Heroes of Free Speech

4060ab0507fc9bfb90c49156da0d7752I’ve been hoping and praying that I would not have to write anything about the subject matter however when I see the tremendous amount of anger and violence hatred and the censorship of the truthful speech and the trading of ideas it pisses me the fuck off we can’t afford to sit in the shadows do nothing about what is going on now I know from you do not like politics neither do I how ever within the past year there have been a constant vicious attacks on everything that has to do with free speech, creativity such as music movies, video, books, art it is gotten so bad that you have groups like radical feminist political correctness but unlike lives matter social justice warriors radical Islam and even our own US government who pays these hate groups all over the world yes they are  all working together to keep us quiet and make us the bad guys also fighting wars between ourselves to shut down our creative nature. But yet all of these groups are allowed to attack us insight hatred and also pull relief and sensor what we do and say on twitter Facebook and YouTube and for those of us who disagree with these groups are pulse get deleted our videos can’t shut down or we get banned for writing things that people do not agree with on a video game or movie review for those of you think I am fully set I encourage you to look all this up online these things are being taken away from us slowly and most of us are either too stupid or too lazy to do anything about it so I am pleading with those of you don’t care or just sit on the sideline to come and help us because this will affect you to. I am going to share with you if you videos of people who are fighting against our oppressors and who has their foot on our throats we need to take a little break from what we are doing to help combat or these problem and I really hate to say this one of those things is voting for Donald Trump yes he’s a psychopath he has also said some peaceful things in the past that is where does need to be in the past he is trying to help all of us in America not live in poverty during job back make a fair trade deal lower taxes deporting illegal immigrants and having them vetted and heck for any illiness so we do not contract them. And a bunch of other things that I cannot remember at the moment but the point is that he is trying to help. The videos I am about to share with you are of the few and talented individual who knows about the true and can see where all of these bad things will be to I would love for you to take time and watch these videos before commenting or call me whatever you going to call me it is important that we fight to keep our freedom of speech and creativity I am a person who likes to write stories how do you feel if these hate groups who are in control of everything keeps turning you down every time you try to publish a book because they do not like a description of the character that you create and that they would intend him to keep you down and make you an asshole and if you say anything or disagree with their establishment and make it public and number 1.

Milo Yiannopoulos – He has two nicknames one of them is the most dangerous faggot and the other the most fabulous super villain on the Internet on the groups I mentioned this guy be even banned him from Twitter for like even after he has bought tens of millions of subscriber to that website. He is also the editor at Breitbart and a few of the publications.

Pamela Geller- on what I know this woman she has given and protested against Islamic ideology as you travel to different parts of the world to see the deadly effects of this so-called religion in many parts of the world she has witnessed Islamic beliefs invading other countries in setting up a sharia law she have been protested against & sued for speaking the truth and trying to stop this is a very sick and twisted Laws from being invaded and placed here. US makes me worried for her safety but she is putting up the good fight we have to make sure we support her and her mission. For those of us who go to any trade show cars hows and convention or the beach we cant see scantily clad women under Sharia low they will all dressed in their ninjas outfits being covered from head to toe, all I’m sorry those are not ninja outfits they are called burqa.

Stefan Molyneux -he used the host of free domain radio he also cover a wide range of social issues from all around the world just dude is very intellectual and you can tell he reads a lot and I enjoyed listening to her because he quotes a lot of good things from books that people don’t really read anymore. And like the other people I have mentioned He Has Also Received death threats and hateful comments speaking the truth on the many problems around the world a few times also have been censored. If you like what you hear from this guy describe the watch all of his videos on his YouTube channel.

Alex Jones– as a kid this guy terrified me always talk about or the scary and crazy government things and it wasn’t so I got older that I notice a lot of the things that he has mentioned has come true a lot of people demonize this man: the conspiracy theory but when you look at the facts and history since he first started on mainstream media you can look at everything he said and see how much of it became true so go to Infowars.com and read about a lot of the things that is happening today even though Alex has a target on his head he is still fighting for freedom which is what more of us should be doing.

Christina Hoff Sommers – is an American author, former philosophy professor she currently battles radical feminist and their potential need for speed safe space with their fabricated PTSD every time she goes and give lecture and has debunk several of their claim about rapes on campus and how women get paid less in the work and many more subjects she continues her great work battling these radical Controlling harpies.

Donald Trump– so we don’t know who this man is a lot of people hate this man and a lot of people loved him, but did you notice who are the people that hate who want to people who like, most of his haters are globalists elite high business people that get tax breaks all over the place the illegal immigrants and some of us lazy ass American that rather live off the government’s but here’s the thing it’s not the government that gives you money to the people that work 40 hours a week 80 hours a week hundred and 120 hours a week we get rapped off our taxes to support those people who are sick or disabled or elderly you do not count in this conversation, now the people who love Trump are mostly hard-working business minded love democracy and freedom of speech and expression and are really pissed off that other so-called American would even for the same policies that hasn’t worked that will work, so I want you to listen to his speech and really see what is going on and what he is trying to change we get a change would Obama but I’m sure would trump we will .


we need to support and show our love for these people and their work and support them whenever did giving a lecture share their videos and website with everybody at this time that those of us who love free speech democracy and freedom join together and give finger to those that try to take our rights away from us we went allow these people to ruin the entertainment and art music and games that we love and if this censoring and deleting bullshit does not stop on Facebook, Twitter & youtube then I call for my brothers and sisters who are great at building website to contact me build our own place so we can talk about everything without being censored and keep the opposing people out with thanks to twitter we no longer have to worry about any legal ramifications that showed the world that it is okay for them to discriminate against someone they do not like or agree with, seriously guys please take a look at what is going on and do stuff about it only together can we went and keep our right and started to make a real change, Mr. Trump if you are reading this I do not to make America great again I want to make it better than it was before so let’s go for that. The way those people win if we stand down and we stay silent if we apologize to them say what you need to say and no matter how much of a bigot they call you or a misogamist or a homo or Islamic fob you are tell them to go fuck themselves you said what you said they need to get over it if not then tell them to picture their safe space in a volcano and jump in to it as the fuck themselves with a razor dildo, now they like to take your personal information and post it online but you can get over that by suing them for putting you and your family in harms way and make sure part of your settlement is paid for by them. and never get angry or fight people its what they want you do to and if you all for it you look bad cuz they start the problems then play the victims.