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downloadI wanted to get into my creative side today I been busy with my business and haven’t had time to write in a while a few days ago a friend of mines Racheal who is a fantastic writer told me she wanted to write something but had No Idea what do where to start and she asked if I can come up with a concept for her to use and that she will take it from there I began to think how strange but Interesting this request was so I got to work think about all the things Racheal Loves and likes I wrote down some things for her to use based on Lolitas, Vampires, Animals, Fashion and Cosplay so with the things I gave her she sent me a first draft of some notes she wrote down, In a world where monster  battle each other to be the best at everything from cooking to fighting a small band of monsters put their differences aside and  start working together to try and make people get along as they focus on building their Fashion Business which will now include different Cosplay. now that is all I can say for now without out spoiling the story However that request gave me an idea to try and help out some people who are stuck or have writer’s block come up with something new, So I am going to write a small concept with some Characters after I am done Hopefully someone will take it and run with it I hope someone does and writes something great to read. ^_^

Worlds – Disney -Pixar- Marvel-Starwars  I picked the Disney world and things they own and since these things are connected now I think it be great to have someone write something or make a better video game to connect them,

Characters- I pick 20 good guys and 20 bads guys i even them up from male and female in order to have a well-rounded & diverse set of characters I can’t wait to see how these people get along or don’t get along with each other I hope the story has an even amount of humor, character development and action,  I also have place characters the connected with each other and some Characters who have nothing to do with each other at all and two original characters .

Heroes- 1. Elsa,{Frozen}  2. Mulan,{mulan} 3. Merida,{brave} 4. Kim Possible,{Kim Possible}  5. Violet,{The Incredibles} 6. Kairi,{Kingdom Hearts} 7. Alex Russo,{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Tinkerbell.{PeterPan} 9. Rey,{Star Wars} 10. X-23{All New X-men} 11. Aladdin, {Aladdin} 12. Ralph,{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Simba,{Lion King} 14. Hurcules,{Hurcules} 15. Stitch,{Leroy&Stitch} 16. Jack Skellington,{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Ironman,{Avenegrs} 18. Baymax.{Big Hero 6} 19. Goliath, {Gargoyles}  20. Mickey,{Disney}

Villians- 1. Yzma.{Emporor’s new groove} 2. Mother Gothel.{Tangled}
3. Ursula.{Little Mermaid}  4. Shego.{Kim Possible} 5. Mezmerella.{The Incredibles}  6. Maleficent.{Sleeping Beauty} 7. Stevie Nichols.{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Queen Liliana{American Dragon Jakelong} 9. Demona.{Gargoyles} 10. Kimura { Marvel} 11. Jafar.{Aladdin} 12. Turbo.{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Xehanort.{Kingdomhearts} 14. Hades.{Hercules} 15. Leroy.{Leroy & Stitch} 16. Oogie boogie.{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Justin Hammer.{marvel} 18. Yokai.{Big hero 6} 19. Darth Vader. {Starwars}
20. Shadow Blot.{ Epic Micky} 

Original -Terminus, is an Evil entity who is breaking seals between 4 different worlds that are connected with each other in a way he can feed off all the evil to power himself up and even upgrade villains with more powers he is upsetting the balance of good and evil with is weaking his Foe Valeria who keeps him in check. Valeria, Is an Entity of light who keeps Terminus in check they balance each other out while she is growing weaker she selects heroes from the 4 worlds her enemy is messing with to help her battle him and his new army,

Concept.- An Evil being Know Terminus is breaking the seal on to 4 different worlds that have a few similarities and connections to each other Micky Mouse, along with a powerful Wizard Alex Russo and a key blade master Kairi are Attempting to close and seal the Breaches before anything worse can happen however this Evil being is too powerful for them he has already gathered a Numerous Amount of villains to serve and Aid him he can also grow his power by feeding off of evil energy and also give villains extra powers, Out match and out Numbered Micky, Alex and Kairi failed to Close the portals leaving terminus to win this fight before they can be destroyed they were saved by a person they have never seen before, her Name is Valeria she tells the Trio she is the only one who can Keep Terminus in check but do to him secretly seeking out more power he has upset their balance she for now she can’t take him down however she has selected a few heroes that can help them in their adventure to help her battle terminus Valeria Explains that she has made an outpost outside of time and space so they can work and remain hidden while they prepare for battle, she says their first quest is to help free four heroes that have been captured and locked away, Hercules, Elsa, Stitch & X-23 while the trio sets off to gather help to free these heroes terminus is busy conquering places and adding More bad guys to his Amy,

Message- For those of you who love to write fan-fiction or just bored and have nothing to do this might be something fun to work with I will enjoy to see what things you will write or do with this if I could I would make something like this to a video game RGP/Kingdom hearts style and 4 players and all the characters will have special attacks they can unlock but for now lets see what you do with this and take a not this is not something for sale it is for fun,


FIXING Batman V Superman

batman_superman_logo_by_kylexy93I had to write this in order to try and make sense of Batman v. Superman it was trying to be many movies at one time which really made unlikable for most people WB,Zack & Dc FUUUUUUCK you for making sit through this, I am still writing my review and I’m going to see the movie a 4th time maybe i might see something that makes me like it better,

There are so many movies this is trying to be, Man of Steel 2, Batman ,Superman, Wonder Women Trinity, A New Batman Series, Injustice, Justice league, Death of Superman, and partly a Batman v Superman all rolled in to one confusing what the fuck travesty as much as i hear most people saying how much they didn’t like the movie i haven’t heard of anyone making suggestions on how to untangle this mess and hopefully fix all of a lot of the things going on,

These are some things I was thinking that DC should consider for future movie projects firs thin they should have dione what marvel has done  build things up, but they rushed all over the place and wasted all their ideas in one movie,

Justice League. These are the list of Leaguers I want to see in the 3rd & 4th movie where they need to fight Darkseid and his army other than Trigon there is no one else who is that powerful, Batman, Superman, Wonder women, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Aquaman, Black Canary, Vixen & Shazam a lot of you are saying that’s a lot but it’s be kick ass to introduce them in other movies for the Major battle with Darkseid . As you can see i picked top mid and lower their characters in order to balance things out, and pay some attention to some of these characters . to fight someone as powerful as Darkseid your going to need an Army, 

Doom Patrol Movie idea – we all know that there are characters like Cyborg , the Green arrow the Zatana and Vixen that will never get their own movie however this could be a good way for both DC and Warner Bros. to push certain low-level characters to the public attention. So let’s start all with a new variation of this doom patrol which it is one of the few team that DC comics had been never really use for this example I’m going to use Martian Man Hunter, Green arrow Cyborg and flash, let us take these four characters and have different event that takes place in the movie that will eventually lead to them crossing over with each other and teaming up to Fight a group of villains Gorilla Grodd, Death Stroke, Hyperclan {White AMrtian) and Alfa that have been stealing technology from Star labs, Lex corp, Wayne industries a black market Kryptonian  technology’s to either destroy governments, or take over parts of the world, or any other typical guy activities that they want to do, now in order to do this crossing over correctly  both Warn Bros and DC comics  will need to take a look at one of Japan’s most famous Series Kamen Riders Since 1971 the superhero has been a staple in Japanese pop culture with every year a new Rider coming along and every few years doing a crossover movie  for all of you who read thisI have posted the link  Hopefully it will show you what i am talking about, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, – See more at: KamenRider OOO X KamenRider W-Featuring-Skull-Movie-War core if you watch the movie you will get a movie as an Example, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, – See more at: KamenRider OOO X KamenRider W-Featuring-Skull-Movie-War core if you watch the movie you will get a sense of what i am talking about that dc can do, you can even watch the series on the same site if you enjoy the movie its Japanese movie but subbed in English,

Birds of Prey Movie Idea – Vixen, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, and Zatanna my choices for the birds of prey in this movie we started off by seeing the ladies fight off some enemies, and us as the viewer find out that deep in the team two years once we find out about the kind of activities the ladies we see scene where there out for cocktails and they’re having a small conversation and flashback to how they first met almost  like in  Deadpool the way they switched between past and present was great and i am sure it can work for something like this as well. Now I think these bad guys would fit well into this movie , Shadow  Thief,  Aku Kwesi ,Morgaine La Fey, Hyathis  Bad guys from both the Animated Series and Comics books Now we can set this movie in the same time frame and universe of Doom Patrol this way instead of taking a very long time to expand the universe you can do it in about a few films so the plus for birds of prey can be that these  four  villains are you using magical item to either some a powerful demon or to grant themselves much more power. they fight and beat the bat guys and move one from this,  

Post Credits-  After Doom Patrol is over and the credits roll by you see them go after the birds of prey telling them they are reckless and they need more training words an argument breaks less and you see them charging at each other, Post Birds of  prey you see them both teams fighting each other when the Justice league comes to break it up but get no mind paid to them they break up the fight and  a speech is given by Wonder women and batman says you all been Drafted then they all teleport somewhere else., 

Justice league 1 –                                                                                               so Superman is dead if you haven’t seen movie by now what the hell are you waiting for?   Now a lot of people were upset about this and said that maybe he should have been killed later on so here’s my idea for Justice league one we have the crazy ass Lex Luther he either breaks out of jail or have the lawyer get him out , while he is free Lex starts to see computer coding while he is messing with that the mother box that was activated with cyborg has downloaded a program to the Internet which to be brainiac. Brainiac finds out that there are bits and pieces of his code inside Lex corps computers he makes a deal with Lex and you know a lot blah blah things happen to Justice league fights brainiac and they are barely able to make a dent in him brainiac then learns of Superman and Kryptonian tech on earth he then resurrects Superman to be evil and take control of some humans to be the superman soldiers that we seen from the injustice and did dream part of Batman VSuperman . Later on the league free Superman from brainiac’s control and battle brainiac and whatever insane plan Lex came out with.. This can be done to establish a whole lot of craziness that was in Batman VE Superman I’m not saying that they should use all my ideas but I think they would give the movie some structure and make some sense of something that with basically a labyrinth seven the for movies tied together.  

The reason I’m fighting for Darkside to be the last final villain is because the only other people out the Justice league by themselves has to be Trigon, brainiac, or some kind of God. So if they take time to structure everything it can give DC and Warner Bros. at least eight years a good material and money to be made I feel like they rushed this way too fast order to catch up with marvel has there would’ve been patient and taken the time marvel would’ve been active phase 4, 

these are some of my thoughts on how they can try to fix a few things to we can get a more fleshed out story, so anyway people what you think DC and Warner Bros. should do and what would you like to see in the Justice league movies whether it be characters villains fights?  



Hello I haven’t wrote anything in a while i been having writers block So I been spending the time reading watching anime cartoons and movies and playing video games for ideas so I can be unblocked not only this but I been Helping this a friend of mines Jamie from the Philippines she can write but she also has been stuck when it comes to writing and creating so I fond a few ways to help both of us at the same time some of the things I just mentioned plus music it Example if your going to write a battle scene then listen to music that pumps you up and make you want to punch someone in the face and try acting out parts of your story so that you can feel and see if it sounds good or the way you want it to be and Please do not be Discouraged or upset if it doesn’t seem to be good to be honest 80% of our writing will come out shitty and bad its why we do editing and ask people for help. I Send Jamie a creation Template I made when I was 11 and I still use it today now that i am 28 but now its much more categories and in depth I seen others create a similar system but with 200 to 700 categories while it is a wonderful idea to have as much info as you can  this is a little excessive you’ll spend more time on this than actually creating all you really need is a good  20 to 50 categories or questions so when you create a character or world you already have a plan structure on how you will build things. You are more than welcomed to use any of these methods while creating just message me and let me see what you have written so maybe I can share some ideas with all of you,  BTW I’m not going to fill this out so that it can be easier for people to copy and use,

Creation Template

  •  Real Name:  
  • Alias:  
  •  Hero or Villain Identity:  
  •  Age:  
  •  Date & Place of Birth: 
  • Home Town
  •  Race: 
  •  Affiliation:  
  •  Sex:  
  •  Orientation:  
  •  Height:  
  •  Weight:  
  •  Hair color & Style:   
  • Eyes Colors: 
  • Dislikes:  
  • Likes:  
  • Enemies:  
  • Friends:  
  • Skills:  
  • Appearance:
  • Symbol:  
  •  Zodiac:  
  • Motivation:  
  • Accomplishments:  
  • Failures:  
  • Wishes:  
  • Regrets:  
  • IQ:  
  • Known Languages:  
  • Hobbies:   
  • Favorite Animals: 
  •  Religion:  
  •  Superstitions:
  • Weakness:
  • Strength  
  •  Relationship:
  • Command Center:   
  • Talent:  
  • Element of Power:  
  • Transformation:  
  •  Alternate Forms  
  •  Fashion Sense 
  • Costume:  
  •  Weapons:  
  • Powers: 
  • Personality:  
  • History:  

This is pretty much all the important questions I use when I am creating but  you guys can add or subtract anything you find not useful however use this version first to see how much you can create in a short time, good luck and I look forward to see what kinds of characters  you create,

Business Dreams


Ever since I was 14 years old I always wanted to be able to build and own 5 different business I have worked really hard over the years with a lot of set backs disappointments, negativity battles with former friends and family and been scammed a lot trying to achieve my goals it really pisses me off and hurts me a lot that all my life i had to be emotionally and and some times physically abused by 97 % of people in my life and that I suffer from a few disabilities I feel like all my struggles trying to get anything moving is not going anywhere, I tried to get capital by internet marketing and direct selling just only been scammed out of a lot of money angered and frustrated and even more annoying my anxiety and depression raised to an all time high where Im like if i cant have what i want out of live why live, I even tried to go to this free business school but that was a pain in the ass cuz i’d would do one class for a month the business plan then have to re sign up for the next part but if it was filled up id have to wait a lot longer, and on top of that the business teacher kept trying to change my target audience I kept protesting cuz if you change my targets then you ruin my business ideas and plans and I wasn’t willing to do that what is the point in fucking yourself over before you can even start?

so where can someone like me with no money and no connection but a lot of Greatly Fantastic business ideas can go to get his dreams build? I’m going to lay out a few of my ideas not in full details cuz i need to keep those to myself until i can find an investor or a company willing to help me can gain a broader target of customers,

I know that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me to be able to use all echo friendly building materials such as hemp-crete its much more lighter and stronger than normal concrete – energy efficient lighting, Windows and low energy appliances – If their is away to use solar power & wind power to help power the buildings but we need to see how useful some fan sized wind turbine can be. I know of this company that provides cleaner low cost energy to homes and now they are doing to to business so that can also be a good way to look in to.

Event rental
this is one of my 5 business Ideas I get questions by a lot of people if I know any places that will rent their space for parties and events I do not know why but buildings are no longer renting out their space so it would be nice to have a building with 4 rooms each with a different capacity of people per room, room 1 -150 room 2- 220 room 3 330 and finally room 4 400 each room will have a nice kitchen with pizza oven 1 big refrigerator and one freezer we all know we can’t have events or parties with out foods or drinks. for this I have 15 pages in full details. that include prices day to day funding security and much more,

is the name of an other business I would like to start which provides a place for people who need a place to work study or have meetings we even have a auditorium so that people can come and take course about time management or business prep by successful people I even planed both solo and group work areas and a small little lunch room with healthier and energy building foods and snacks. I spent a lot of time on this and have 30 pages on all the workings and details for this place, I am very positive that this place will also be successful.

Game 2gether
to be honest i’m not really stuck on this name i’m still trying to come out with a better one,Even though that most video games are mostly played online their is still a large need for gaming in person having live competition and socializing for this I need two floors the 1st floor is where all the socializing happens a few arcade games a place to eat and a store and on the 2nd floor theirs rooms that will host different gaming 1 room for nintendo , 1 room for xbox 1 room for Play station 1 room for pool tables and 1 room for card games all sound proof so that the noise do not cancel each other out. all other details are in my notes its 38 pages long full of ideas details payment plans events and much much more,

I do not really have a name of this one yet im still working on it but i do have an idea owning and running a bar is a very hard thing to do i seen a lot of people that have a lot bar and run a bar in to the ground and I watch a lot of bar rescue so i picked up even more ideas for this I have 15 pages of notes and ideas, but I was thinking a real sports bar dedicated to all types of sports and host sporting events for big events like MMA , WWE, Boxing pay per views , or even all star games world series and other things like that, and all of our drinks can be made to fit the sports and i was thinking of a group of shots with different themed drinks for a group of people to share,

Last bussiness
do you guys remember when i mentioned the gaming business well that is a larger part of this one but i can’t not share much because this one I have 55 pages of ideas plans and have worked out many things in writing and i want to be a little aggressive and have 8 of them in the U.s New york, Atlantic city, Boston, Florida, Texas, California Vegas and Seattle these are places where a lot of my target audiences often have conventions in this is my first idea that I came up with at the age of 14 and have revamped this idea several times over the years in order to fit the change of times this is my pride and joy and will be kept a secret until i have all the money or partners i need in order to see this happen I also have plans to take this internationally as well I will swim in that lake when i get their.

now that you know all my ideas want to let you know one more things i plan on having them connected by having a billboard saying please check out my other business, i also going to put recycling to good use and use the money from recycling to good use by putting it back in to the business.These are just a small portion of many larger ideas that I have for business and making money If their are any investors, sponsors or or fortune 500 companies out their willing to take a chance on my please contact me as soon as possible so we can talk and hopefully do business, this is my life long dreams I to be able to start and own these business I have tried everything I could think of and a few other methods with no real payout so im really desperate and sick and tird of being lied to used and scammed, I have even tried getting grants and loans but all the paper work are extremely hard for me to understand .

Ideas for saving Electricity in the U.S/Canada&Mexico


4 years ago I was on a bus from New York to Texas to visit a few friends since it was my first time traveling by busy I decided to take the window seat so i can have things to look at the view was beautiful and i had a blast I began to noticed a few things on the high way and in a few little towns some of those places their street lamp post had solar panels on them and some had their own generator since I am a huge fan of helping our environment and hopefully the world I had an idea,

Our country spends about $11,840.515 dollars give or take on Electricity it could be more or it could be less I do not really know I guess this is why there’s a comment section here so people can tell me things I do not know lol ,I ask my self what is our government doing to lower this cost other than raising taxes so that we have to pay for this what are other solution that can help and not have a negative effect on the people then I thought about the major black out the U.s and part of Canada had a few years ago so I told myself we have to avoid something like that as well,

Hear me out lets say for a rare moment in the U.s History the Government does something for its people let’s say America, Canada and Mexico combined has 82 trillion lamp post or street lights between cities, towns, parks and high ways, what if we made a deal with them since we are all connected this will benefit all 3 countries and all its people we have a partnership to convert Half of all these lamp post in to solar energy and 4 small wind turbines so when it is winter time and the sun is being blocked out we can still generate the energy we need with the wind, Not only that also putting in LED lighting or energy efficient light bulbs they last longer are brighter and will save all 3 counties a lot of ton of money not to mention reducing the use of Fossil fuels which we are running out of and this will help our future generations. I know there are some Post that hare connected to houses and power plants and stuff so those we can leave alone I am hoping that his crazy idea will take off especially in island and small countries I know the Philippines their is a few Communities that are being built now that are taking full advantage of Solar power I hope to see more places taking advantage to this great resource soon Like I do remember hearing that the U.s was planing on Building a large solar tower that will provide Energy to a lot of people homes I also think that this type of energy will be useful for businesses. and any other great thing about it we are creating jobs which a lot of people have been struggling to find for these past several years,

Pros of Solar Power

Solar panels give off no pollution, the only pollution produced as a result of solar panels is the manufacturing of these devices in factories, transportation of the goods, and installation.One of the great pros of solar energy is the ability to harness electricity in remote locations that are not linked to a national grid. A prime example of this is in space, where satellites are powered by high efficiency solar cells,Solar energy can be very efficient in a large area of the globe, and new technologies allow for a more efficient energy production on overcast/dull days Another great pro of solar energy is the cost. Although the initial investment of solar cells may be high, once installed, they provide a free source of electricity, which will pay off over the coming years.The use of solar energy to produce electricity allows the user to become less dependent on the worlds fossil fuel supplies.

Pros for Wind Power
The creation of wind energy is “clean”. Unlike the use of coal or oil, generating energy from the wind doesn’t produce pollutants or require any harmful chemicals. Wind is free. If you live in a geographical location that receives plenty of wind, it is there for the taking. As a renewable resource, wind can never be depleted like other
natural, non-renewable resources.

so people what to you think of this idea I know that this is something that wont be done because the powers in charge never has the best has the peoples interest at heart, but I do think it can be possible one day and we should be working on it now.