To be honest I am much more of a Digimon fan than I am a
pokemon fan After being harassed by everyone I know to play this game i have a lot to say about it we all have been waiting for something like this for a very long time to be honest I thought that Yougioh would have been the franchise to do it,  

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. It was initially released in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices is based on the Very popular & Successful Anime Pokemon. players of this game capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices. Although the game is free-to-play, it supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items. An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokémon are nearby so they can catch and make the pokemon more powerful, 

THINGS I DO NOT LIKE, – The game starts you off without any instruction on how to manage your items or give you a  description of what they are for or how to use them another frustrating aspect of Pokemon go is that there is a lag when you walk and a lot of the times the game freezes making people lose all the hard work that they have put into, and often times their are server problems all these things I hope the creators of this game will work on,the other thing i see and hear most people talking about is there combat system most said that  Niantic the developers of this game should have partnered with Nintendo for the combat system with  time a lot of us hope that these problems will be fixed, 

Things we love.  The game is Extremely fun and addictive it has also brought a lot of different people together yesterday i seen a group of 200 Pokemon fans in the park walking a round forming groups and having fun outside something we do not see anymore, this game has also gotten lazy fat asses who do nothing all day to get out of the house and walk around getting their cardio on and a really cool thing i saw people helping each other to get more pokemon and how to make them more powerful with all of the crazy things happening in real life i was very content with this2 hours i spent with people i never knew before just having fun, try the game u will love it. 

Warning, No not meet people you do not know alone while playing this game some people has gotten their phones stolen while trying to battle and level up their pokemon Please keep aware of your surroundings you do not want to be hit by a car while trying to have fun, and most importantly try not to trespass on private property it is not illegal to shoot trespasser so stay safe, and always bring a portable charger with you has this game drains your battery life super fast, bring  a water bottle with you if keep youself hydraieded 

Tips & Tricks,  Pikachu as a starting pokemon once you are standing  next to Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander if you walk away from them about 5 times when they respawn a Pikachu will show up next to them. Fast lvl up save all your candy for an Evolution of a pokemon once you have all the candy you need use a Lucky Egg before starting the Evolution once you use the Lucky Egg then Evolve the pokemon instead of getting 1000Exp you will get 2000 Exp  in some case a bit more, PokeBall Retrieval we have very limited pokeballs and this can be useful when we get master and ultra balls if you through a pokeball and it misses the Pokemon you have to tap on the ball a few times in order to get it back and it won’t be wasted, EGG Hatching lets say you but a 10KM egg in to a Incubator one you see 8.5 Km or something like that put your phone in your pocket and keep walking do not fight pokemon or go to any stops cuz if the game freezes or crashes then your eggs will vanish wich means you did that hard work for nothing, Pink Areas. if you need a break from walking all day make sure you rest a pink area a lot of different Pokemon will show up there by using an incense it will increase the pink areas chances for more different Pokemon to show up. Strong Pokemon the high lvl you are the more stronger wild Pokemon you will find 

Suggestions,  During updates I would like the less crashing and freezing pvp battles Events for Legendary Pokemon and more avatar clothing and hair colors and something to edit them with and finally better gps movement, EXTREMELY Powerful Pokemon. This is going to be a huge pain in the ass cuz of the amount of time you will have to put in focus on leveling you avatar to the maxx lvl so that every wild Pokemon you battle is super powerful then you can transfer and trade and evolve them to be some of the strongest around, InPenitrable GYM using the method I just gave you for the Omega powerful Pokemon get together with friends to make a super powerful gym by having the most powerful of different types of Pokemon defending it avoid having 2 or 3 of the same types pokemon defending the gym this will  force others to go out to get pokemon to combat your various types this is will take them some time but by thing this you will continue to get your defender bonus remember the more team member so have defending the gym the better it is for you, just make sure you and some friends take a gym and work together 

SO I hope these things will help u and please let me know how u are doing,  

 I am team Mystic 





Nintendo’s Downward Spiral


It’s is no secret Nintendo is in the number 3 spot behind Xbox and Play station they have a lot of strange workings and policy their I just read about this new policy they have and the first thing I told myself was Damn Nintendo you keep fucking up badly if you do not fix yourself then i see you going the way of sega just making games here and their, Not to mentions that for the past 8 years Nentendo has been in and out of the red zone which isn’t good for any company so I want to list some of Nintendo problems and what they can do to fix them,

New Policy
From my understanding this is what is going on every person who streams Nintendo gaming content must have a special Content-ID matched so that they can receive money from the ad revenue but now that this Id thing is in place Nintendo can say you can’t do that when ever they like so it can hurt the people trying to put content on their gaming streams or blogs, most people think that gaming falls under the fair usage laws but its a while Labyrinthine of miss information about it I do hope that soon the laws can be clearing, due to Nintendo having this much power over the streams most people have been losing their fan base, its like Nintendo saying we do not want you to support us any more, Nintendo fix this I do not know who in your company thought this was a good idea to limit people showing your content because your missing out on a lot of free advertisement so why hurt yourself even more, do you really want the few fans you have left to jump ship?

Triple A Titles
We all Love Mario and Zelda games i’m sure a lot of us are getting a little sick of them because that is all Nintendo focuses on revamping the same things we all ready know and not really putting much effort in to doing something new Except for the Hyrule warriors oh wait that’s just Dynasty warriors 23, Come on dudes, theirs millions of Anime, toku, manga fans here in the u.s so try porting some of those wii and wii U or 3DS games here in america such as, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, Fatal Frame 4, Pokken Tournament, and some RPG games would help give us fans new different things and also localize a few things that we been asking for, so stop playing it safe with your triple A titles and do different things if you need Ideas i have a list of 200 ideas on how to help you improve in sale image and advertisement no one works for free,

Lack of 3rd parties
Nintendo doe snot have many 3rd parties I think 4 at best they need to fix this and maybe add 12 to 24 party games for their hand held and home console systems they do not have to take every body that comes to their door but at least try games like Legend of Korra, or Scott Pilgrim would have been very nice.

Game ideas
Pokemon is almost 20 years old in the U.s build a brand new Pokemon stadium for Wii U.
A RPG game and a Hydrul type game including all the smash bros Characters,
No alternate version of characters in smash bros use alternate versions as new costumers this way there is more room for different fighters,
Inport anime , manga and touku type games.

Message to Nintendo
There are a tons of problems that are holding you back and making you lose more fans each year please try to do something different try taking suggestions form your loyal fans if not you will lose them and lose out on a lot of money, and change that video policy its not helping you or anyone else, or at least come up with something that can help both sides, if not you will keep spiraling down,

Backwards Compatibility


We all love Video games and some of us were brought up on them and plan to have a business either selling or making them which is great and very commendable A lot of games have very interesting stories some better than books However has much as I love them and play them their are a few things I really hate that the companies are doing or not doing only to have us get very disappointed or keep dipping in to our pockets 5 or more times between buying a yearly or 3 month membership, buying Half a game and paying for DLC and some DLC doesn’t even tie up the lose ends in the game, {I’m talking about you Arkham Series} then having a Game of the year edition and lastly having a next gen system Ps3 and Ps 4 and still selling games on both consoles I understand not everyone has the money to move on I am one of the one of theses people myself it would be a hell of a lot easier to make next gen system Backwards compatible.

for those of you who don’t know Backwards Compatibility is when a new systems is able to play your games on the older model of that system so that you can still enjoy your games if the older gaming consoles were able to do this and surely the new ones would be able to as well I just don’t think they want to put in the time and effort to do so what a shame,

My reason for this is simple we all have old games that we love and will play again for me Lunar silver star story, Chrono Trigger Legend of the Dragoons I know I lot of you people are going to through in my face just buy it in the online market I want to tell you HELL NO why would I buy a game I have owned for 4, 7 or 13 years when I can just easily play them in the system and save some money that I asked 30 people about this only 4 said they don’t care about it and they had no use to playing on old game, we all know that’s B.S we all have old games we love to get back to, now the rest said they want it and didn’t know what the companies are thinking, my feelings is that I do not want to have to pay digitally for a game i already own so if Nintendo can do backwards compatibles so can Xbox and Play station.

Remember people we give these gaming companies money we pay for everything they are doing so that means we have the power not them let me repeat we have the power not them if we want something and they are not delivering then stop buying their shit once they see how much money they are losing and people starts to flood their social networks emails. and regular mail at their companies demanding this then they will have to submit however due to how much people are addicted to their games I don’t see this happening.
Gaming Companies keep telling fans to stop asking for backwards compatibility but as fans and the people who pay billions of dollars a year on games and accessories we have more than the right to demand what we want and how we want to use it, so remember people we can have this one day we just need to stick together and work for it,