65 Sakura,
66. Servbot, 67. SonSon, 68. Strider Hiryu, 69. Tron Bonne, 70. Zangief,  71.Wesker 72. Amaterasu 73.Authur 74. Chris 75.C. Viper 76. 77. Dante 78.Nathan Spencer 79. Mike Hagger 80.Trish  81. Tron bonne 82.Firebrand 83.franke West, 84. Nemisis, 85.Virgil  86.Joe

New Characters Fans want to see,

 Marvel side- Night Crawler, Ms. Marvel, Dare Devil, Black Panter, Black Widow, Green Goblin, Carnage, Ms, Sinister, Ultron, Hope Summers, Madusa, Black Bolt, Singularity, Loki, Songbird Scarlet witch 

Capcom Side– Rouge power stone, Falcon, Samanosuke Omnimusha, Asura Asuras Wrath, Batsu Rivial School, Sigma, Sieg & Azrail  Chaos Legion, Someone from breath of fire, lost planet, monster hunter, 

Disney side –Sora Rikku Kairi . Ansem, Xehanort, Xemnas , Darth Vader, Emperor, General Grivas  , Chewbacca , Luke  and Rey 

Their is still a lot of work to be done on making a better list, i feel like we should get some more characters that have been left out of the MVC series my list isn’t perfect so I want to hear what you think, what characters do u think should be in the Next MVC and what changes would you do to make it better, or do you think  Disney should hire a company to make an all exclusive marvel fighting game for all systems that isn’t a port over version of contest of champions?  


What Street Fighter Needs


For many years we have enjoyed and played Capcom’s Fighting franchise Street Fighter video games and loved most of it there are times us fans hated Cashcom for making 3 or 4 different version of the same game we do not want to keep spending money on the same product so do us all soem good and make sure its well done the first time, we all know they can do a lot better  so ‘Im here to ask Capcom to do the fans a favor for Once, Other fighting game have done this King of Fighters, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Samurai Showdown, Guilty Gear, Dead or alive, Virtual Fighter, Arcana Heart, BlazBlue, and Jojos Bizarre adventures has made one game with all of their characters in it, so why can’t Street fighter do this?  a Franchises that is very well loved and super popular they should take all the characters from Normal, Alpha, Strike & EX universe and add them on to this game, plus we need more newer Villains other than M. Bison. So the Idea is that all the main bad guys plus a newer Villain all band together and start doing attacks on a few people so some of the heroes have to band together to stop this new evil group or have M.Bison , Gill, Seth & a new person have a all out fight for control of the world and we have to build a team to fight them all, something easy simple that most people can get in to , and for the first time they can  use a 4 players combat system and add 2 minutes and 30 seconds for each match, if you do a story mode then you can recruit characters to your team some of these characters will need you to test your skills by beating someone else, I even took the time to pick some characters from all 4 SF worlds and add them to these list,

Select-able Characters,
Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Gen, Akuma, Chun Li, Cammy, Blanka, Fei Long, Guile, M.Bison, Zangief, Alex, Dudley, Ibuki, Sakura, Rose, Rolento Karin, Ingrid, Juri, Hakan, Seth, Abel, Hugo,Twelve Posion, C. Jack, D. Dark, Area, Garuda, Skullomania, Shadow Giest,

Unlock-able Characters
Egal, Geki, Mike, Dhalsim, Dee Jay,T. Hawk, Vega, Necro, Sean, Yang, Gill, Sodom, Dan, Cody, Juni, Evil Ryu, Maki, Oni, Makoto, Rufus, C viper, Decapre, Urien, Ace, Blair, Hokuto, Nanase, Sharon, Shadow lady, Violent Ken, Cyber Akuma,

Adon, Lee, Birdie, Joe, Retsu, Balrog,, Oro, Elena, Yun, Cahrlie, Guy, R. mika, Juli, Gouken, El Fuerte, Q, Remy, Allen, Darun, Hayate, Kairi, Pullum, V. Rosso, Sawada, F7, Mecha Zangief, Dark Sakura, Bloody Hokuto,
I would Like to see some new stages with these characters they can sell these dlc as a set 3 characters and a new stage. 

New Fighters
we can have 6 new characters for this game as well,

So I listed every Street Fighter character and even some alternates and people who we have only seen once or twice so capcom it is past time that you give the fans one game with everyone in it and do not say it can’t be done all the other titles i have mentioned have done it in the past when their was not that much room on cds so why can’t you, these would make a lot of money and be a big hit in the capcom cup tournament, or any fighting game tournament, so I wonder what does other fans think and please make sure everything works well and the characters are balanced out cuz we do not want to have to spend more money on an other version of this game unless its a game of the year,

people if Capcom did do this what 4 characters would you have on your team