FB Group For Business,

euroradio-culture Hey Guy how are you all doing I been so busy with my business and trying to build my online persona so that I can Build my business even better I would Like to give you all an open Invitation to my Facebook Group for Business Sharing, Networking, Marketing, Promotion, Advertising come market and post I have a few rules and a few things i want to do with the group so here they are,

Rules For The Group  
1.DO not post any Sexual video or pics or anything with Animal Cruelty you will get band Permanently
2. All Memebers must only promote only one Business Per Account, If your no longer with a company that your promoting message me,
3. Only 1  representative per specific company will be allowed into the group, in order to help them with their business and remove clutter from reps from the same company.
4. Treat each other with Respect or at least be Civil
5. Stick with the Theme of the group Business
6. Anyone threatening to harm others or Aggressive will be suspended 3 weeks,
7. Blank profiles will not be Accepted
8. No SPaming
9. Business that are not registered to BBB or the Federal Trade Commity people will not be accepted
10. You are solely responsible for your own prestige and reputation. Think before you post. Think before you reply. Your words determine who you are.
11. DO Not and I repeat do not Post whatever your doing under someone eles’s post  this will get you banned as well,

Goals of the group                                                                                               My goal for the group is to be able to help as many people as I can. so I have decided to do a few other things I have haven’t seen in any group so far, like As soon as  my group 25000 Members I am going to be interactive with  most  people By posting some inspirational Things thoughts comments And I will Post my reading list of 69 Books which contains a Variety of subject for Personal development and business. I am also working on writing a short 13  or less page Document on how to use social medias for business properly i will be sharing what I do and also be providing  links to e-books or articles that can help Grow your business. 

When I reach 50,000 Members I am going to start doing raffles and give away’s the prizes will be things that are from people’s business, the winners will receive a message saying that you won’t what you won and the profile and link of the person who has provided the items. I will Mail it to you and you will get the item a letter and more info about the item and business, so if you can add more people to the group, so we can get started with this ok,   .  

Let me share with you how to FIND Grow Keep your money While Having fun at the same time your building your business and Expanding your minds, 

Join our Business Group 


Marketing, Advertising & Promotions


Today I would like to give you all Ideas for Advertising, Marketing & Promotions  your business blog, Cosplay page or anything else you do here are a few things that can and will help you some millions of people are using and others most people do not think of using im here to help,

Facebook – FB lets you reach billions of people all over the world and create or join groups so this is one of the most popular sites to use and get your business out their,

Myspace- many thought that this site has been gone nope since people left this site for FN myspace decided to transform in to a event and media site which can be a group way to expose yourself,

Instagram – A great new way to connect with others mostly using pictures and short details many use it to take selfies of themselves and post them again an other great way to Promote,                                   

Foursquare – Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends. Discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area. this can help you find populated locations to show off your business ,

Google plus – works like fb you can join create groups and even go group video chats or have a meetings with 6 or more people at the same time really good to set things up plan out to be more organized.

Tsu.co- this site pays people for original consistent content they post up I do not know all the workings of this site use my link cuz you have to be invited https://www.tsu.co/Gabriolus if you can figure it out I hope it helps,

Linnkedin- a More professional way to get networking done and hopefully find a job or partners to connect with,

Tumblr – Tumblr  is a site where their are many blogs posted and a lot of anime and music content soem people have started using it for business this is a very popular website,

Pinterest- A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. Also includes standard social networking features.

Vine.co – Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

Meetup-  This is a website where you join groups based on your hobbies and meet up once or twice a month this can be a great way to share what you like to promote  or network around town,

Ask.fm- Perfect for people to get to know you and your business a lot better you make a profile and people will ask your questions and you answer it this is a Fantastic way to build a relationship with others,

Snapchat – trillions of pictures and videos are shared through this app the good thing is that if you accidentally shared an embarrassing picture the other person cant download it,

Vimeo-  We put your videos first and give you the best ways to share, discover, and be inspired. Vimeo can help build your social status bigger than it  is now,

Youtube – YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to have a place to share things about their lives, business or events

Dailymotion- Dailymotion offers an international catalog of videos form around the world in hd just liek yt it is use to share business , live , events,

Fiverr- You can pay people to do some promotion, advertising for you starting at $5 dollars so if your just starting or on a budget this will help you,

Task Rabbit- you can either work doing other peoples task or hire people to do task for you this this can also be a great way for you to get yourself out their, well people I hope all these things can help you and will help you in what ever your using them for  please comment and let me know how this is helping you or if it is working for you at all,