Dangers of Obesity


Now before I get to my subject i would like to take some time tot tell you why i am qualify to speak on this matter, unlike 90% of other blogs on this matter most of the write are Physical Trainers, Body builders, Health nuts and Doctors but how many Blogs about Obesity are written by Fat,Chubby, Big boned, Large, Thrumpy, Obese , Bulky, Pudgy, Chunky, Plump, husky, Medical Complications of Obesityr JumboTron what ever it is most people call us I really do not have time to be politically correct about the name, My point is how many of these bloggers or people who write articles about being Obese are actually fat like me that’s why I am qualified to speak on this matter, as someone who has experience with being a large man, i wanted to write the 11 most dangerous Health hazards that people inherit by being Obese and how they are connected I want to try and help others understand why staying this way isn’t a good idea and next week I’m going to write about some things to do to lose a few pounds in order to get ready for a harder work out,
Type 2 Diabetes.
It isn’t clear why people who are overweight are more likely to develop this disease.I think being overweight causes cells to change making them resistant to the hormone insulin. Insulin carries sugar from blood to the cells, The Cells that makes Insulin works extra hard to try and keep blood sugar normal this can be a reason why these cells fail, Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar levels are above normal. High blood sugar is a major cause of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, amputation, and blindness. . Family history and genes play a large role in type 2 diabetes. Other risk factors include a low activity level, poor diet, and excess body weight around the waist. In the United States, type 2 diabetes is more common among blacks, Latinos, and American Indians than among whites. About 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. you do not want to have any form of Diabetes you have to constantly watch what you eat and drink not to mention inject yourself with insulin a lot which can be a tremendous pain and one of the worst things is that if your not careful and do not follow what they doctors says you could lose some toes or a foot and let’s be honest people none of us want to lose body parts,
High Blood Pressure.
Every time your heart beats, it pumps blood through your arteries to the rest of your body. Blood pressure is how hard your blood pushes against the walls of your arteries. High blood pressure Some people say (hypertension) usually has no symptoms that is a lie from personal experience being in hypertension sucks ass you feel over heated headaches, dizziness and a lot of sweating , these symptoms may cause serious problems, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure High blood pressure is linked to overweight and obesity in several ways. Having a large body size may increase blood pressure because your heart needs to pump harder to supply blood to all your cells. Excess fat may also damage your kidneys, which help regulate blood pressure. A blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg (often referred to as “120 over 80”) is considered normal. If the top number (systolic blood pressure) is consistently 130 or higher or the bottom number (diastolic blood pressure) is 90 or higher, you are considered to have high blood pressure. if you take a blood pressure test and you get 132/90 or high your in pre or hypertension stage so please be careful and try to low it down.
Heart Disease.
People who are overweight or obese often have health problems that may increase the risk for heart disease. These health problems include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. In addition, excess weight may cause changes to your heart that make it work harder to send blood to all the cells in your body. Heart disease is a term used to describe several problems that may affect your heart. The most common type of problem happens when a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart becomes hard and narrow. This may keep the heart from getting all the blood it needs. Other problems may affect how well the heart pumps. If you have heart disease, you may suffer from a heart attack, heart failure, sudden cardiac death, angina (chest pain), or abnormal heart rhythm. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United State heart Disease isn’t a joke please make sure to go and check your self out when ASAP .
Stroke & Heart
Overweight and obesity are known to increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes. Excess weight also increases your chances of developing other problems linked to strokes, including high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and heart disease.A stroke happens when the flow of blood to a part of your brain stops, causing brain cells to die. The most common type of stroke, called ischemic stroke, occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery that carries blood to the brain. Another type of stroke, called hemorrhagic stroke, happens when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Strokes can leave you paralyze if you are able to survive I know I would hate to end up unable to work on my business or go to conventions.
This is new to me I have never heard of people getting cancer for being overweight, Gaining weight as an adult increases the risk for several cancers, even if the weight gain doesn’t result in overweight or obesity. he is something interesting It isn’t known exactly how being overweight increases cancer risk. Fat cells may release hormones that affect cell growth, leading to cancer. Also, eating or lack physical activity habits that may lead to being overweight may also contribute to cancer risk. Cancer occurs when cells in one part of the body, such as the colon, grow abnormally or out of control. The cancerous cells sometimes spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver. Cancer is the second leading cause of death receiving Kimo or radiation for cancer treatment is really painful and sometimes will make u sicker than you already are ,
Sleep Apnea.
Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person has one or more pauses in breathing during sleep. A person who has sleep apnea may suffer from daytime sleepiness, difficulty focusing, and even heart failure. some times people with this symptoms also have trouble falling to sleep, Obesity is the most important risk factor for sleep apnea. A person who is overweight may have more fat stored around his or her neck. This may make the airway smaller. A smaller airway can make breathing difficult or loud (because of snoring), or breathing may stop altogether for short periods of time. In addition, fat stored in the neck and throughout the body may produce substances that cause inflammation. Inflammation in the neck is a risk factor for sleep apnea.
Osteoarthritis is a common health problem that causes pain and stiffness in your joints. Osteoarthritis is often related to aging or to an injury, and most often affects the joints of the hands, knees, hips, and lower back. if untreated from time to time you joints can lock up Being overweight is one of the risk factors for osteoarthritis, along with joint injury, older age, and genetic factors. Extra weight may place extra pressure on joints and cartilage (the hard but slippery tissue that covers the ends of your bones at a joint), causing them to wear away. In addition, people with more body fat may have higher blood levels of substances that cause inflammation. Inflamed joints may raise the risk for osteoarthritis .
Fatty Liver Disease.
Who know you could get Fatty Liver Disease from being Large person as well as drinking Fatty liver disease, also known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), occurs when fat builds up in the liver and causes injury. Fatty liver disease may lead to severe liver damage, cirrhosis (scar tissue), or even liver failure.Fatty liver disease usually produces mild or no symptoms. It is like alcoholic liver disease, but it isn’t caused by alcohol and can occur in people who drink little or no alcohol. The cause of fatty liver disease is still not known. The disease most often affects people who are middle-aged, overweight or obese, and/or diabetic. Fatty liver disease may also affect children.
Kidney Disease.
Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that filter blood, removing extra water and waste products, which become urine. Your kidneys also help control blood pressure so that your body can stay healthy.Kidney disease means that the kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood like they should. This damage can cause wastes to build up in the body. It can also cause other problems that can harm your health. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, the most common causes of chronic kidney disease. Recent studies suggest that even in the absence of these risks, obesity itself may promote chronic kidney disease and quicken its progress,
This isn’t really a danger but it relates to our topic, I do not know about you guys but shopping for clothes are a hassle when your overweight not only do you need to try on like 12 different pair of jeans or shirts and make sure they are comfy and fit you well but have you seen the price tags on the clothing for big and tall people with all that cash i could open up a swat shop and have clothes made a a responsible price, the other day I went shopping for some clothes i got 2 pair of pants 2 shirts 2 belts all size 50 in waist all that added up to $75 dollars all these items i got were from the clearance section, I went to shop at one of the cheapest places I know of Burlington coat Factory, the bigger you are the more you pay why do we have to pay a lot more,
Mental & Emotional Instability.
Social Stigma, Self-Esteem & Bullying, Depression, Emotional Eating, Discrimination are all things related to being Obese to me this is one of the most important and deadliest problem we live in a society that is always pouring crap on us by the way we look dress act and unfortunately it shuts down or mind n feelings which we need the most in order to be able to pull through and achieve our goals, I know it is very easy to shut people out and stay a lone when people call you a fatass or much worse you have to take all that angry and bullshit people feed you and use it to your advantage to go out and make it a mission to change not for them but for yourself and your loved one, do not let them push you in that deep whole of depression do not let them lower your self esteem n if you have someone who is bullying you do not be afraid to fight back its the only way to keep your confidence and build up your esteem, there will ways be some people to Discriminate on fat people but do your best not to deprive yourself of any social interactions and most certainly to do not try to filled the void with more food that will not help. so take all the crap that hateful close minded people would give you and use it as a weapon to motivate you to work out eat less go out more, and transform yourself and by happy, this is the only real way to win later when you lost 50 to 125 pounds you can rub their faces in it, just because you feel great and to be a little spiteful, there is nothing wrong with that.