After hearing watching and reading a lot of the rants and complaints about marvel v.s capcom infinate i have a few things to say however i am going to leave that for an other post i will tell you all i am not happy with this current game especially with no X-men characters the pitiful roster of fighters and the fact that most of the characters we already seen and played with and the lack of originality , So I figured why not make a post to let marvel, capcom and other gammers know what would be cool to do and to see in the game, I like the idea of having a real story to this new MVC however I see we have way less characters than before, so IF a dragon ball game can have over 150 fighters to pic from we should be able to have the same,

I would have Connected this story with the last game and said something like after the battle with Galactus theirs a rift was left open between both worlds and that’s when Sigma & Ultron meet for this Game. between main roster & dlc & unlock able I would like to take a page out of SNK and have a 4 player system and at-least 12 to 24 different Battle stages, I am going to list for you all the current marvel and capcom characters plus New people I like to add to the series. to make the game much more better and diverse. both companies have a lot of characters that are famous and well loved and yet they haven’t been used many of theme yet its a shame so Lets show these people what we want I will be updating this list as MVCI DLC comes out,

If anyone out their knows how to make your own mugen fighting game please contact me cuz I would love to conenct with you to make this MArvel v.s Capcom and an all X-men Fighting as well, thank u,

Current Capcom Side, 48 characters Akuma, Amingo, Anakaris, Aurthur, Amatarasu, B.B. Hood, Chris Redfield, Crimson Viper, Cammy White, Captain Commando, Charlie Nash, Chun-Li, Dan Hibiki, Dante, Dhalsim, Felicia, Firebrand, Frank West, Guile, Hayato Kanzaki, Haggar, Hsien-Ko, Jill Valentine, Jin Saotome, Jedah, Ken Masters, M. Bison, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Morrigan Aensland, Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Roll, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Sigma, Spencer, Sakura, Servbot, SonSon, Strider Hiryu, Tron Bonne, Trish, Vergil, Viewtiful Joe, Wesker, Zangief, Zero.

New Capcom Characters I’d like to see 29 . Street Fighter Ibuki, Necro, Juri. Breath of Fire, Ryu, Nina, Fou-Lu, Power Stone, Falco, Ayame , Dr. Erode, Dragons Dogma Lich, Daimon, Onimusha Gogandantess, Samanosuke Akechi, Jubei, Chaos Legion, Victor Delacroix, Sieg Wahrheit, Arcia Rinslet, Star Gladiator, Shaker, Ele, Edward Bilstein, Lost Planet, Wayne Holden, Bandero, Luka, Rival School Batsu, Momo, Kurow. Dark Stalkers Demitri, Azura’s Wrath Azura, Deus.

Current Marvel Side, 45 Characters. Blackheart, Black Panther, Cable, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Colossus, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Dr. Strange, DeadPool, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Gamora, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iceman, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Juggernaut, M.O.D.O.K, Magneto, Marrow, Nova, Omega Red, Psylocke, Phoenix, Rogue, Rocket Raccoon, Sabretooth She-Hulk, Sentinel, Super-Skrull, Shuma-Gorath, Silver Samurai, Spider-Man, Spiral, Storm, Thanos, Taskmaster, Ultron, Venom, War Machine, Wolverine, X-23,
New Marvel Characters I’d like to see 32. Inhumans. Black Blot, Madusa, Ms Marvel, Maximus. Avengers, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Vsion, Sentry, Kang, Red Skull, Loki, Thunder bolts, Songbird ,Winter Soldier, X-men, Nightcrawler, Archangle, Jubalee, Magik, Mrs. Sinister, Shadow King, Mystque, Street heros Moon Knight, DareDevil, Punisher, Spider-Gwen, Green Goblin, Carnage, Fantastic 4 Invisable women, Annihilus, Cosmic Hepzibah, Gladiator, Vulcan, Deathbird, Ronan .

Combine everything you get 154 Fighters to select from now I want to build my opening roster of 60 characters and just for the sake of this lets Keep Ultron Sigma as the Final Boss, and i want all characters to have 4 different costumes not colors, I tried to make this opening Roster as balance with old and new Characters as i possibly could,

Idea for Main Roster. Akuma, Nemisis, Virgil, Daimon, Bandero, Dr. Erode, M Bison, Victor, Fou-Lu, Chunli, Ibuki, Morrigan Falicia, Ryu, Styder, Dante, Azura, Falco, X, Batsu, Captian Camando Ele, Kurow, Juri, Super-skrull, Black heart, Dr.Droom, Thanos, Taskmaster, Omega red, Loki, Captian America, Ironman, Hulk, Wolverine, Black bolt, Spider-man, Gadiator, Moon knight, Vision, Juggernuaght, magneto, Storm, Scarlet which, Song bird, phoenix, Inisable women, Psylocke.

12 Unockable characters Lich, Zero, Ruby,Wesker T-bonne, Gorgandantess, Green Goblin, Ms Sinister, Ronan, Ms Marvel, X-23, Deadpool.

DLC, for those of us who play a lot of fighting game we all know a lot of times DLC are a hit and miss some times they are create and some times they suck ass so all the other Characters listed will be DLC each dlc pack will come with 4 new characters and 1 new Fighting stage from anywhere in the marvel v.s capcom world we will alternate dlc bewteen paid and free,

Now I want to hear form all of you what characters you like to added to MVC series and Franchise you like to in included, As I said before If any of you know how to make the mugen please link up with me, and lets trade ideas and get this done we can even get up to 200 characters, Ok people who are some characters ou would like to see, ?


Creative Writing Help

downloadI wanted to get into my creative side today I been busy with my business and haven’t had time to write in a while a few days ago a friend of mines Racheal who is a fantastic writer told me she wanted to write something but had No Idea what do where to start and she asked if I can come up with a concept for her to use and that she will take it from there I began to think how strange but Interesting this request was so I got to work think about all the things Racheal Loves and likes I wrote down some things for her to use based on Lolitas, Vampires, Animals, Fashion and Cosplay so with the things I gave her she sent me a first draft of some notes she wrote down, In a world where monster  battle each other to be the best at everything from cooking to fighting a small band of monsters put their differences aside and  start working together to try and make people get along as they focus on building their Fashion Business which will now include different Cosplay. now that is all I can say for now without out spoiling the story However that request gave me an idea to try and help out some people who are stuck or have writer’s block come up with something new, So I am going to write a small concept with some Characters after I am done Hopefully someone will take it and run with it I hope someone does and writes something great to read. ^_^

Worlds – Disney -Pixar- Marvel-Starwars  I picked the Disney world and things they own and since these things are connected now I think it be great to have someone write something or make a better video game to connect them,

Characters- I pick 20 good guys and 20 bads guys i even them up from male and female in order to have a well-rounded & diverse set of characters I can’t wait to see how these people get along or don’t get along with each other I hope the story has an even amount of humor, character development and action,  I also have place characters the connected with each other and some Characters who have nothing to do with each other at all and two original characters .

Heroes- 1. Elsa,{Frozen}  2. Mulan,{mulan} 3. Merida,{brave} 4. Kim Possible,{Kim Possible}  5. Violet,{The Incredibles} 6. Kairi,{Kingdom Hearts} 7. Alex Russo,{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Tinkerbell.{PeterPan} 9. Rey,{Star Wars} 10. X-23{All New X-men} 11. Aladdin, {Aladdin} 12. Ralph,{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Simba,{Lion King} 14. Hurcules,{Hurcules} 15. Stitch,{Leroy&Stitch} 16. Jack Skellington,{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Ironman,{Avenegrs} 18. Baymax.{Big Hero 6} 19. Goliath, {Gargoyles}  20. Mickey,{Disney}

Villians- 1. Yzma.{Emporor’s new groove} 2. Mother Gothel.{Tangled}
3. Ursula.{Little Mermaid}  4. Shego.{Kim Possible} 5. Mezmerella.{The Incredibles}  6. Maleficent.{Sleeping Beauty} 7. Stevie Nichols.{Wizards of Waverly Place} 8. Queen Liliana{American Dragon Jakelong} 9. Demona.{Gargoyles} 10. Kimura { Marvel} 11. Jafar.{Aladdin} 12. Turbo.{Wreck it Ralph} 13. Xehanort.{Kingdomhearts} 14. Hades.{Hercules} 15. Leroy.{Leroy & Stitch} 16. Oogie boogie.{Nightmare before Xmas} 17. Justin Hammer.{marvel} 18. Yokai.{Big hero 6} 19. Darth Vader. {Starwars}
20. Shadow Blot.{ Epic Micky} 

Original -Terminus, is an Evil entity who is breaking seals between 4 different worlds that are connected with each other in a way he can feed off all the evil to power himself up and even upgrade villains with more powers he is upsetting the balance of good and evil with is weaking his Foe Valeria who keeps him in check. Valeria, Is an Entity of light who keeps Terminus in check they balance each other out while she is growing weaker she selects heroes from the 4 worlds her enemy is messing with to help her battle him and his new army,

Concept.- An Evil being Know Terminus is breaking the seal on to 4 different worlds that have a few similarities and connections to each other Micky Mouse, along with a powerful Wizard Alex Russo and a key blade master Kairi are Attempting to close and seal the Breaches before anything worse can happen however this Evil being is too powerful for them he has already gathered a Numerous Amount of villains to serve and Aid him he can also grow his power by feeding off of evil energy and also give villains extra powers, Out match and out Numbered Micky, Alex and Kairi failed to Close the portals leaving terminus to win this fight before they can be destroyed they were saved by a person they have never seen before, her Name is Valeria she tells the Trio she is the only one who can Keep Terminus in check but do to him secretly seeking out more power he has upset their balance she for now she can’t take him down however she has selected a few heroes that can help them in their adventure to help her battle terminus Valeria Explains that she has made an outpost outside of time and space so they can work and remain hidden while they prepare for battle, she says their first quest is to help free four heroes that have been captured and locked away, Hercules, Elsa, Stitch & X-23 while the trio sets off to gather help to free these heroes terminus is busy conquering places and adding More bad guys to his Amy,

Message- For those of you who love to write fan-fiction or just bored and have nothing to do this might be something fun to work with I will enjoy to see what things you will write or do with this if I could I would make something like this to a video game RGP/Kingdom hearts style and 4 players and all the characters will have special attacks they can unlock but for now lets see what you do with this and take a not this is not something for sale it is for fun,

Things like to see inMarvel V.S Capcom 4?



So lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of talk about If a marvel V.s Capcom 4 will come out and there is also a Petition for Disney, Marvel & Capcom to make another game this is one of my most favorite fighting series and I would love to have another game but i have a few suggestions and Ideas before I get to that for those of you who do Not know MVC series is a fighting game where Comic Book characters from Marvel Like Spider-man, Wolverine & Dr. Doom go on a 3 on 3 battle with Capcom characters such as Jill, Dante, & Strider with a large roster of characters to pick from there is always new teams to be made A lot of people were very Disappointed with MVC 3 it also has less than half the roster in part 2 which made a lot of fans not like it, however it is popular game to play at gaming convention I still play mines a bit cuz i love X-23 Anyways Disney has canceled Disney Infinity games and will no longer be making in-house games, the licences to the marvel characters can be up for sale and believe me with all the recent shit games cash com has been forcing on people they need a new MVC title here are some suggestions.. 

MVC 4 Needs to come out in order to kind save capcom and us fans from their shit storms these past few years, and it needs  120 characters now some people are saying that is too much but  I don’t remember which company it is but there is a Dragon ball game that has 161 fighters to choose from so having 120 Characters in MVC4 will not be too much of a problem. as long as Capcom and marvel and the Fans can Agree on what new characters to add to the game. Ideas for a few changes One is to Increase the fighting time and instead of having 3 on 3 we can change it to a 4 on 4 battle system and as for graphics maybe we should go back to 2d characters and 3d backgrounds maybe 3D Characters and 2D Backgrounds or whatever makes the game look great and run Nicely and i would like a bit more story to the game or have 2 or 3 endings story that connects with each other, since most of the Kick ass marvel bad guys have been used already maybe they we should be able to battle a Character who is fused from Marvel and Capcom also Disney can benefit from this by lending some Kingdome hearts and star wars characters as well,  I also would like to be able to play as the masters from the older games, Apocalypse, Abyss, Galactus and Onslaught and cyber Akuma. 

Current  Marvel  Characters.  1. Blackheart, 2. Cable, 3. Captain America 4. Colossus ,5. Cyclops, 6. Doctor Doom, 7. Gambit, 8. Hulk, 9. Iceman
10. Iron Man, 11. Juggernaut, 12. Magneto, 13. Marrow ,14. Omega Red
15. Psylocke,  16. Rogue, 17. Sabretooth, 18. Sentinel, 19. Shuma-Gorath
20. Silver Samurai, 21. Spider-Man, 22. Spiral, 23. Storm, 24. Thanos
25. Venom, 26. War Machine, 27. Wolverine, 28. Deadpool 29. Dormammu  30. Modok, 31. Phoenix, 32.She-Hulk 33. X-23 34.Super Skrull, 35.Thor, 36.Taskmaster 37.Doctor Strange, 38.Ghost Rider, 39.Hawkeye, 40.Nova 41.Iron Fist 42. Rocket Raccoon

Current  Capcom  Characters.  43 Akuma, 44. Amingo,  45. Anakaris,
46. B.B. Hood, 47. Cammy, 48. Captain Commando, 49. Charlie,
50. Chun-Li, 51. Dan, 52. Dhalsim, 53. Felicia, 54. Guile, 55. Hayato,
56. Jill Valentine, 57. Jin, 58. Ken, 59. M. Bison, 60. Mega Man
61. Morrigan, 62. Roll, 63. Ruby Heart, 64. Ryu, 65 Sakura,
66. Servbot, 67. SonSon, 68. Strider Hiryu, 69. Tron Bonne, 70. Zangief,  71.Wesker 72. Amaterasu 73.Authur 74. Chris 75.C. Viper 76. 77. Dante 78.Nathan Spencer 79. Mike Hagger 80.Trish  81. Tron bonne 82.Firebrand 83.franke West, 84. Nemisis, 85.Virgil  86.Joe

New Characters Fans want to see,

 Marvel side- Night Crawler, Ms. Marvel, Dare Devil, Black Panter, Black Widow, Green Goblin, Carnage, Ms, Sinister, Ultron, Hope Summers, Madusa, Black Bolt, Singularity, Loki, Songbird Scarlet witch 

Capcom Side– Rouge power stone, Falcon, Samanosuke Omnimusha, Asura Asuras Wrath, Batsu Rivial School, Sigma, Sieg & Azrail  Chaos Legion, Someone from breath of fire, lost planet, monster hunter, 

Disney side –Sora Rikku Kairi . Ansem, Xehanort, Xemnas , Darth Vader, Emperor, General Grivas  , Chewbacca , Luke  and Rey 

Their is still a lot of work to be done on making a better list, i feel like we should get some more characters that have been left out of the MVC series my list isn’t perfect so I want to hear what you think, what characters do u think should be in the Next MVC and what changes would you do to make it better, or do you think  Disney should hire a company to make an all exclusive marvel fighting game for all systems that isn’t a port over version of contest of champions?  


Captian America Civil War Review


What can i say about Civil war, Besides I FUCKING LOVED IT damn marvel for like 8 years you been holding out on the world while you build a great universe and story which is something other studios should learn how to set up a great story and pace themselves Greate Job I came into this movie with a lot of reservations cuz i read the civil war 75% of this story from the comics had to be changed for the movie due to many people owning other marvel character rights. AS for who team I was on in the comics I was on Captain America’s side  during the Movie I didn’t know who side to be in and i keep saying well Iron man is right Damn Cap has a point now I’m confused who’s side to join

I’m going to start off by talking about the stuff I had a problem with its  minor problem but it kinda took me out of the movie for a bit and that thing was there is like 20 times in the movie where they repeat themselves like “he is wrong and I am right”  and all this back and Fourth doesn’t really seem to help or fix their conflict, close to the end there is a revelation that seems forced maybe in order to give more of a conflict and more fuel to the fire of Captian America V.s Ironman that part didn’t fit the one of the movie and some people say it didn’t need to be in their others like it i still don’t know about it, and the fact that the movie was long is my normal complaint however Watching civil war didn’t feel long but the first have for me took longer to get through than the 2nd half od this movie,

The Action Especially the airport fight was Epically Amazing and Epically choreographed it was so smooth it had me thinking i need to learn this,  to me its like the best fighting scene ever in any American movie not to mention that it contains all 12 heroes fighting each other and the frame by frame shots during the fight was Fantastic and my most favorite thing about this battle was the movie was able to have some humor in a dark chapter in the Avengers movie history  and not only that we are able to see everyone’s fighting so clearly which is great and not well done like in other movies with so many characters in the battle I was worried about that before seeing the movie, most people agree that this is the best fight in the movie and my other favorite fighting part is something we all saw in the trailers Captian America and Winter Soldier was jumping Ironman into their Gang lol,  All the action in this film had dramatic purpose which brings the movie more to life I think at movies that do not have this element in their movie is just a lazy way of story telling More films should learn from this,   Not only am I happy to have seen such a great movie that help me wash the bad taste of BVS from my mind but the battles here were creative and Extremely imaginative and well flushed out to the point where you can see clearly how everyone uses their powers I can’t wait to see how they battle Thanos, my girlfriend says this was every comic book and superhero nerds dream finally coming to life,

This movie does a Kick ass job in given most of the Avengers time to shiny as well as getting to know them even more on a human level which is enjoyable with a lot of movies we do not get the attachment to the character as a hero and as a person  I am more than satisfied with this things got so personal for me that I felt like I lived with these people or shared an air B&B this was one of the best Immersion in a movie ever. The reason for the fight is that Ironman wants the Avengers to Register under the U.N so that they are controlled and are told when and where to go Tony realizes they have killed a lot of people while trying to help and saved them that kind confused me cuz Tony & Rhody have killed innocent people while fighting in wars or making weapons for war,  Captian America is Against this because the Government is full of shady people and has been infiltrated by bad guys in the past he is also worried what if they Government says they can’t go to the places that they should be going to, how many lives would be destroyed? Steve Also brings Up a good point because he was used by the government and some bad guys he sais the Avengers is safe in their own hands,

Zimo Is one of the main Villians who is working behind the scenes and you do not really know what his plans for or why is doing these things until the end of the movie which makes his plot come together and also makes you sympathetic to him Zimo is a very smart I kinda wish he was recruiting other villains as well to fight the avengers Zimo was weak character and i kinda wish he was fighting the Avengers himself But Marvel has a weakness when it comes to their badguys,

Ant-Man, Spider-man Black Panter, Ant-man Brought some more Comedy & fan boy to the film while he meets Captian America and his team he was really fun in the movie and kind stole the show for a bit Especially when he goes Giant during the fight, Ant-man’s attitude for being a wanted man was so excellent it really fit his character well, Spider-man OMG the best Spidy the one we been wanted for a very long time even though his role is short he is perfect this 16-year-old kid fighting grown men and also being starstruck by these heroes he stole the show from Ant-man by having the shit talking insult joke making Webhead but if you think that was wrong get ready to call the police cuz Black Panter was a bad Mother fucker in this movie and to most people he stole the show from both spider-man and Ant-man, Since they Pissed off Black panther in the beginning of the movie when he comes in he is in Kicking as and taking names then giving those names to more people who’s ass he kicked, it made me ready for more marvel movies, This movie make me so excited to se emore of these characters and as for Black panter it should be called Black Panther “I’m comming for that ass”

Hawkeye & Black Widow as the only 2 human members of the team with a great array of skills who are crafty and can  pretty much handle powered and non powered people it was great to see them fight each other since they are the best of friends they know each other 1000% better than other Avengers will ever know each other even though the movie shows them fighting each other and being a bit reserved and pulling their it’s it was wonderful to see the love and respect they still have for each other it was a small touching part,

Vision & Scarlet Witch, Vision is shown to have feelings for Wanda and watching them fight each other knowing they both had some feelings was a little heartbreaking them being 2 of the most powerful Avengers in the movie, seeing Wanda bring the smackdown on vision it gave me a pinch lie how can you do this,? Wanda in the opening part of the movie was pretty cool and cut, and Vision had me Laughing my ass off when he was dressed like Mr. Rogers,

Ironman and Captian America A lot of people were saying that Tony isn’t his normally self like he is in Ironman and Avengers movies that maybe be true however we have to remember tony by this time is worn out and tired ever since he became Ironman he hasn’t really stopped working his character never stops Evolving you can see how much that all the other events has taken its toll on Tony and how RDJ facial expressions was Phenomenal in detailing the Effects of his life, Steve Rogers Who is normally the American symbol said im not having any of this crap and stuck to his guns just  like a real American hero, he didn’t want to fight his teammates just to protect his best friend but he did what he had to and watching him making 3 of the most difficult choices in his life in one movie was great and had me thinking how would i react to all of this,

War Machine, Winter Soldier & Falcon, I love how the Falcon was using and controlling his red wing drone to back him and the avenger sup with he was fighting and I like the fact he had more fighting scene and that he had some colors to him and I love how when Winter Soldier come sin you and see flacon be a little jealous, Winter Soldier I love the way he fought and i liked what the movie wrote for this character expect i think they should have show bucky struggle a bit more with his memories, it was really interesting to see the relationship with Steve, Same and Bucky and their Semi Homo Erotic love triangle, War Machine he had a few good parts and a couple of funny lines but and his loyalty to Tony was very real and on point just like in the  comics and cartoons so it make the movie more worth wild,

This movie as a lot going on which is normally a bad thing however marvel has  spent many years and time connecting them and building their story and making us understand their pain , hardship, their struggles and they way they have find their courage to go on and fight even with the odds against them and this is how a story should be told especially when you’re trying to expand the franchise or the universe,

I give this movie 13 & a half Captian America shields out of 15 this is a movie you will need to see twice or even three times, this is a well done full price movie.

P.S Marvel Please Do this for Avengers Infinity war have Thanos talking to an old man who is Stan lee on a different planet then after trading insults Thanos attacks Stan but then we find out Stan lee is the Watcher this makes since because he has been in every marvel movie and i think it would shock most people and fans will go wild,