Google March Will Fail UNLESS.

Hey People how it going? Well Im not doing too well I’m Very Pissed Very Sad Very frustrated at all of this Bull Shit going on in our Country today with BLM and Antifa and the so called Alt Right, and the Neo Liberal Fascist they are destroying our country making us fight each othe rall based on lies from the Fake Stream News Media and the Scumbag social  Medias especially Google,

Google has been Censoring Anyone who is Pro-trump and Pro free Speech they have they have gone out of their way to team up with facebook and twitter and delete accounts Censor people and as many youtubers will tell you take their money away the they have made all cuz they fear the truth. they have also violated many Civil rights and they need to be sued, Google has claimed as long as your using their platform they can will shut you down or take away money you have made this bull shit needs to stop, Their was a March set for on all the Google base however that will fail so hard and fast unless the people in charge of google march change of this march can follow it up other than going to their bases and annoying the  fuck out of Google, what is that going to change nothing, you need more here is what wee need to do other than the march .

STEPS TO BATTLE GOOGLE,                                                       Step 1. Google March on all their locations at the same time and everyone must stay together in their groups for safety and to make sure theirs no violence from their groups and live stream everything this march needs to be followed up by more steps if not this will fail the benefits of the march is that they will see how many people are no longer allowing them to bully us any longer.

Step 2. OVERLOAD  at the same time for an entire week  people who cannot make it to the march can have a massive  post on google plus, on Twitter, on facebook on youtube on Instagram  on Tmblr on Blogger on Redit & 4 Chan and post all pro free , Pro Trump pro Constitution Less Government, Anti Fake news, Anti Establishment anti Open borders  speech video post pictures, and share articles from Infowars, Brietbart, World news daily and other Anti Establishment publications that will piss them off  much more then share your post and any others that you can see  some of these google doe snot own however they are partners who do the same things they do, and do not be afraid to call out the CEO’s and Owners of these companies  this will send a message “We are not taking this Shit anymore”

Step 3. MASSIVE EXIT Now that we have been Emotionally devastation to google it is time to hit them Extremely hard by Exiting Google and going to other platforms Instead of using Gmail Start using Better Alternatives like, - These are 3 Email Alternatives that I like some offer up to 10Gbs of space and encryption for your emails, Now lets look for Youtube Alternatives, -Dailymotion now we need alternatives Social media, vine last but not least we need alternatives to Paypal, yes google owns that and youtube, WePay Skril. Once we star to use other platforms and alternatives this will start to hurt googles stocks so they will have to start respecting the people, as for search engines, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha Bing.

Step 4. Extreme Class Action Lawsuit.  2 ladies named Diamond and Silk who are leading a class action Law suit on google and Youtube I also hear Alex jones plans to jion them and every person who’s money has been cutt off, who’s rights have been violated and who’s accounts have been shut off needs to join on this Im talking about People like Lauren Southerns, Tim pool , Tommy Robbinson, all the people at the Rebel, at Brietbart, Roger Stone, Infowars, Philipp Defranko,  Warskis and many others need to join this. and that is how we the people can take on google, the march alone wont do shit but an endless assualt on their livley hood just like they have done to everyone else is the best way to say we do not need nor want you no more, and make demands that they change, so look for Diamond and silk and join them..


If anyone knows the leaders of March on google then  share this with them, we need something that will be Effective and this is very effective and crazy but it will work,