WOW people i look forward every year to Electronics Entertain Expo A.K.A E3 I love to see what they have plan for the years to come in gaming and to see how far the technology has gone this year i saw and heard something that pissed me off even more than final fantasy 7 being sold in parts fuck that I’m waiting to all of them are sold together.

Before i start to talk about everything I love lets talk about the Major  FUCKING RAPE ALL THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKETS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MICROSOFT AND XBOX ONE so a new Xbox One S was shown at E3 the video looked good and the console comes with a shit ton of upgrades Such as The Xbox One S being 40% smaller with an integrated power supply will support 4K Blu-ray and HDR gaming. It also has a built-in IR Blaster. some sites claim you can pop in your 360 games and play them as well however i am not sure on how true that is with the launch System we all want a 2TB Xbox One S  guess what we are getting it in early August for $399. A $349 1TB Xbox One S, and a $299 500GB Xbox One S My question is why the fuck would you make a brand new console know most of your fans want more hard drive space and you build a 500 gig gaming system I see them losing money on that one it is Extremely Unnecessary and the 2TB version should be $350. here is a video to show you how it looks, 


I’m hoping you all like this video now for the thing that got me and all my  close gaming friends not only is Microsft coming with this new Xbox but they also have the Balls to tell people that they are planning an other more powerful version of the system coming 2017 for the holidays called project Scorpio which is a Brand new more powerful Xbox one with VR capabilities and a few other technical stuff I do not understand like  performance speed of six teraflops and support both 4K gaming and ‘high-fidelity VR.’ They’re touting the new GPU’s power and speed, promising a major boost. which is always a good thing however my anger and distaste comes from Microsft making and selling 2 brand new systems one year after each other are fucking kidding me? you mean to tell me you do not  have enough of these people money? they should have skipped the XBox ONE S and just Made the Scorpio I for one will not be buying any Xbox stuff until the Scorpio comes out, and for those of you who just bought a Xbox one I’m sorry that their greed is in your face, here is some stuff about the Scorpio.

As Angry as I am about this it does sound great but it doesn’t mean that Microsft can go and put out 2 console back to back I seem to remember Sega doing that then the fell through and when Nintendo started to do it they were losing a lot of money, this bull shit needs to be Illegal and some laws should be put in placed where NO new version of a console can be released until 3 years of the previous ones remember we as costumers have the power to tell them NO but not buying their shit and sending angry letters to them and on social media, now if they are going to do this then they need to give us at least half the value of our current systems,

FUCK THE XBOX S JUST WAIT UNTIL THE SCORPIO  you will b happy with a better console and the fact that you didn’t have to waste money before the major upgrade,


Dream Movie Theather



I am writing this article today because the two events that happened to me when I was reviewing the jungle book which I will finish and post my review in a few days. I went to AMC theater and I had three people that worked there hand me a copy of the letter by Adam Aron I’m going to post a copy of the letter so that you can read it for yourself.

While I was in the theater watching the jungle book after the movie was over three AMC reps came up to me and asked me how I think the movie theater experience would be better, I gave them a whole list of things such as lowering the price for the tickets and food. Having more of a healthier option, doing events, and negotiating with movie studios so that we as customers compare fair price $15.50 and not $20 dollars for two large soda and a large popcorn, now one rep said they charge a lot in order to pay the salaries of the movie workers I responded by saying if you plan on working here your entire life and do something wrong with you is not fair to regular people that pay for the movies to come here and get ripped off and with all the options for entertainment cool new Netflix streaming video games to people even still come to the movies like that ? I’m only here because I’m working and I don’t even have to pay for the ticket, attach on the Mac I last but on the bus I started to wonder what I would do is I had my own theater?? BTW I am going  by the Prices In New York City 
It is not a surprise recent years that the movie theater going experience has been shitty and a lot of times also suck big floppy donkey DICK a lot of that has to do with people on their phones, talking loudly during the movie and number two on my list people who bring infants to all the you can’t find a babysitter stay your ass home it is very rude and insulting for you to go to a theater with infant and it cries during the movie it takes people out of the story and ruins the experience that people should not be allowed into the theater unless it is a kid’s movie. The other thing that this all is the high prices for the snacks and ticket and all because the movie theaters are to afraid to tell the studios they can’t take 70, 80 or 90% of what they make and use the movie theaters do not agree then you have the option to tell them we are not showing your sale in any of our theaters and if others theaters would join in then they will have to make changes and arrangement.
Visual Effects, VE
that is the name of the theater and I would love to hold in own I will price the ticket of admission $12.50 admission  when it comes to food snacks and drinks I would even that the prices where it is comfortable for the consumer uncomfortable for me at the same time to still make a profit the thing is if you have lower prices than everything else more people go to you. I will have the entire first floor dedicated to all movies released here in the US VE will have 7 rooms on both the 1 and 2 floor now my second floor I want to do something different and creative than most other movie theaters do not do which I know wich will bring in a wider audience and more fan Theaters and make it a place with different Fandoms can come and enjoy, and communicate with each other. With all the new entertainment options, the extremely high prices, the inconsideration and especially the fact that there are more bad movies then they are good movies are all factors to why I think the cinemas are dying off this is why acting changes need to be done to keep this alive to keep having people come back. I’m a person that I love events so I would not mind having events taking place in my movie theater.
2nd FLoor – I want to bring some nontraditional, creative newer form of entertainment to the theaters by having a variety of communities that would love and appreciate having a place to go to to not only enjoy their hobby but to bring back an experience that’s been tainted and lost. These are my ideas for what I would do if I owned my own movie theater.
Sorts -I would like to make it a deal with different sports organizations to be able to stream the biggest games like the World Series, Super Bowl, or big paper views like Wrestlemania and the big UFC fights I think people would enjoy seeing the stains on the big screen along with other people who are just excited for the of that as you are. Also during the stains may be have a small item move so merchandise only for that day.
Plays/Operas – there is a lot of good plays out there that people who want to get culturized afford a price on Broadway or might have to wait a very longtime to see the show I do know that certain claims and operas sell DVD so I would dedicate a room just to show these things as well. Like Macbeth. The Magic flute. Sweeney Todd. Rent. the book of Mormon. All great shills not many people pay attention to them because they’re not on the big screen by dedicating the room to the we are helping people be more open-minded and hopefully they would go see it in person.
International Films– I love Asian horror and action movies so many good ones to see that I would love to also have two rooms to watch these movies plus this gives an outlet for other people who love this type of movies a place to meet up and enjoy the film and talk about at the end. Like IP Man, the monkey came, once upon a time in China,
Anime– I also am a big fan of Anime and I would love more theaters to be able to show animated movies in Japan so I would show these movies in this room though it would be hard for me to make money also older movies due to them being on DVD and people downloading them I am sure if I made a deal with the studios both of us can capitalize on the new movies and Billions of people in the Anime market
Gamimng– I don’t understand why people enjoy watching other people play videogames but it will be a terrific market stream gaming battles and tournaments on the theater screen you can think about this as a watch party and may be we can do little gaming tournament of our own before watching the real one when their competition starts.
Indipentant/Marathons – there are a lot of people who like independent and who also like marathon why not have two or three days out of the week where we can either doing the marathon or show some independent film for example Capt. America’s three civil war is coming out so why not has a movie marathon for all three Capt. America movies for the price of $65 you would get a medium popcorn, soda Candy, Hot dog access to all three movies and instead of movie ticket a special customize badge that initiate I Capt. America shield. & a captain America Comic book & poster.
Rules – it is important to have rules in empty establishment so here are a couple of my rules 1. There are no infants or toddlers allowed in the in the theater unless it is for a children’s movie. 2. If you’re going to be on your phone during the movie it is best that you get up and leave the room send you text outside. 3. If you are caught bootlegging the movie will be kicked out. 4. Obviously no outside food and drinks. 5. Bag searches are permitted. 6. Acts of violence or sexual nature will get you kicked out and suspended for a whole month. 7. Enjoy your time at visual effects.
Food & Snacks – so this has been a big hot but an issue with a lot of people the foods inside are ridiculously overpriced stale and sometimes I even cooked correctly so I can understand why people are going to places like 7-Eleven or the $.99 store and sneaking in here foods and snacks. At visual effects we will do three things that no other theater will do for us we are going to have some nontraditional healthy movies next along with the regular junk that you find in all theaters, here’s an idea for children and adults for two different prices we will have build your own combo you can take one food item one drink one candy and one snack such as popcorn naturals or pretzels.
Store/Gaming Area-/ Waiting Area – there are times where we come early to a movie especially if we are meeting a group so I figured why not take the regular gaming area and waiting area and combined them with the store in the area as well will sell hats and T-shirts and a few other things or if you play some of the game you can Windows item for yourself.
Now I understand that there is a lot of work and negotiations that need to get done in order to get something like this up and running but this is something I would be into and running now as for the seating I might do a recliner type thing I can see but I matter use something that’s new and no one has seen before like the seating arrangements at the in the top of the picture of this article. I also feel that every place should have their own signature item or style this should be done to give the place a unique quality that no one else has.

Ticket Price & Promotion– you already read that I would have $11.50 admission for a movie but how would you guys feel if we brought back something old school along with all these thing things to the movie theater experience, I’m talking about Double Features most of the time we pay a lot of money only to be left with a bad movie and we have to wait a while for a new one to catch our  interest so why not have this make a come back. when you compare the prices I would have to the prices other companies offer you will see your getting a way better deal, With our Membership card which is $24 a year when you break it down is 2 Dollars a month this gives you a discount of $3 for our double Feature passes so you can see two movies & a 1.50 upgrade charge if you buy a small Popcorn or drink you can upgrade to a medium & the same thing when you order a Medium and upgrade to a large, you can even use the $3 discount for events as well.  

Adult $12.50 single  $21 Double Feature {Witch membership Card}  

Senior $10.50 single $18 Double Feature {With Membership Card}

Children $9.50 Single $16 Double Feature  {With Membership Card}
Okay people as always I like to know what you think you spend time in a place like this would you tell all your friends and family to come here what would you do to make the movie theater is a lot better and if you happen to be some kinda investor looking for a place to invest the money in please contact me this is something I really want to do especially in the New York area Atlantic City, Florida, Las Vegas. one more thing if you think of a better name please elt me know, 

Backwards Compatibility


We all love Video games and some of us were brought up on them and plan to have a business either selling or making them which is great and very commendable A lot of games have very interesting stories some better than books However has much as I love them and play them their are a few things I really hate that the companies are doing or not doing only to have us get very disappointed or keep dipping in to our pockets 5 or more times between buying a yearly or 3 month membership, buying Half a game and paying for DLC and some DLC doesn’t even tie up the lose ends in the game, {I’m talking about you Arkham Series} then having a Game of the year edition and lastly having a next gen system Ps3 and Ps 4 and still selling games on both consoles I understand not everyone has the money to move on I am one of the one of theses people myself it would be a hell of a lot easier to make next gen system Backwards compatible.

for those of you who don’t know Backwards Compatibility is when a new systems is able to play your games on the older model of that system so that you can still enjoy your games if the older gaming consoles were able to do this and surely the new ones would be able to as well I just don’t think they want to put in the time and effort to do so what a shame,

My reason for this is simple we all have old games that we love and will play again for me Lunar silver star story, Chrono Trigger Legend of the Dragoons I know I lot of you people are going to through in my face just buy it in the online market I want to tell you HELL NO why would I buy a game I have owned for 4, 7 or 13 years when I can just easily play them in the system and save some money that I asked 30 people about this only 4 said they don’t care about it and they had no use to playing on old game, we all know that’s B.S we all have old games we love to get back to, now the rest said they want it and didn’t know what the companies are thinking, my feelings is that I do not want to have to pay digitally for a game i already own so if Nintendo can do backwards compatibles so can Xbox and Play station.

Remember people we give these gaming companies money we pay for everything they are doing so that means we have the power not them let me repeat we have the power not them if we want something and they are not delivering then stop buying their shit once they see how much money they are losing and people starts to flood their social networks emails. and regular mail at their companies demanding this then they will have to submit however due to how much people are addicted to their games I don’t see this happening.
Gaming Companies keep telling fans to stop asking for backwards compatibility but as fans and the people who pay billions of dollars a year on games and accessories we have more than the right to demand what we want and how we want to use it, so remember people we can have this one day we just need to stick together and work for it,