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Hi Everyone!
I’ve always loved stories in Books , Video Games , Anime and Graphic Novels and Manga my entire life I have written many stories but always kept them to myself I do not know why but this year I have decided to write a book and a blog so I can better my writing I am not very good when it comes to grammar and spelling so things will need to be edited a few times in order for this to fee and sound proper I do need a lot of help that is why I am doing this I love to tell stories but I suck at writing, I told myself while I work on my book why not work on an other story so this is what I am attempting to do now so that I can get better at writing and grammar.

I only ask a few things Please do not steal any of my characters or plots I have already Patented them so your looking for a big pain in court and a lot off money loss, I also asked for Help with a Title for this story to me that is a hard part, any suggestions will be welcomed and consider and most importantly please be kind with your criticisms I do need them so i can figure some things out but just please be careful on how you say things, words do hurt.

I am planing to to start off with introducing every one to the villains and heroes of the story with as little with out spoilers if you know everything then what is the use of reading about the characters or reading the story right? I plan on publishing one Chapter a month in the story section that should give me a chance to flush things out before posting who knows maybe this will be my first book instead of my other project.

We traveled to the beautiful world of Shelendria where the balance between good and evil is rapidly fading. The goddess of justice, love and balance Kuventia has chosen a kind hearted and powerful young lad by the name of Faiyte Slayerz who suffers from dissociation identity disorder. She chose Faiyte to help her battle against the evil demon lord Mephistopheles and his Infershia army. will Faiyte and his friends be able to help combat this evil while battling his other half Slaiyne Faihtless? who wants to take full control over their body. can these two young men co-exist to help save Shelendria from destruction with the aid of their friends without obliterating each other in the process?”

If there is anyone out there with Art skills please contact me it would be great to have a few pictures to go along with my story, so please feel free to contact me,

Thank you ALL ^_^